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GOP Senators DeMint and Vitter move to block federal lawsuit against Arizona

In a bold move by a stagnated GOP party, two Senators hope to block President Obama’s federal lawsuit against Arizona with a procedural movement.

Senators Jim DeMint (R- S.C.) and David Vitter (R-LA) said they will attempt to attach the Arizona lawsuit, legal language to small-business legislation set to be debated on the Senate floor next week.

The two Republicans have been critical of the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona and claim the federal government lacks the constitutionality to prevent the Grand Canyon State from enforcing immigration laws already on the books.

SB1070 is a law that closely mirrors the federal government’s law on enforcing illegal immigration. Arizona has been inundated with illegal immigrants which has propelled the state to the country’s leader in kidnapping and only second to Mexico City, Mexico.

“States like Arizona shouldn’t be prosecuted for protecting their citizens when the federal government fails to do so,” DeMint said in a statement. “The federal government is rewarding illegal behavior and encouraging many more to enter our nation illegally when they refuse to enforce our laws.”

DeMint also said that President Obama “should get serious and stop holding border security hostage to pass amnesty and score points with his liberal base.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Arizona are complaining the federal lawsuit will do nothing more than cost taxpayers more money the country does not have and in the end will be no closer to solving the immigration problem the federal government refuses to fix.

“The Obama administration should not use taxpayers’ money to pay for these lawsuits that the American people overwhelmingly oppose,” Senator Vitter explained.

DeMint further states that “States along the border are facing kidnappings, drug trafficking, human trafficking and gang violence and they have a duty to keep their residents safe. Instead of suing states for doing his job, the President should get serious and stop holding border security hostage.”

Arizona’s new law gives state law enforcement officials the legal authority to enforce federal immigration laws. Most law enforcement officers will be allowed to inquire about immigration status of individuals who are lawfully stopped for other crimes.

An amendment to SB1070 specifically forbids racial profiling.

As many as 18 states are considering similar laws, according to the Associated Press, including: Florida, South Carolina, Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Michigan. However, John Morton, the director of ICE warned these states to not pursue Arizona’s lead on the immigration issue because it is the federal government’s job to enforce illegal immigration.

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Immigration woes prompt Senator DeMint battle to complete fence

In an effort to quell the immigration debate raging across the country, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) plans to reintroduce an amendment in a financial regulation bill that would force the federal government to finally complete the fence along the southern border.

His plan calls for the completion of 700 miles of double fencing along the U.S./Mexico border, something that has been kicked down the road several years since the Reagan amnesty in the mid-80s.
The amendment asks Congress to follow through with the completion Fence Act of 2006 before moving forward with comprehensive immigration reform.

Once the Secure Fence Act was passed several lawmakers moved to change requirements. Texas Senator Kate Bailey Hutchinson’s amendment altered the nature of the integrity of the fence. The once double-layer fence was stripped to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as needed fence.

In areas that once needed double-layer fencing, DHS was able to place vehicle barriers or small hurdles that prevents cars or trucks from passing, but people can easily walk under or over it.
As a result there has only been 34.4 miles of the double fence finished of the 700 miles on southern border. The majority of that fence took place in the San Diego area.

Retired Congressman Duncan Hunter Sr. (R-CA) didn’t let the California border city escape the double fencing requirement. As a result, the numbers of illegal immigrants has dropped and the influx has now moved to Arizona.

The double fence works, says Hunter.

Thanks to a tough primary race in Arizona, the former GOP presidential candidate John McCain (R-AZ) and Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and are cosponsoring the double fence amendment and with the immigration battle raging the Senators expect many more coworkers to join DeMint’s double-fence effort.

Looking forward, DeMint’s fence amendment has passed the Senate with bipartisan support. The amendment was offered in the FY 2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill. And it passed by a 54-44 vote in which 21 Democrats and 33 Republicans supported the measure.

Unfortunately this is where the good news ended as Democratic leaders removed the amendment during conference committee because “the Obama administration had opposed rapid expansion of the fence,” according to The Hill.

Moving forward the GOP believes the DeMint amendment can pass another vote if a floor vote is allowed.
Senator DeMint said in a press release, “Americans have demanded a real fence to combat the very real problems of illegal immigration that have led to human trafficking, drug trafficking, kidnapping and violence on our border. Congress will never be able to achieve long-term reform to create a legal immigration system that works until we secure our borders. We’ve had rhetoric and promises for four years without results. It’s time we completed the fence and secured our borders to protect American citizens.”

