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Tea party rallies to get out the vote

With just three weeks until the all important midterm elections, the Stop Taxing Us Tea Party hosted a get out and vote rally in San Diego. Stop Taxing Us usually allows candidates running for office to speak, but this time they decided to mix it up and give rally attendees something to think about before they pull the lever.

More than 25 speakers from different backgrounds talked about the importance of voting for conservative candidates and doing their homework when they vote for ballot measures.

Headlining the rally was Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who authored SB1070 illegal immigration bill for the Grand Canyon State that captured national attention. The Senator’s speech clearly resonated with the California audience as the state faces a number of budgetary issues directly related to illegal immigration.

“There are already numerous laws in the country dealing with illegal immigration, in Arizona we just added teeth to the federal laws in an effort to curtail the economic costs Arizonians are forced to pay,” Pearce explained. The Senator was warmly greeted by the San Diego audience and encouraged would be voters to demand their lawmakers take action on the illegal immigration issue and enforce the country’s laws.

“Enforcement is crucial, the laws are already in place, we just need the government let us do our jobs,” Pearce said.

The porous southern borders in Arizona have been devastating for ranch owners. Rancher Robert Krentz was recently murdered by an alleged illegal alien who fled back to Mexico. “I hear from ranchers along the border all the time and they complain about the property damage, dead livestock and the daily barrage of illegals crossing the Arizona border.”

The four-hour rally featured a diverse group of guests who repeated over and over that voting was the first step if they truly wanted to send a meaningful message to Washington D.C.

“We are demanding our politicians be held accountable for their reckless spending spree. If the candidates we vote into office don’t live by the tea party principles of fiscal restraint and smaller government we will simply vote them out in two or six years,” said Susan Treadstone. “We are going to make changes in the way Washington thinks about our money.”

Playing on the “Obama Girl” fan club theme was a couple of moms from Orange County who created a new niche; however this new club doesn’t favor the president. The group, “Blondes Against Obama” had no idea the website would create so much buzz. According to Megan Young, “people really like the slogan. Another kitschy slogan reads; “If a couple of blondes have the common sense to oppose Obama, shouldn’t you?”

Blondes Against Obama was started by Carol Kistner and Young. Both are moms and both felt it was time to get involved. “We’ve set our sights on educating family and friends about the problems with Washington D.C. business as usual policies,” Young said. As a result the “blonde movement” website has grown and now includes daily blogs written by other right-minded fair-haired concerned citizens.

“We were just sick and tired of what Obama was doing to this country,” Kistner said. “So we decided to get active and Blondes Against Obama grew from there.” The girls said they are tapping into the elusive youth vote, but acknowledge age is not of particular importance- “taking responsibility for the direction of the country is job number one.”

Voting in November was a common thread shared by all the speakers. The primary election cycle is a prime example of the political clout tea party members possess. Numerous incumbent and establishment lawmakers have lost to lesser-known tea party candidates.

Even former presidential candidate John McCain found himself in a tough primary race with tea party favorite JD Hayworth, however money prevailed and McCain was able to hold onto his Republican reelection bid, but Hayworth and the tea party proved to be a formidable force.

Even though Hayworth lost he encouraged voters to not give up hope and keep fighting.

Flamboyant conservative activist Ted Hayes captured the crowd’s attention and passerby’s alike. Hayes, who says he is not African-American just America spoke about the race baiting the Democrat party continues peddle to the political arena.

Hayes, who is an outspoken critic of President Obama, says too many Democrats subscribe to the “black brain drain” philosophy that keeps black Americans oppressed.

“Obama thinks if you don’t talk about race it will solve itself, but it won’t. This administration’s assault on black Americans continues and one only needs to look at the higher-than-average unemployment numbers for blacks. We’ve had to let go to the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson because they sold us down the river. I think blacks are holding onto Obama as the last chance to get redemption,” Hayes firmly says. “The funny thing is my brothers and sisters have more to fear from this presidency than any other administration. Mr. Obama endorses illegal immigration something that prevents black citizens from gaining employment.”

Another issue Hayes is concerned about is the president’s “underlying acceptance of Islam.” “I disagree with the president’s description that America is not a bible reading nation.”

While his opinion of Obama may be harsh Hayes believes it’s not too late for the president to have an adult conversation about race in this country.

