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BREAKING: New video of drug smugglers loading drug-filled inside Arizona borders

Several days before the murder of New Mexico resident Larry Link, Border Invasion Pics caught illegal smugglers carrying loads of drugs inside the U.S. borders loading dope filled backpacks into a waiting pickup truck; not once, but twice in the same day, on the same trail.

The daring event unfolded under the cover of daylight- yes daylight. Cartels have become so brazen with their ability to smuggle drugs, they are not even waiting for the cover of darkness.

An obvious question American citizens should be asking is where are the Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel, or even local law enforcement?

Southern Arizona residents know the answer; without a secure southern border fence, there is simply too much territory to cover and not enough resources to apprehend all the bad guys.

The new video was captured by longtime southeastern, Arizona resident. “My family came to Arizona in 1878. This is my state, and these people (illegal aliens and smugglers) are invading it. Drugs are illegal, and they ruin lives.”

Not one to claim the limelight, the videographer of Border Invasion Pics would like to protect his anonymity for those outside his home town. However, he wanted to share the shocking video with outsiders who are not familiar with the seriousness of drug smuggling and the daily barrage of illegal trafficking of people along the porous southern borders.

“Drug smuggling has taken dangerous criminal activity and violence to a new level all over the country,” he explains. “As an American citizen and Viet Nam vet, I see intervening wherever I can as my responsibility – especially since I have the necessary skills to do so.” The video does not lie.

The Border Invasion videos show a long line of drug cartel members quietly ambling towards their load drop-off point. Without stopping and asking the “mules” (a common name used for those who transport drugs) there is no evidence of which cartel they belong to.

Video clip 1;

Video clip 2;

The footage was taken near Bisbee, Arizona. It is 50 miles (as a crow flies) west of the New Mexico state line and location of the Stein Ghost Town murder of Larry Link. Residents in both states have described similar events that are shown in these “You Tube” videos. To read about the June 6 murder of businessman/ghost ranch owner Larry Link; read here.

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Video clip 1;

Video clip 2:

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