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Money Bombs, politics and Senator DeMint

Looking to build on the Scott Brown (R-MASS) Conservative mania sweeping across the country, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has dedicated a new political action committee to help lesser-known candidates.The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) is floating much needed finances to Conservative candidates in hotly contested primaries.

DeMint explains the SCF has made sure the “conservative voice” is heard within the Republican Party as well as around the nation. “What we are trying to do with the Senate Conservatives Fund with people like Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Chuck DeVore in California, and a number of others is to at least give Republicans an option of main stream conservative candidates in the primaries.”

A good example of this “mixing it up politics” is the Florida GOP primary where establishment guy Charlie Crist is facing a tightening race with young up-and-comer Marco Rubio.

“ is the money bomb we hope to drop on Marco Rubio. He’s a great young candidate in Florida running for the Senate against more of an establishment Republican. He believes in limited constitutional government and I think he is the new face of the Republican Party,” DeMint told Fox News. Rubio was able to surpass the $200,000 mark with a few hours to spare.

So far DeMint’s hard work has paid off as the South Carolina Conservative Senator reported more than $1.3 million in his SCF war chest. “I think Republicans are looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the old Republican,” DeMint admits. “The establishment Republicans that many think ran our party into a ditch with too much spending and tens of thousands of earmarks.”

DeMint’s new PAC has used direct mail solicitations and online tools to build a network of some 27,000 donors in 2009 and has an e-mail list of more than 100,000 contacts, according to a report from CQ Politics.
“We have a situation now where our e-mail list is bigger than a lot of newspaper circulations and we can get instant response like what we’re doing with the Rubio money bomb,” DeMint says. “So a lot of doors are open. It gives people voices who haven’t had voices in a while.”

The expansion of the Tea Party movement throughout urban and rural America has reestablished the desire for smaller government, less spending, reducing the debt and living within one’s means. “These are commonsense ideas and for any Republican to try to radicalize those ideas is a signal that we still have Republicans in name who just don’t get it,” DeMint said.

NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh said if DeMint or any other Senator or Congressman wants to help raise money for Republican candidates the NRSC views that as a good thing. The NRSC has taken in more than $40 million so far this year. “The bottom line is that at the end of the day we share the same goal of leveling the financial playing field with the Democrats next year,” Walsh said.

Back in ultra-liberal California, the GOP Senate primary is shaping up to be a real horse race. While Conservative DeVore doesn’t have large name recognition on his side, he has logged thousands of miles, hundreds of stops, possesses a Tea Party grassroots network and an ICaucus endorsement,it is well known these folks are more likely to vote in primaries.

“Whatever the polls say four months before the primary, the strength of the volunteers backing us, the lack of any skeletal remains in my closet are going to allow me to prevail in this primary and to ultimately vanquish Barbara Boxer,” DeVore said at the January meeting of the West Valley Republican Women Federated at a diner in San Jose.

“A sleeping giant has been awakened,” DeVore said. “Some of you (voters) are scared. Some of you are mad as heck, but times are different and we can win.”

A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports states 75 percent of Americans are somewhat/very angry while 19 percent are not very angry, this underscores the need for Conservative candidates to have a fair shot in the primaries, DeMint says..

This ground swell coupled with DeVore’s history as a Reagan foot solider makes the possibility of DeVore’s California dreaming tsunami to go all the way to D.C. in November a reality.

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Senator DeMint puts forth legislation to spread the wealth – term limits

In an effort to abolish gridlock in Washington D.C., Senator Jim DeMint-R SC hopes to enact the first new Constitutional Amendment in 17 years – term limits.

When one thinks of stalwart Senators, names like Kennedy, Byrd, and Specter come to mind. All these Senators have spent their entire working careers inside the Beltway. However, with a recession in full swing, congressional politics more partisan than ever, a couple Senators would like to shake things up a bit.

“Americans know real change in Washington will never happen until we end the era of permanent politicians,” said DeMint. “As long as members have the chance to spend their lives in Washington, their interests will always skew toward spending taxpayer dollars to buy off special interests, covering over corruption in the bureaucracy, fundraising, relationship building among lobbyists, and trading favors for pork – in short, amassing their own power.”

