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A swipe of the pen from Obama equals amnesty

Americans are mad. They are mad at the sluggish economy, they are mad at the gulf oil spill and they are mad that President Obama continues to make mistake after mistake. Luckily for the President, he had the longest honeymoon period of any president in recent history. Unfortunately for the President, Americans are waking up from their slumber, paying attention and it isn’t good news.

When it comes to the illegal immigration issue the majority of legal residents will not accept rewarding those who have broken at least one law. While most states face double-digit unemployment, busted budgets and deteriorating infrastructure, Democrats remain undeterred and march toward amnesty as a way to boost their voting block. This may explain the new Wall Street Journal poll which found 62 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

If the Obama administration attempts to deem illegal immigration (amnesty) into law, voters will certainly lament their feelings at the voting booth in November.

Former 25-year veteran of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent John Sakelarides sums up the facts and myths when it comes to this complex and divisive illegal immigration issue.

“There are indications that the Obama ‘Administration’ is planning to give deferred action to anywhere from 12 to 40 million illegal aliens in the United States, or, in the alternative, to parole these illegal aliens into the U.S. for ‘humanitarian’ reasons.’ This would be accomplished by Executive Order, thereby bypassing Congress and the rule of law.”

The Constitutionality of such an order would certainly be challenged in the Courts. The reason is simple. If this Executive Order were allowed to remain in effect, it would transform our Constitutional Republic into a Dictatorship where the Chief Executive Officer would dictate what laws would be enforced, which ones would be ignored and how things would work in our country.

In an effort to stave off what would certainly be a Constitutional mess, Senator Orin Hatch and others have sent a letter to Mr. Obama, strongly urging him not to embark on such a course of action. The Senators are requesting a commitment from the ‘Administration’ that they will not seek to grant deferred action or parole to all of the illegal aliens in the United States.

This White House is deliberately, willfully, knowingly, and possibly maliciously, ignoring the will of the vast majority of Americans and is H*ll bent on transforming this Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State. What this “President” is doing violates his oath of office. He is deliberately ignoring the Constitution in favor of “social justice.”

President Obama, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid rammed through “Obamacare” despite overwhelming numbers of Americans voicing their opposition to such an audacious government take over. They rammed through the “stimulus” package, the government takeover of GM and Chrysler, and now “Banking Reform.” All of these “socialist” initiatives have been implemented against the will of the American people. As such, Americans have a leader ruling by executive decree occupying the White House and Congress.

Their agenda? A global socialist agenda.

Americans should not be surprised by this action because candidate Obama said he would fundamentally change the country.

When one thinks about it, Barack Obama is the quintessential Globalist. Regardless of where he was born, his formative years were spent outside the United States. As such, he never experienced growing up in America.

And the time he did spend in the U.S. was in Hawaii, which is arguably, is far removed from the mainstream and mainland of the United States. The President never experienced Little League, sandlot baseball, barbecues, picnics, American holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, etc. So it is no wonder he is aloof and out of touch with the American heartland. Not until his Occidental College days and beyond did he live in the U.S. mainland.

Obama has, for all intents and purposes, been groomed to be a Globalist. He simply “does not get it” when it comes to being an American. Perhaps that is why he is so quick to give $400 million of taxpayer money to the Palestinians, aka: Hamas, and nothing to Americans suffering through the country’s worst environmental disaster along the Gulf Coast.

Some political cynics believe that this amnesty proclamation is designed to take attention away from the BP Oil spill and divert it to another hot button issue. Regardless of the spin one puts on this, it is painfully obvious that this administration abhors the Constitution and will do what it wants – even if it means dismissing the American people.

Click here to read the letter to President Obama from Senator Hatch and others;–Obama-may-sign-amnesty-by-executive-order

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