“If I was president the first thing I would do is convene a series of conferences to talk about all the issues for all Americans. Then I’d make sure the country knows the facts about slavery and where it really came from, Africa, and finally I’d assemble a roundtable discussion with the brotherhood to see where we all go from here,” Hayes finished.

The black conservative captivated the audience and passerby’s alike during his 10-mintue speech. “It’s time for my brothers and sisters to come home to the tea party because they are truly the big tent party and have demonstrated their willingness to support all Americans,” he said.

All in all as the final days of the midterm election draw to an end, the tea party voters are hoping to pull off an election landslide and send a new referendum to the Obama administration.

Rhonda Deniston, Oceanside regional director for Stop Taxing Us a grassroots organization said “it’s time for Californians to wake-up. It’s up to the voters to stop complaining and to hold all politicians accountable.”

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Pelosi tells Democrats it’s time to take one for the team and vote for health care

Speaker Pelosi asked fellow Democrats to fall on the sword, take one for the team or vote against their values to force a 2,700-page health care legislation bill onto the American citizens that simply doesn’t believe a faltering economy can handle another trillion-dollar entitlement program.

President Obama claimed he heard the voters in his State of the Union speech in January. He promised his administration would pivot to jobs and the economy. In fact, not only has the President failed to live up to his speech, but also his administration plans to focus on the health care topic for the next two to three months.

The recent economic indicators show the country in fact is headed for a double-dip recession. The housing market posted lower than expected sales, the recent positive bounce in unemployment didn’t last, more jobs have disappeared and consumer-spending confidence has dipped again.

Skyrocketing deficits and continued government spending increases have voters on edge. Most understand that they have to live within a budget and cut back when they do not have the money.

The credit card era is over and it’s time to pay the piper. If America doesn’t want to falter to China than it’s time to start thinking about the hard decisions that need to be made in Washington D.C. and belt up for a bumpy ride.

The changes Americans need to make are not easy and there will be a lot of painful cuts that need to be made to ensure our world dominance, but most are ready. If that means pensions need to be trimmed, federal employees salaries need to be more in line with the national average or Social Security needs to be – so be it.

America’s children and grandchildren shouldn’t be saddled with years of reckless spending in the form of unsustainable deficits.

This isn’t the time to trade in values or simply take one for the team, it’s time is for Ms. Pelosi to step aside and let true leaders take the podium and keep the country from the cliff that is on the fast-approaching horizon.

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Tea Parties mark their one-year anniversary – rain or shine

One year ago today, concerned citizens throughout America began the arduous task of organizing a movement. The movement would grow like wildfire and be known as the Tea Party. The leaderless grassroots group would focus on big-government spending and infringement of laws threatening American liberty and freedom.

Tea Party members say this will be the first battle of the Second American Revolution. Across America the calls were heard and citizens formed a vast patriot social network. By April, the Tea Party movement included millions of Americans, and on April 15th, 850 tea parties across the nation hosted 1.2 million patriots voicing their defiance of an out-of-control government.

“To date in California we have 173 different Tea Party groups and we are home to the largest coalition in the country – we are even bigger than Texas,” said Dawn Wildman co-founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition in San Diego. “It’s great to see the rain or the last minute parking charge (formally a free lot on the weekends) didn’t keep the 1,000 Tea Party supporters from our first anniversary.”

The parking charge didn’t sit well with the Tea Party organizers and after the event it was back to work doing what the citizen activists do best – hit the phones.

“I was able to pin this down to the San Diego County Supervisor people. But I also heard that Bill Horn was they’re complaining about us being anti-politician. I guess he hasn’t heard that we are Pro-Citizen! And he doesn’t understand the distinction,” Wildman said.

Nevertheless, the supervisor in charge of parking was Richard (he was actually really nice and just caught in the middle). The county official who contacted him and insisted on having paid parking was David Hall.

“The slimy thing about this is we’ve had several events at the same location, never had any incidents and were always able to park free in the county lot on the weekends. When the Supervisors got wind of our rally they were threatened by our activism (they should because we hold all officials accountable) and decided to charge $10 to park. Did you see how empty the lot was – their ploy didn’t work,” Wildman said.

Wildman explained the movement is so powerful in California that for the first time there has been no talk of Northern or Southern California. “We are all Californians.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a rally without a jab or two at California leadership. This time it would be Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Comments made this week on the Fox News channel by Schwarzenegger described the Tea Party movement as nothing more than anger at a slow economy.

