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Arizona’s new tough illegal immigration law angers liberals

Arizona’s new illegal immigration bill is expected to be signed into law by Saturday by Conservative Gov. Jan Brewer and will toughen the state’s already stern immigration laws.

According to Fox News, the bill has sparked high emotion and the sponsor of the bill State Senator Russell Pearce (R) says “it will take the handcuffs off law enforcement and allow them to respect the states’ immigration laws to puts focus on violent criminals.”

The Los Angeles Catholic Arch Bishop took exception to the tougher law and said it represents “Nazi and Soviet-style” repression.

Protests were held outside the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix demanding Governor Brewer to strike down the new proposed legislation. However, Brewer is a Conservative leaning towards signing and opponents know lawmakers inside the capitol are not going to listen to their cries.

The landmark legislation will alleviate an insurmountable problem the state faces with illegal immigration and the crime it attracts.

“Our citizens have a Constitutional right to expect our laws to be enforced and that’s what we’re going to do in Arizona,” Pearce said.

In a new Rasmussen poll out today, 70 percent of Arizonians support the tough new legislation, but 53 percent are somewhat concerned about infringing on the rights of some U.S. citizens.

Conservative Latinos say the passage of the bill could mean political suicide for the GOP. “The state is going to turn blue and they will have Mr. Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer to blame,” Deedee Blasé of SOMOS Republicans said in a Fox News interview.

“The lunacy of rounding up people because they look a certain way or are suspected of being in violation of immigration statutes leads to one thing the violations of basic fundamental civil rights – profiling,” said Luis Gutierrez Congressman (D-IL).

The bill’s sponsor Pearce sees it differently, “illegal isn’t a race it’s a crime.”

The bill does, however, have support from law enforcement. They say it will make it easier to approach illegal immigrants outside Home Depot, a known hot spot for day labor work sites, and ask for their legal papers (either a drivers license or visa), failure could mean arrest and deportation.

“When one becomes proactive in addressing illegal immigration what happens here in Phoenix, crime didn’t fall, it plummeted,” said Mark Spencer of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

With the recent murder of Arizona rancher, Robert Krentz, Arizona Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) the Republican Whip, have requested more than 3,000 National Guard troops be place along the Arizona/Mexico border to stop the incursion of illegal immigrants that cross the border on a daily basis.

The state’s Senators admit the issue is a federal one, but the lack of enforcement has pushed responsibility onto the states in a time when they need the help financially more than ever.

In a statement from Gov. Brewer dated April, 13, 2010 she said, “As Governor of the State of Arizona, my highest priority is the safety and security of our citizens. I met late today with Arizona ranchers, and heard their concerns, which I deeply share. Arizona roads and open spaces have become thoroughfares for illegal alien traffic and smuggling operations — drugs, arms and humans. Recently, an Arizona rancher in southeastern Cochise County was shot and killed, with evidence suggesting the crime was part of border-related criminal activity. With regard to border security, I am not taking “No,” for an answer from the federal government. I visited the area, and I’ve seen firsthand what needs to be done. I’ve communicated with President Obama and repeated my numerous requests for additional troops.”

The Arizona governor finished with “I will NOT accept the notion that border security is a responsibility of Arizona and the other Border States, but I will do what is necessary to protect this great State if additional federal assistance is not forthcoming.”

It looks like the show down on illegal immigration will be stirring up all kinds of consequences no matter which side citizens are on.

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