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A new tape surfaces, casting doubt into the investigation of ACORN

Not only was ACORN disgraced at several locations throughout the country when employees allegedly jumped at the chance to participate in criminal activities, but now they have a sticky situation developing with California State Attorney General, Jerry Brown.

State of California’s AG, Brown is a “political animal,” said David Lagstein, San Diego ACORN’s go to guy. Brown is expected to be the front runner for an upcoming California governor’s race, making the ACORN investigation a particularly tricky problem due to the new audio tapes that have surfaced.

If the audio tapes are true there is some profoundly unethical behavior taking place. According to judicial advocates it is not proper protocol to discuss the eventual outcome of an ongoing investigation with the party involved. This is exactly what happened when a call was placed to the State Attorney General’s office yesterday. “We cannot comment on an ongoing investigation,” said a spokesperson.

However, information received from the San Diego Republican Party leader, Tony Krvaric stated, “A spokesman for Jerry Brown stated that they’re going to look at the tapes, they’re going to follow the facts without fear or favor, and they’re going to see where it takes them.”

The brand new audio tape floating around the internet and posted on, has ACORN’s San Diego Director Lagstein explaining to group of trusted friends at a Democratic Club meeting in El Cajon, that all the communications he is having with the AG’s office have been positive and it will be the two videographers who will be in trouble, not ACORN.

“The Republican Party is trying to create a new scandal out of nothing. I asserted my belief that the investigation will find fault with the videographers and not with ACORN because no one at our ACORN office broke the law and the videographers did,” Lagstein said.

In a phone interview Lagstein explained, “Our employee was guilty of bad judgment and he was terminated. There is no story here. The San Diego Republican party is trying to play gotcha politics, nothing more.”

Whether the tapes are authentic or not only those involved will know, but one thing is certain, ACORN needed another scandal like they needed another bad employee.

On the tape, Mr. Lagstein asserts that he has been in contact with the Attorney General’s office and suggests that they have been assured that “the fault will be found with the people that did the video – not ACORN.” Lagstein is also heard claiming that a serious investigation is “completely not what’s happening.” In words and in tone, Lagstein appears to suggest that Attorney General Brown would turn a blind eye to ACORN’s alleged misdeeds and focus instead on the actions of the individuals who uncovered those misdeeds, according to Krvaric.

“Californians are entitled to know that their Attorney General is conducting an honest, thorough, and unprejudiced inquiry into the very serious allegations of misconduct by ACORN, and that the target of the inquiry is fully cooperating with the investigation – not colluding with the AG’s office to stymie it,” Krvaric explained.

In another ACORN story, the battered organization has put together a lawsuit and will sue the federal government for halting funding at the height of the company hoopla. The group contends that Congress and the federal government have tarnished their fundraising abilities.

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