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Want to break into the country? There’s an app for that!

Only in America. In an effort to help those who are trying to break into our country, a University of California at San Diego professor has invented an application for cell phones to help illegals cross the border illegally, but safely.


Not only has your tax dollars been used to design this GPS-type tool, but it will most likely be used in the giant push for amnesty. The pro-open borders crowd is quick to point out that this will help the tired and the weary, who are trying to cross the U.S. border illegally, make their way to water or the nearest town. These liberal activists don’t want any unnecessary deaths while illegal aliens attempt to break the law and cross the brutal desert terrain in an effort to reach the promise land.

Here’s a tip -don’t try to break into the country illegally. Try entering through the front door legally. Problem solved. No deaths, no need for cell phone apps and no illegal immigration.

The cell phone application works similar to the GPS system most new cars are outfitted with says the inventor, Ricardo Dominguez, a visual arts professor at UCSD. Dominguez claims he invented the Transborder Immigrant Tool to keep immigrants safe as they cross the treacherous desert climate.

However, not everyone agrees this is a good idea. Fellow professor of immigration policy at UCSD, Pete Nunez, who is also a retired U.S. Attorney, explained that people who are caught distributing these types of devices could be committing a crime. This program is used to assist people entering the country illegally. That’s a crime, according to Nunez.

The new application tool was not designed solely by Dominguez. He had some help, Enrique Morones a well-known open border advocate and activist for Border Angels a group that places water in bins across the east county desert, worked with Dominguez to create a program that would help those crossing the borders illegally arrive safe.

Working with other activists, Dominguez hopes to be able to offer the program on the internet free of charge and make the phones available to area churches so they can assist the next generation of illegal immigrants.

However sympathetic the new cell phone program may seem, it wasn’t so long ago this country was viciously attacked on 9/11. We have a border patrol force in place protecting our borders for a reason. Each day an unknown number of illegals cross into the U.S. illegally, many without pure intentions.

Border Sheriff, Sigi Gonzales of Zapata County Texas said, “Do we really want drug dealers, cop killers and MS13 gang members crossing into our country?”

He continues to explain that law enforcement has a tough enough time monitoring the borders why make it any easier for criminals?

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