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It’s dumpster diving for documents at ACORN

What comes to mind when you think about document cover-ups? Watergate? Perhaps, Sandy Berger stuffing his pants full of classified documents from the National Archives in Washington D.C.? Now we can add ACORN to that list.

ACORN in San Diego first came under fire when they fell for the old pimp and prostitute number that included opening a sex den with taxpayer money and sneaking under-age El Salvadorian girls into the U.S. to perform sex acts for perverts.

The excuse for that indiscretion was the employee spoke English as a second language and didn’t understand what the undercover filmmakers were saying. Really? That particular employee, Juan Carlos Vera, was thrown under the bus and fired the next day.

In a phone interview David Lagstein, San Diego ACORN director explained, “Our employee was guilty of bad judgment and he was terminated. There is no story here. The San Diego Republican party is trying to play gotcha politics, nothing more.”

In an effort to shine up ACORN’s tarnished image Lagstein, announced at a Democratic meeting that he had spoken with the State Attorney General, Jerry Brown and was told the fault would placed on the videographers, not ACORN.

He explained the State of California’s AG, Brown is a “political animal.” Brown is expected to be the front runner for an upcoming California governor’s race, making the ACORN investigation a particularly tricky problem due to the new audio tapes that have surfaced and document dumping just days before his office was set to investigate.

In a written statement, Evan Westrup wrote “The Attorney General’s Office has contacted the office of the individual who allegedly recovered these documents and has requested that he turn over all information which he believes relates to a violation of law or otherwise relates to our investigation.”

“There is absolutely no truth to the assertion that the Attorney General’s Office has come to any conclusions or that the investigation is complete,” Westrup said. “This investigation, like all investigations conducted by the Attorney General’s Office, will be fair, comprehensive and independent.”

However, ACORN’s devious days are not over. Now they have dumped more than 20,000 documents into their trash dumpster. Some of the documents that were found included; Social Security numbers, driver licenses, birth dates, credit card numbers, cancel checks, bank mortgage paper work, various official applications and food stamp paperwork.

Again ACORN had an answer. “It’s routine for ACORN offices to empty office files to make way for upcoming projects and employees must have inadvertently thrown out the wrong documents,” said Amy Schur, California State Organizer for ACORN.

Unfortunately for ACORN, San Diego private detective, Derrick Roach happened to be driving by and video tape ACORN employees take numerous bags to the garbage dumpster.

“It’s careless disregard for the people that ACORN claims to be helping,” Roach said. “They put people’s lives at risk. This was a massive data breech.”

In the meantime the excuses and blame continue at the San Diego ACORN office. “We are looking to attorneys and the District Attorneys office to file charges against the man who took the documents.”

Tony Krvaric, Chairman of the San Diego Republican Party lambasted the ACORN office at a press conference and called it “a massive data breach, at the very least, of individuals who have come to ACORN for help and assistance.” He continued to say ACORN’s failure to protect or shred the documents “is an absolute affront to every San Diegan.”

Brown spokesman Westrup said yesterday the attorney general’s investigation into ACORN is ongoing. The Oct. 15 meeting in National City was scheduled in advance by both parties. Strangely this makes the ACORN October 9th document dump perfect timing.

However, document dumping isn’t only happening in San Diego, yesterday it was reported by that another Oklahoma ACORN office has dumped paperwork into the trash and left items behind in an abandoned office. The landlord of the Oklahoma office says he is owed several months back rent.

One of the documents left by ACORN employees in Oklahoma was quite revealing and offered advice to staff members on how to win political races. The document read; “Become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change that controls the state legislature. In other words, by taking credit for controlling some swing seats that return state senate power to progressives in 2008 and the state house to progressives in 2010, ACORN may not have members in a majority of districts, but we will be seen as the force that is making Oklahoma a progressive state in the way that it was 100 years ago.”

“By using this power to win significant changes for working people, by the end of our 5 years, we will have legitimized the progressive takeover of the statehouse and head into 2012 with a real possibility of changing what Oklahomans look for and expect out of their Congressional delegation.”

In another ACORN story, the battered organization has put together a lawsuit and will sue the federal government for halting funding at the height of the company hoopla. The group contends Congress and the federal government have tarnished their fundraising abilities.

Finally it’s quite clear that’s Andrew Brietbart is not going to back off until a meaningful investigation takes place in California as well as Washington D.C.

“The questions millions want to know now, that ACORN has again brazenly mocked our nation’s laws; will Eric Holder and Jerry Brown do their jobs?” Brietbart explained this is only the beginning of all the documents and if Holder fails to conduct a full investigation of ACORN, will continue to release tapes and documents leading up to the 2010 elections making it embarrassing for Democrats.

It looks like has an early Christmas present for the folks at ACORN.

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