“The irony about Schwarzenegger is a similar movement was responsible for recalling disgraced Governor Gray Davis and got Arnold voted into office,” Wildman pointed out.

The line up of speakers in San Diego did not include any politicians, however many candidates were spotted in the crowd. A tax advocate, Richard Rider, touted the movement as a positive sign and explained change finally is on the horizon. “I was skeptical at first, over the years we’ve seen pockets of resistance, but as the year unfolded the movement grew stronger and stronger.”

Rider also noted that the race to take back the country’s economic freedom was not a sprint race, but more like a super marathon – one which would leave a country worth having for those children who want to grow up and be all they can be.

This sentiment was echoed by headline speaker, Roger Hedgecock, a nationally syndicated Conservative talk show host based in San Diego; “The government is now telling you that they know how to better spend your childrens money they haven’t even made yet.” The crowd went nuts.

Other notable jabs included, “every seat is the people’s seat” and “We the People intend to restore a free market economy that is the envy of the world.”

Another San Diego Tea Party organizer, Leslie Eastman had this to say about the attendee diversity question the main stream media tends to focus on. “Quick — someone call the MSNBC diversity police. I have just shown more racial diversity in two pictures (in the slide show) than MSNBC has on its whole lineup.

Before and after the rally, citizens were encouraged to sign petitions on the three core issues. They were also informed about Icaucus, “Independence Caucus” via a full group table and speech given by Stephanie Jahn. This group puts potential candidates through a thorough background check before endorsements are made. Chuck DeVore, who is running for Senate in California against Barbara Boxer has already been endorsed by Icaucus.

Those in power can expect to be held accountable in the upcoming elections. The Tea Party movement is supporting like-minded candidates and encourages friends and neighbors to get involved with the political process; every race can expect to be the center of attention, local, state and national.

“We intend to take the country back to America’s founding principles. We’ve let the country drift too far, and as citizens we have an obligation to return the nation to the sort of governance imagined by our Founding Fathers,” says the Tea Party Patriots.

Judging by the turn out and determination career politicians have a real fight on their hands.

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Tea party movement fights political push back by Clinton machine

Tea Party organizers have found their voice, grown exponentially and have exerted their political will into both parties. Many of these grassroots organizations are now celebrating their first anniversary, but one thing is certain, they won’t rest until Washington politics is restored to its roots and begins to live within its means.

According Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC the Tea Party movement has “no coach, no game plan, and did we mention, the tea party has a bit of an integrity problem, as everybody from birthers, to open racists, to outright Nazis are actually on the team. And no one involved, including its leadership, seems to mind the fact.”

Ask the millions of everyday Americans who attended political rallies for the first time in their lives about main stream media view of their cause and you get something along the lines of “sticks and stones.”
While the mainstream media continues to mock the grassroots movement, the Tea Party folks look at the swelling ranks assuring their value in the political process.

“There are two things I have discovered during the course of the past year regarding the media. First, San Diego is blessed to have very engaged and fair-minded local news organizations. Second, in terms of national coverage, Tea Party participants rely mainly on the internet, Facebook, and Twitter and we really don’t expect much out of the beltway/New York media organizations,” says Leslie Eastman founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition.

The chance to usurp a new movement may prove more difficult as the Tea Party remains leaderless. However that won’t stop the left trying to discredit a movement that is clearly resonating with a large majority of Americans. “What they still don’t understand is that this is a leaderless movement, this is a ‘We The People…’ movement. Our new website is a chance for ‘We The People’ to stand up and say that ‘I Am The Tea Party Leader,’” Eastman said.

“As a registered Democrat, and a co-founder of the Tea Party organization, I am taking a few moments to review information that has been setting citizen activists across the country abuzz. There are NO designated Tea Party Leaders,” Eastman explained.

Over the weekend the movement learned of a new clandestine attack against the Tea Party organizers. Recent upset victories in blue states have the Clinton political machine operating in overtime researching activities by Tea Party organizers. The man expected to head the full-frontal assault against the Tea Party crowd is none other than James Carville.

Big Government reports, “that Clintonistas are plotting a “push/pull” strategy. They plan to identify 7-8 national figures active in the Tea Party movement and engage in deep opposition research on them. If possible, they will identify one or two they can perhaps ‘turn’, either with money or threats, to create a mole in the movement. The others will be subjected to a full-on smear campaign.”

