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A new arrest in for the murder of San Diego Border Patrol Agent Rosas

There has been another arrest for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas. Tijuana Police announced today that Marcos Manuel Rodriguez Perez was arrested in Mexico today for the July 2009 execution of Agent Rosas.

Many BP Agents and law enforcement officers contended from the outset of the Rosas murder that more than one person was responsible for the crime. Today, their suspicions were confirmed.

Mexican authorities, with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) issued an arrest warrant for the 26-year-old Baja native commonly referred to as “El Virus,” who was stopped in his car and taken into custody without incident.

“El Virus” joins Christian Daniel Castro Alvarez a 17-year-old who surrendered to border agents in April of 2010 and subsequently pleaded guilty of murder while committing a robbery and received 40 years in U.S. prison for his part in Agent Rosas’ murder.

Border Patrol Agent Rosas was lured out of his patrol truck July 23 of 2009 and shot nine times, primarily in the head, and died at the scene just yards from the U.S./Mexico border fence in Campo, California. He was survived by his wife and two young boys.

Law enforcement officials have continued to work behind the scenes to ensure justice for the fallen agent.

Darrell Foxworth, a FBI spokesperson for the San Diego region, reiterated that the investigation into Agent Rosas murder is an ongoing international effort and the case is not closed as they are seeking a third individual connected to the capitol crime.

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