For the millions of Americans who are fed up with business as usual, this new legislation could strike a balance with voters and take that power away from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

However, changing the country’s oldest living document is no easy task. It requires a two-thirds majority vote in the House and Senate and must be ratified by three-fourths of the states. The bill is cosponsored by Tom Coburn-R OK, Kate Bailey Hutchison-R TX and Sam Brownback-R KS.

The DeMint measure would limit every member of the House to three terms or six years and every Senator to two terms or 12 years. However good this sounds, getting members of Congress to vote themselves out of a job will prove very difficult.

In the past couple of decades, Washington insiders have been reelected 90 percent of the time, according to DeMint who is a freshman Senator.

Co-sponsor of the term-limit bill Coburn couldn’t agree with DeMint more. “The power of incumbency has created an almost insurmountable advantage for Washington politicians.”

“Incumbency allows politicians to raise millions of dollars in campaign funds in exchange for earmarks,” he said. “Incumbency gives Congress the power to raise money for itself – Congress just approved itself an increase of nearly $250 million from the U.S. Treasury that members will spend to promote themselves.”

Some argue that long-serving legislators provide experience and stability for the country.

“It wasn’t the ‘people’ who gave us a $12 trillion debt, an IRS tax code seven times longer than the Bible, over 1,700 departments of the federal government, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, $100 trillion long-term shortfall in Social Security and Medicare, the Wall Street and auto bailouts, and the pending health care takeover,” DeMint explains.

The tea party folks say term limits increase the Congressional turnover needed to ensure the transparency, accountability and limit lobbying efforts public servants are subject to on yearly basis.

“By ratifying this amendment, we can end the tremendous advantage enjoyed by incumbents in Washington, break long-lasting ties to special interests and lobbyists, and transform Congress from the body of career politicians that it has become, to a chamber of true citizen legislators,” says DeMint.

While term limits seem like a great idea especially since Congress suffers dismal approval numbers, 29 percent, most Washington insiders say the bar is set rather high for a group of politicians who can’t agree on much these days to amend the Constitution.

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Senator DeMint throws his weight behind California Senate hopeful DeVore

A big time endorsement from Senator Jim DeMint-R SC went to California conservative Chuck DeVore who hopes to win his primary and take on sitting liberal Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer.

Looking ahead to the 2010 election, Chuck DeVore hopes a Reagan-style landslide is in his future with the support of such a prominent Republican Senator. This five-year veteran in the California State Assembly sees the upcoming election as a way to change the country’s future.

“He is in a very difficult state (CA), and when he gets here (D.C.) he’s going to join a country- not a club,” DeMint quipped. “We need to shake up the Republican Party, and Chuck’s not afraid to stand up to his own party and say you’re wrong.”

California currently faces historic unemployment rates, continued budget shortfalls and a man made drought in the Central Valley.

“Chuck stands by the farmers even when California’s current Senators continue to do nothing,” says DeMint.

DeVore explained he was delighted to get DeMint’s endorsement. “Jim sees our California Senators are falling down on the job at the federal level- they could help our farmers in the Central Valley.”

After the political landslide in this week’s elections, both Senator and candidate see promise in the upcoming 2010 midterms. “The election’s were an indication that if Republicans are willing to put a good campaign together, they can win in any state in the country,” DeMint said.

Running for office in ultra liberal California poses unique challenges for Republicans, especially a conservative one. You have to go all the way back to Ronald Reagan to see a strong victory.

“There are two reasons why I am running against Ma’am Boxer; one because we so badly need to beat her and two, I know we can do it in 2010,” DeVore enthusiastically said.

DeVore expects to run on conservative principles. In his five-year career in the California State Assembly, DeVore held his ground. DeVore also has a strong military background.

“We (California) can’t keep spending and borrowing our way out problems,” DeVore explained. “California can’t grow government with borrowed money from China.”

Clearly DeVore believes something is broken in the California legislative process and would like an opportunity to address the issues at a federal level.

Before DeVore can take his shot against Boxer, he must win the Republican primary against Carly Fiorina. “This race will set up a wonderful contrast. I consider myself a true Reagan Republican, Carly is more of a Rockefeller Republican.”

In any case California’s Senate seat is ripe for the picking.

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