Responding to the attacks from the left, Tea Party organizers across the country have begun a counter-offensive. On their new website ‘I am the tea party leader’ the group posted a response to the attempt to discredit the grassroots movement.

“It is un-American and morally wrong for a former president to attack Americans who have gotten involved in the political system. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, ‘when the people fear the government there is tyranny.’” The website encourages tea party activists across the country o post a short video explaining why they are a leaderless movement and rebuff attacks.

According to Tea Party Patriots, “Our leaders are tea party organizers, patriots that make phone calls and send emails to their elected officials, bloggers, and activists that take time out of their lives to attend tea parties, the list goes on and on. We are the sleeping majority that has awakened.”

No matter the name calling the Tea Party movement likens itself to a starfish with many legs, “you cut one of us off and another will grow to take their place.”

“We patriots know that we are fighting for the principles that our freedom loving nation was founded on. We are just ordinary people reclaiming America’s founding principles. We are a diverse group that comes from every walk of life and ethnic background. We all have one thing in common and that is we love freedom – economic freedom and freedom from big government and massive government deficits,” says Tea Party Patriots.

In an effort to make it easier former President Clinton and James Carville to identify Tea Party leaders the group established the new web site. “We hope to collect videos from thousands of patriots telling former President Clinton and James Carville that they are Tea Party leaders. The videos are filmed at home, soccer fields, grocery stores and other locations that are indicative of the diversity of the tea party movement,” the organization contends.

When asked about former President Clintons attempt to get involved in discrediting Tea Parties, Eastman admits she is angry.

“I have mixed feelings. Anger, because the Tea Parties are comprised of average Americans exercising their First Amendment rights who should not be personally targeted by political elites. I feel sadness, because I voted for President Clinton in 1992, so he obviously valued my opinion then – should it count less now? And I feel mystified, Clinton has a legacy of a sound economy and being flexible enough to change course after the 1994 election – why should he interject himself now in this way and potentially damage any remaining relevancy and credibility he has,” Eastman said.

When it comes to marring the movement or trying to paint the Tea Party actions into some sort of racially negative movement Eastman warns the left-leaning media to be careful.

“It is the opinion of every Tea Party participant that if any attempt is made to target one of us, then the rest of us will rally and become more active. A good example of this is the new I am a leader website,” Eastman concludes. Link here;

It doesn’t matter if the media or political talking heads agree or disagree with the Tea Party movement, what is important is that ‘we the people’ are seen in every town across the nation ready to make a difference on election day November 2010, according to the millions of Tea Party leaders.

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Fire 92 percent of Congressional members a new poll cites

In a new CBS News/ New York Times poll only eight percent want the current members in the House to remain in office while a staggering 92 percent want the bums kicked out.

The November election is shaping up to be historical in nature especially with the general public completely placing their anger squarely on the ultra-partisan politics taking place under the tutelage of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

The question being raised is how will President Obama react if he loses the majority in both chambers, will he dig in or will he morph much like President Clinton did after the 1994 Congressional revolution?

Nowhere is this scenario on display more than the shocking announcement from Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) that he would not seek reelection-not because he didn’t like serving, but he didn’t like D.C. politics.

The American people are voicing their concern in a big way as 80 percent of those polled stated Congress is more interested in serving special interests rather than their constituents.

It doesn’t get much better for those poll participants who voiced their overwhelming disapproval of the job Congress is currently doing, 75 percent are unhappy with House members.

As far as the President is concerned, the left-leaning poll reports Obama’s numbers continue to sink and now stand at 46 percent with 45 percent strongly disapproving of his performance.

Also there’s no improvement when it comes to Obama’s signature piece of legislation – health care reform. Highlighting the process that took place behind closed doors and bribing his own party members didn’t bode well with respondents, 55 percent said they disapproved of the President’s handling while only 35 percent sided with Obama.

Another poll out today from Pew Research Center showed the numbers increase when it comes to reelecting their representative. More than 30 percent said they would not vote for the incumbent. The polls in the past showed voters upset with Congress as a whole, yet they seemed to like their guy. This should serve as a wake -up call for the entire Washington clan

Riding the wave of discontent is the tea party movement and their efforts have has been successful in getting fiscally conservative candidates elected in the recent off –cycle races namely, Scott Brown (R-MA), Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and Chris Christie (R-NJ).

