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Mexico arrests a 14-year-old U.S. citizen cartel killer

A 14-year-old U.S. citizen with ties to San Diego was arrested by Mexican authorities who charged the young boy was responsible for the murders of cartel enemies and a couple of the killings even involved beheadings.

The boy is suspected of working for the South Pacific Cartel run by Hector Beltran Leyva who took over the cartel after his brother, a major cartel kingpin was killed by Mexican Marines a year ago.

Military personnel captured the young murder suspect at the Cuernavaca airport where he was trying to board a plane headed to the United States border with his 16-year-old sister. Authorities say the boy was headed to California where his mother lives.

The 14-year-old’s cartel moniker is El Ponchis (The Cloak).

After his arrest the cartel killer was taken to a regional attorney generals office. The boy admitted that he had participated in at least four decapitations, claiming that he was “drugged by the gang and under threat that if I didn’t [participate], they would kill me.”

According to Morelos Gov. Marco Adame Castillo the U.S. killer was born in San Diego, California.

The boy’s sister told reporters they intended to cross the San Diego border to escape the cartels, according to the Associated Press.

The attorney general for Morelos state said the two suspects were turned over to state authorities who handle crimes committed by minors in Mexico.

It was not immediately known if the 14-year-old boy was a Mexican national as well.

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