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Hollywood’s famous Pink’s Hot Dog names one after Betty White

The 88-year old Emmy award winning actress Betty White who turned heads recently for her latest performance in a Snickers candy bar commercial during the Super Bowl, now adds the “Naked Hot Dog” to her resume.

The queen of the Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore shows unveiled the new hot dog stand at Pink’s on Universal City Walk.

The Betty White ‘Naked Hot Dog’ comes plain with no enhancements. “The weenie is so good, I have the weenie and the bun and that’s it. ‘Well, it’s a naked hot dog,’” White laughed about the explicit name of her new hot dog.

“I wish they had never thought of that,” she said.

White’s provocative Snickers commercial stirred a mild amount of controversy when White’s character appeared to be tackled in the mud during a pick-up football game.

All the proceeds from sales today will go to the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services’ animal shelters. White’s love of animals spurred her decision to help out the particularly hard hit animal shelters.

Many of the younger generation have been introduced to White via the Super Bowl commercial and her appearance in the new Sandra Bullock film as well as her hosting duties on Saturday Night Live.

White has won multiple Emmy awards for her work on Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore show and has been on television as far back as the early days of black and white.

Other Pink Hot Dog celebrities are Martha Stewart; 10” stretch dog with relish, plenty of onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut and sour cream. The Ozzy Osbourne Hot Dog that starts with a spicy Polish dog add nacho cheese, American cheese, grilled onions, guacamole and top it off with chopped tomatoes. And finally the Lord of the RINGS Dog starts off with a 10″ Stretch Dog, yummy BBQ sauce and topped with onion rings.

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