The success of Conservatives comes as welcome news to tea party organizers who tend to be more moderate on social issues and remain solid on smaller government and less taxation principles.

The populist movement could help propel Reagan Conservative Chuck DeVore in his fight with California’s stalwart Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and the Bayh vacancy opens up the primary race to Indiana tea party supporter John Hostettler (R-IN) race against a liberal Republican and GOP establishment player Dan Coats (R-IN) who is also a former lobbyist.

As the silly season warms up one thing is for sure, no one in Congress is safe, no candidates are immune from online blogging and the 24-hour news cycle will be catching every minute on the campaign trail.

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DeVore has his eye on Ma’am Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat

Looking ahead to the 2010 election, Chuck DeVore hopes a Reagan-style landslide is in his future. This five-year veteran in the California State Assembly sees this upcoming election as a way to change the future.

Speaking before a tea party crowd in El Cajon, seasoned-politician DeVore took a few jabs at the sitting Senator, Boxer, as well as the ACORN scandal.

“There are two reasons why I am running against Ma’am Boxer; because we so badly need to beat her,” the crowd erupts with applause.” And number two, I know we can do it in 2010,” DeVore enthusiastically said.

Talking about the deficit and out-of-control spending in Washington D.C., DeVore says you and the person to your right and left are paying taxes, “this isn’t an ACORN rally.”

Since he began his quest to replace Boxer a few months back, this Conservative Republican has made more than 130 public appearances garnering support from San Francisco to San Diego.

After an El Cajon tea party event, DeVore took some time to answer questions about what he will do if elected Senator.

Q. Recently two San Diego town hall meetings were the center of controversy when Sheriff Gore placed military Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) at events discussing health care. What’s your reaction?

A. I don’t feel comfortable with that at all. It’s a right to meet with elected officials and you don’t want a free people who want to assemble to feel intimidated. If I was California’s Senator, I’d immediately ask the Sheriff why they (LRAD) were placed at the event and why I wasn’t informed before my town hall if there was a credible threat. I’m not afraid of my constituents.

Q. If you were elected to the Senate, what would you do with the health care issue?

A. I won’t vote for anything that expands government and takes away freedom, period. There are many things you can do to improve the delivery of health care without fundamentally altering 1/7th of the U.S. economy.

Q. What if health care passes, what would you do?

A. It will sink the country. I would move immediately to repeal legislation because this bill will result in long lines, rationing and a shortage of doctors and nurses. It (health care) will be a mitigated disaster. My advice to those in Washington; don’t do it, it will ruin American lives as well as yours.

Q. What are the top three issues facing California/America?

A. The massive increase in government starting with the first bailout under President Bush. We need to stop the massive spending spree taking place in Washington D.C. We need to reduce taxes for the people as well as businesses and we need to stop the Sacramento politicians from being a model for the country. We have the highest unemployment, most regulations and AB32 is California’s cap and trade. The Waxman/Markley bill will guide the country towards California’s already downward spiral.

Q. Do you think the tea party movement could shift the country’s voting patterns?

A. You are seeing the American people waking up, now that Obama’s hope and change has become a reality – they realized they are getting something they did not vote for. What the other side misses about the tea parties is the fact that there are Democrats, Independents as well as Republicans looking for something different. Obama has been successful at one thing – reawakening the American spirit.

Q. How can you stop the President from hiring all these Czars?

A. The reason Obama appointed so many Czars is they don’t need to be approved and he is setting up a shadow cabinet that’s extra Constitutional. If we get the majority in 2010, the first thing I will do is draw up legislation to de-fund the Czars. Unless they want to work for free, they will lose their jobs.

Q. What are the stark differences between you and Senator Barbara Boxer?

A. A nation has a right to secure its borders. It’s not enough to authorize funds to build a fence; you have to allocate the money, something Boxer has failed to do. We have a right to know if drugs, money, guns and suitcases full of bombs are making their way into our sovereign nation. I don’t believe in Amnesty.

Here’s how you talk about immigration. Is it fair to people who applied legally and let people who broke into the country cut in line? If we do that we send a message to the world that we don’t respect our own laws. This leads them to believe that we are like the very countries they (illegal immigrants) are fleeing in the first place.

