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Free speech under attack in progressive California

While the state continues to flounder in an economic quagmire, unemployment creeps deeper into double digits and residents continue to pay some of the highest taxes in the country; Sacramento lawmakers think it’s time to move on to shutting up the voters in a clear attack on freedom of speech.

The California experiment has failed. Lawmakers are failing their constituents. And legislators want to snag the only power a free people have – words.

The mentality of the overwhelming Democratic elitists in Sacramento should be ashamed of themselves. The state Senate passed along party line SCR 58 a resolution that would hinder free speech, in particular, my free speech.

Under the guise of ‘hate speech’ this resolution would implement new government tactics to draw up guide lines as to what journalists, talk radio, media and Internet content is deemed appropriate.

The resolution states, “Hate speech has been defined as speech which threatens imminent unlawful action,” this seems amiable enough, however the resolution doesn’t stop there; “but also, as speech which creates a climate of hate and prejudice, which in turn MAY foster the commission of hate crimes.”

Here in lies the problem. What will be deemed hate speech and who will decide whether a word is taken out of context or not?

“This is more posturing by the left and SCR 58 is a reflection of the culture in Sacramento,” says George Runner-R California State Senator.

When the state is in a heap of trouble financially, the ineptitude of Democratic leadership in Sacramento is trying to tinker with free speech; it’s purely asinine.

“This crosses the line of political free speech and this resolution has the ability to turn different viewpoints into hate speech,” Runner explains.

SCR 58 was the brainchild of Gil Cedillo-D. The one page resolution targets negative speech in regard to Latinos who remain undocumented in California. Rather than leave this Constitutional Amendment to the Supreme Court, Cedillo undermines Californians to further his withering political clout.

“We lawmakers in Sacramento should be only looking at resolutions that will create jobs because without a bright future the state fails,” Runner explains.

Also included in the resolution; “The legislature condemns the increase of hate speech in the media and demands accurate and far reporting as well as equal access to counter one-sided hate speech in the media, and in particular, hate speech on television, radio, cable and the Internet.”

It’s surprising the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) hasn’t swooped into action and closed down all those hate mongering network and cable television shows. The FCC’s job is to monitor what is transmitted throughout America’s airwaves.

If Cedillo wants a little more balance on the Internet, I suggest he rounds up all his supporters and direct them to the public library and start typing. The Internet completely leveled the playing field as far as free speech is concerned.

Spending a day discussing this ludicrous resolution in California lends itself to the capability and competence of those in Sacramento driving the state into the ocean.

“Discussing anything other than the economy in Sacramento is simply reckless,” Runner said. “The idea of identifying hate speech, I think, is a chill to what we celebrate in America.”

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