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Fast and Furious claimed its first victim, Agent Terry, one year ago

It was just a year ago that ill-fated “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scheme claimed its first American victim- Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry.

Terry left southern Arizona station evening muster never knowing it would be his last. As he and his fellow Border Patrol agents prepared to hike into Peck Canyon, the only thing on their minds was to apprehend a “rip crew” responsible for robbing and terrorizing illegal immigrants passing through the desert seeking a better life in America.

However, new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memos had recently been given to all Border Patrol agents asking them to use less-than-deadly force, Terry complied and packed his gun that dispensed bean bag rounds.

As it turns out, Terry paid attention to the memos, and it cost him his life. During the December 2010 shootout in Peck Canyon, “rip crew” thugs fired AK-47 weapons indiscriminately in the dark desert night and killed the former Marine. He never had a chance.

Once the dust settled and help arrived, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was dead. He would not be home for Christmas.

Border Patrol agents eventually discovered a misguided Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) “Fast and Furious” investigation gun killed their colleague.

For nearly a year “Fast and Furious” has garnered headlines, but to this day nobody has been held accountable for letting thousands of guns “walk” into the willing hands of vicious Mexican cartel members. The Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation has yielded little punishment for ATF and DOJ management personnel who authorized a program aimed at uncovering cartel gun trafficking patterns and gain splashy headlines.

However, it would take weeks, and several ATF whistleblowers to uncover the truth behind Agent Terry’s murder. It was a poorly executed ATF investigation, Fast and Furious, that put the U.S. government in the gun trafficking business and as it turns out Agent Terry would only be the first in a long list of people killed by guns once under the control of lawful gun dealers and watchful ATF officials.

A year later, countless inquiries by Congress have resulted in ATF and DOJ stonewalling. Documents and emails requested by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) have been heavily redacted and exacted little transparency from the Obama Administration.

The Terry family still doesn’t know who was responsible for the murder of their son. Officials in charge of ATF and DOJ have sealed records and hide behind the “ongoing” investigation excuse as reasons for their secrecy.

It looks as though the government is doing what they do best- covering up a deadly program.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry died a year ago today. He died defending a nation he believed in, and he died from a Fast and Furious gun.

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Holder testifies no apology needed for Fast and Furious murdered Agent Terry

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified to the Judiciary Committee, under oath, that no apologies are needed for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive’s (ATF) ill-fated gun-walking program that claimed the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Agent Terry was murdered by known-drug smugglers in December of last year. The suspect allegedly used a gun from the Fast and Furious investigation.

Senator John Cornyn (R), whose state of Texas has been the recipient of Fast and Furious guns; ask AG Holder a direct question regarding apologizing for the death of Agent Terry.

“Have you apologized to the family of Brian Terry?”

Holder replied; “I have not apologized. But I certainly regret what happened.”

Cornyn continued; “Have you even talked to them (the family)?”

“I have not,” Holder said.

The Senator continued to ask Holder; “Would you like to apologize for this program that went so wrong, that took the life of a United States law enforcement agent?”

Holder finished the questioning with; “I certainly regret what happened… I can only imagine the pain his family is feeling… We are not prepared to bury our kids… (However) it’s not fair to assume, however, the mistakes that happened with Fast and Furious directly led to the death of Agent Terry.”

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