Domestic energy production is another area I want to move forward with. Currently the mood has shifted in California and most want to develop the oil and nuclear technologies. We need to be less dependent on countries that don’t like us very much. Plus these industries would create jobs and a local tax base, something California really needs. It’s good to remember there isn’t anyone in the world that would produce safer more environmentally-friendly technology.

Recently the residents in Santa Barbara voted to get the oil rigs operational again. There are environmental impact reports that prove if the oil was extracted the natural seeping that takes place would ease and there would be less oil in the ocean than there is right now. Bottom line open oil rigs would be better for the environment.

Also, the most efficient and clean energy is nuclear power; we need to move forward with building these energy saving power plants. The legislation sitting in Washington D.C. will only shift jobs to China and increase greenhouse gases around the world. The end result is a certain large tax increase for all American citizens.

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California Governor hopeful, Whitman answers tough questions

Driving down Escondido Street one can’t help but notice the vacant store fronts and dusty sidewalks, however along this street lays a bright spot, Village Kitchen and Pie Shoppe. It is here where Meg Whitman, former Ebay CEO and billionaire met with potential voters to garner their support.

The standing room only crowd had plenty of questions for this GOP rookie. Whitman explained how she came into the world of politics via Mitt Romney, former GOP Presidential candidate. She informed the crowd about how John McCain helped nudge her into running for a very difficult job as California’s Governor.

But in the end, it was her decision to “not let California fail,” that prompted her to seek California’s highest state office.

Whitman says she will focus on three main topics troubling the state, jobs, the state’s out-of-control spending and education.

“We (California) are ranked 48th in the country and education is the way up and out,” she explained. “I also know this state is bleeding jobs to other states not China and that has to stop.”

In a light moment the owner of the Pie Shoppe had Whitman slice a piece of pie, she responded with “don’t try and sell that on Ebay.” The crowd got a good chuckle out of that.

After that the conversation shifted to more serious topics like AB32, California’s version of Cap and Trade which is Job killer. This question was brought forward by 14-year-old, Joe Naritelli, an incoming La Costa Canyon High School freshman.

Whitman explained that if she were governor, she would modify or revoke AB32 and acknowledged it was a job-killing piece of legislation.

On the health care front Whitman talked about her husband, who is a brain-surgeon, and how half the surgeries he performs are free due to Emergency Room rules to refuse no one life-saving care.

“The fact that the Obama Administration is trying to force through health care at lightning speed is wrong, we need to bring down the costs, make sure everyone can get insurance coverage and create more competition within the industry.”

When it comes to keeping and growing jobs in the state, the candidate looked to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s business model. “Texas has reduced excessive business regulation and reduced the state’s high business taxes. As a result Texas is currently producing 80 percent of the countries new jobs.”

She continued, “We know what the right solutions are for California, we just have to implement them.”

Tackling important issues was not hard for Whitman’s business-like acumen. “Now that I’ve watched this political process, I know how important my rights are,” says Naritelli.

For others like Escondido resident Sarah Bond it was a chance to hear what a high-profile candidate like Whitman would do for her city and state. “She’s a political rookie and doesn’t have a record for me to judge. For now I’ll remain skeptical.”

And yet for other young college students it was a chance to let Whitman know that she needed to reach out to young people like President Obama did and let them get grass roots campaigns started.

“Reaching out to college students is a great way to build a movement, I hope we can help,” said Chasen Bullock a senior at San Marcos State University. “We have about 500 registered members and 35 very active members ready to get going.”

It seems the 2010 election cycle is gearing up early for a long and difficult process. However, this time around candidates are going to have to serve up more than just pie if they hope to get elected because voters are asking the tough questions.

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San Diego Sheriff’s race gets a Joe Arpaio endorsement

San Diego- As the San Diego Sheriff’s race heats up, local contender, Jay LaSuer gets an official endorsement from Arizona’s Top Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

LaSuer announced his endorsement on local radio station 1170 KCBQ with Rick Amato. Arpaio’s endorsement comes as the race for the Sheriff’s office is just getting underway.

“Joe is the foremost Sheriff in the country and the person I admire most in law enforcement. His support is very humbling to me,” LaSuer said.

The premier Sheriff in America said he would be willing to help LaSuer with fund raising efforts as well as advertisements, says LaSuer. “He is a living legend and well respected.”

