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Blue Cross tells insurance agents- premiums will raise significantly if reform passes

In an effort to prepare Blue Cross health care insurance providers with ample time, the major insurance provider in California announced that premiums will rise significantly for individual and small businesses.

One Blue Cross agent wasn’t surprised by the inter-company memo. “This is the first step to eliminating my job,” said the agent who wished to remain unnamed. “Many of my customers will no longer be able to afford the increase and will opt out of Blue Cross.”

The memo suggested certain proposed reforms will result in lower-risk individuals who have lower premiums because they are healthily will face increased premium costs post health care reform.

“Additionally, other market reforms will generally increase premiums for everyone regardless of risk,” the Blue Cross memo explained.

Blue Cross says most insurance purchasers will see higher premium costs immediately after health care reform is passed, and it shows purchasers of average age and average health are expected to face higher premiums post-reform in any case.

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