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Larry Link murder at New Mexico Stein Ghost Town remains a mystery

It has been just over two weeks since the murder of New Mexico ghost town owner and mainstay in the small New Mexico community. The New Mexico State Police say that they are no closer to solving this senseless crime.

So far the June 7 murder has failed to produce any suspects and the New Mexico State Police are asking the public to come forward with any details.

Spokesperson for the New Mexico Police, Tim Johnson indicated that locals in the region are perplexed that the murder investigation has not produced any leads and “encourages anyone with information to contact the State Police.”

Johnson goes on to say that the ballistics report has not been completed, and they are hopeful that the caliber of the weapon used to murder Link can narrow the search for a suspect.

While there are no suspects in the case, and the State Police say they have no evidence that an illegal alien murdered the beloved ghost town owner; illegal smugglers have been known to pass through that part of the state.

Those with any information about the Larry Link murder can reach the New Mexico State Police at (575) 524-8827 or to report an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at (575) 542-8827.

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Fire gate – Hidden camera video shows a link between smugglers and the Arizona wildfires

With close to a million acres scorched in Arizona, lawmakers as well as law enforcement officials are taking heat for stating that the worst wildfires in the state’s history were started by suspected illegal aliens.

Last weekend Senator John McCain (R-AZ) pointed his finger directly at illegal aliens and said they are either getting cold at night or trying to distract law enforcement from other illegal activity- namely drug smuggling.

As a result of this admission, Senator McCain was lambasted by both liberal media and open border activists. However, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever quickly defended the Senator and said the evidence is overwhelming.

The statement that landed McCain in hot water took a direct shot at illegal border crossers. “There is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by the people who have crossed our border illegally. The answer to that part of the problem is to get a secure border,” he said.

Dever confirmed McCain’s theories and told reporters that “When this fire was started, Montezuma National Monument was closed. The forest around it was closed… So, whoever started the fire was there illegally.” He continued to explain that the fire started near the U.S./Mexico border and the only people “traveling in that area were smugglers or illegal aliens.”

The residents, ranchers and Border Patrol Agents this reporter talked to in the field the pass few days, clearly stated illegal aliens/drug smugglers started many if not all of the Arizona wildfires.

One rancher said, “In some cases, these wildfires can be caused by lightning strikes, but we haven’t had rain for weeks.”

Several other agents in the field explained that calls came into the office that illegals in distress started signal fires in more than one instance. “We just got another call today from illegals that started a fire because they were lost. In other cases, illegal aliens create a diversion fire, so drug smugglers can get their dope across the border,” said one agent who didn’t want his name divulged for fear of retaliation.

Confirming this scenario is raw footage taken from a Secure Border Intelligence (SBI) hidden camera. The new footage was taken in the forest wilderness near Nogales, Arizona that has been closed by officials and it shows suspected smugglers crossing in front of a SBI camera. Shortly thereafter the viewer can see the fire raging pass the camera. (View footage here)

A representative from Secure Border Intel suggests the federal government has not secured the border south of these wilderness areas, putting communities in danger in Arizona.

While media outlets are reluctant to identify illegal aliens as the most likely suspects in these fires, residents, law enforcement and ranchers have all drawn the same conclusion- the fires are started by suspected illegal aliens and drug smugglers.

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Arizona fires burn out-of-control, residents point to drug smugglers

Arizona is on fire- literally. There are three large fires burning out of control and Arizona firefighters will have to fight the perilous blazes in triple-digit temperatures.

To make matters worse residents and officials say the Murphy fire (near Arivaca where Agent Brian Terry was murdered) was human-caused by illegal drug smugglers seeking to escape apprehension by Border Patrol Agents.

It’s been reported that Border Patrol Agents jumped a group of 12 marijuana backpackers who intentionally set the fire. Residents say agents arrested three smugglers; two have admitted to starting the fire, while a third smuggler was taken to an area hospital with serious injuries.

Eric Neitzel, of the Show Low Arizona Fire Department says the fires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres and remains completely out-of-control. Luckily no one has been killed or severely injured; “just your typical twisted ankles and scraps and cuts.”

Due to the intensity of the fires, the Forest Service has decided to let the Murphy fire jump Peck Canyon South and burn several hundred acres of vital grasslands.

This is bad news for area cattle ranchers. The Lowell family, who reside in Rio Rico about 10 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border, said they will have no other choice but to sell their cattle because the grazing pastures have all gone up in smoke. Unfortunately, the Lowells say they have no other means to feed their livestock.

This incident doesn’t come as a surprise as Arizona residents continue to beg officials for help dealing with the illegal alien smuggling problem.

“The beating drums say that the Forest Service will not admit that the fire was caused by illegal aliens, only that it is human-caused. Some are wondering if the illegal aliens will be charged or just kicked back across the border,” Zack Taylor said.“The border is not secure. America is in jeopardy- including all residents along the Arizona border.”

While Fire officials remain silent regarding who exactly started the fire, ranchers say they know who is responsible for setting the blaze- illegal aliens/smugglers. “Who else is hiking the desolate region this time of year,” Taylor said.

Border Patrol had no comment regarding the fires.

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Secure U.S. border fence fails- Border Patrol snags 7 drug smugglers

Seven Mexican nationals’ were arrested after U.S. Border Patrol Agents stop drug smuggling attempts in East San Diego, dismantling the myth that America’s border fence with Mexico is either finished or secure.

Diligent Border Patrol agents arrested seven men in two separate incidents in Campo and they recovered nearly 600 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $349,000.

Border Patrol Agents detected a number of smugglers with large backpacks walking north from the United States/Mexico border through the brush that were headed to a nearby highway.

According to Border Patrol Communications agent Kurtis M. Woods, “Agents responded, intercepted six individuals and discovered six backpacks hidden in the surrounding areas. The backpacks contained 27 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 337 pounds with an estimated street value of $202,000.”

Border Patrol then determined the men were Mexican nationals who illegally crossed into the country once they were taken into custody they were turned over to a multi-agency drug task force.

Woods also reported that another incident occurred when Border Patrol agents working near the international border in Campo observed four more individuals carrying drug-filled backpacks.

“Agents observed the subjects attempting to conceal the backpacks in the surrounding brush. Agents arrived in the area and conducted a search and encountered one male Mexican national and found four large backpacks,” Woods explained.

Border Patrol reported that three additional suspects absconded from the scene and it appeared to agents the drug smugglers were able to escape to Mexico. The recovered backpacks contained 20 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 245 pounds with an estimated street value of $147,000.

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Drug smugglers caught on tape 35 miles north of U.S. border

A weekend video clip posted by Arizona Border Defenders shows six drug cartel mules (lackeys that transport drug-laden backpacks) carrying loads of marijuana more than 35 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border.

Arizona Border Defenders is a patriot group dedicated to exposing the porous southern borders by using hidden video cams throughout the region in order to document the hoards of illegal traffic flowing north into the country.

While a great many of these illegal aliens are seeking a better life for themselves or their family, drug cartels are also using the smuggling routes to transport drugs often making for a dangerous trek.

There are several reports of illegal aliens being robbed, beaten or raped by desert bandits preying on unsuspecting migrants who are walking through the harsh terrain.

The brief hidden camera video clip points to the risky side of passing through the desert at night. Many of these drug smugglers will use violence if anyone threatens their ability to transport their illicit drugs to a hungry U.S. consumer.

These well-placed hidden cameras provide a birds-eye view of just how dangerous the southern-border region remains and prove America’s borders remain unsecure.

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