Many think this endorsement might just push LaSuer over the finish line first as Arpaio is well respected. Despite negative press from left wing organizations, Sheriff Joe continues to win reelections in landslide manners.

The bottom line for LaSuer is straight talk. “I want to make San Diego County the safest county in the country.”

Mason Weaver explores the idea of running for US Congress in the 53rd District

San Diego- Mason Weaver, a radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker has announced his intent to form an exploratory committee for a run at the US Congress in the 53rd District.

Weaver has been a part of the San Diego community for the last 40 years. After constant urging from community leaders, he has decided to explore the idea of running for Congress against Democrat Susan Davis.

“Someone has to tell them (Washington D.C. politicians) to reverse the bailouts, reduce taxes, drill here drill now, reward job creators, marriage isn’t broken- don’t try to fix it and parents, families, government in that order,” Weaver explains his campaign issues.

As a conservative, Weaver intends to change the way Washington D.C. politicians do business. “I’ll stand for dignity, honor and hope,” he says.

Weaver goes on to say that civil rights “was not about white folks liking black folks, it was about justice and law enforcement.”

As a potential candidate for the 53rd Congress District, Weaver will work for all San Diegans not the special interests or unions.

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Hitting the target with San Diego Sheriff Candidate Jay LaSuer

San Diego- What part of illegal don’t you understand? This is a question Sheriff Candidate for San Diego Jay LaSuer puts to all lawmakers and law enforcement personnel.

“We are a sanctuary city,” LaSuer says. “I’ll advocate getting the National Guard on the borders. I know they can’t make arrests, but their presence will have meaning.”

To his supporters LaSuer is simply known as Sheriff Jay. And yes, it’s not a coincidence that he uses that term. Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio is often referred to as Sheriff Joe and LaSuer himself has met the infamous Arizona Sheriff.

Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer believes in enforcing the law and punishing criminals. He recalls a story from his days in the California State Legislature regarding illegals crossing the southern border.

“Not enforcing illegal immigration or ‘undocumented workers’ is like calling a bank robber receiving an undocumented loan.”

If the voter is expecting the status quo in San Diego, LaSuer is not their guy. However, anyone who is looking to fulfill the estimated 100,000 outstanding warrants currently waiting in San Diego to be filled, LaSuer is definitely their guy.

Following in Sheriff Arpaio steps, LaSuer plans to set up tent prisons. “If tents are good enough for our brave men and women serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq, tent prison overflows can be erected to house our criminals,” LaSuer explains.

As long as the tent encampments follow the health and safety standards, LaSuer intends to use a similar method of imprisonment in San Diego that works for Arizona.

Like Sheriff Joe, LaSuer intends to get the bad guys by following the letter of the law. Not only does he have the past credentials to fulfill the job of Sheriff, he finds that it is his duty.

“Like many people I am tired of what’s happening everyday and I’m tired of watching elected officials look the other way,” LaSuer explains from the home of Mason Weaver.

“It means a lot for someone to open their home to me and I thank Mason,” LaSuer said.

Even though it is early in the 2010 election cycle, Weaver is throwing his support for LaSuer because his says we need good leaders. “It’s time we stand up for the law. It’s time we support a guy who is more afraid of God than the unions. Jay knows the law and Jay knows what illegal means.”

In response LaSuer says that “you can’t enforce the law if you lose your moral compass.” Something he says he will never lose.

LaSuer believes that the most important aspect of a person’s quality of life is the knowledge that they and their family are safe from criminals.

“Citizens must also know if they are the victim of a crime, law enforcement will not rest until the criminal is relentlessly pursued, arrested and jailed,” LaSuer insists.

LaSuer, a former Undersheriff in San Diego, has been a California Peace Officer for more than 31 years. He also served his country in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division.

After his Honorable Discharge from the US Army LaSuer found his way into police work where he stayed for six years until he decided to return to San Diego State University and received his Bachelor’s in Public Administration.

LaSuer then joined the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and continued to serve 25 years, moving up the ranks and finally becoming the Undersheriff. During this tenure he attended and graduated from the FBI National Academy.

In 1990, LaSuer successfully ran for the La Mesa City Council where he served for 10 years until is election into the California State Assembly in 2000. While serving in the 77 Assembly District, he received many awards including, Legislator of the Year.

Standing on principle, LaSuer insists he will serve the office with integrity and legality to ensure a safer more law abiding community for all taxpayers.

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