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BREAKING: New video of drug smugglers loading drug-filled inside Arizona borders

Several days before the murder of New Mexico resident Larry Link, Border Invasion Pics caught illegal smugglers carrying loads of drugs inside the U.S. borders loading dope filled backpacks into a waiting pickup truck; not once, but twice in the same day, on the same trail.

The daring event unfolded under the cover of daylight- yes daylight. Cartels have become so brazen with their ability to smuggle drugs, they are not even waiting for the cover of darkness.

An obvious question American citizens should be asking is where are the Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel, or even local law enforcement?

Southern Arizona residents know the answer; without a secure southern border fence, there is simply too much territory to cover and not enough resources to apprehend all the bad guys.

The new video was captured by longtime southeastern, Arizona resident. “My family came to Arizona in 1878. This is my state, and these people (illegal aliens and smugglers) are invading it. Drugs are illegal, and they ruin lives.”

Not one to claim the limelight, the videographer of Border Invasion Pics would like to protect his anonymity for those outside his home town. However, he wanted to share the shocking video with outsiders who are not familiar with the seriousness of drug smuggling and the daily barrage of illegal trafficking of people along the porous southern borders.

“Drug smuggling has taken dangerous criminal activity and violence to a new level all over the country,” he explains. “As an American citizen and Viet Nam vet, I see intervening wherever I can as my responsibility – especially since I have the necessary skills to do so.” The video does not lie.

The Border Invasion videos show a long line of drug cartel members quietly ambling towards their load drop-off point. Without stopping and asking the “mules” (a common name used for those who transport drugs) there is no evidence of which cartel they belong to.

Video clip 1;

Video clip 2;

The footage was taken near Bisbee, Arizona. It is 50 miles (as a crow flies) west of the New Mexico state line and location of the Stein Ghost Town murder of Larry Link. Residents in both states have described similar events that are shown in these “You Tube” videos. To read about the June 6 murder of businessman/ghost ranch owner Larry Link; read here.

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Video clip 1;

Video clip 2:

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Maritime illegal alien smuggling ring busted in San Diego

A six-hour large-scale operation that started in San Diego on Friday and ended in Orange County resulted in the capture of four illegal aliens accused of smuggling illegals along the Mexico/California coastline.

According to Border Patrol, “The smuggling investigation leading to the arrests shifted into high gear at around 7 a.m. Friday after the Carlsbad Police Department located an abandoned panga-style boat near Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, Calif. Local authorities alerted federal agents from the Los Angeles Border Enforcement Security Task Force (LA BEST) and U.S. Border Patrol who had been tracking the movements of this smuggling organization for several weeks.”

Authorities reported that they were monitoring a van in a Ranch Palos Verdes neighborhood suspected of being involved with the smuggling ring. But they abandoned the vehicle surveillance at sunrise when nobody showed up.

“Investigators say the Ensenada-based vessel that came ashore in Carlsbad was originally supposed to make landfall farther north. However, the smugglers had to abort the plan after the boat developed engine trouble,” according to San Diego Border Patrol.

However, BP Agents caught a break when the panga-style boat came ashore in Carlsbad and authorities alerted LA BEST and Border Patrol who then resumed their surveillance and tracked a van to an Anaheim apartment complex.

“When investigators entered the (apartment) residence, they encountered nine illegal aliens from Mexico whose clothes were still wet and caked with sand from the morning’s boat landing. Agents also detained four alleged members of the smuggling ring, including one of the organization’s suspected leaders. Those charged in the case are:

Mario Echeverria, 24, a naturalized U.S. citizen residing in Tijuana, Mexico. Echeverria is suspected of being one of the ringleaders of the maritime smuggling organization; Javier Gomez-Dominguez, 30, of Mexico, the alleged caretaker of the Anaheim drop house; Jose Sevilla, 26, of Mexico, the suspected captain of the smuggling boat; and Fernando Medina-Gonzalez, 43, of Mexico, the alleged smuggling boat navigator and fuel man.”

The men are being charged with conspiring to bring, transport and harbor illegal aliens and face up to 10 years in prison.

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security say, “Friday’s events offer further evidence that maritime human smuggling has expanded from the San Diego area into Orange and Los Angeles counties. In recent months, suspected human smuggling boats have come ashore as far north as Malibu.”

The U.S. maritime enforcement team has been collaborating with the Mexican government to curtail the illegal smuggling of aliens and drug trafficking along California’s coastline.

“The surge in maritime smuggling here in the Los Angeles area poses a significant security and safety threat, which is why it demands an aggressive response,” said Claude Arnold, special agent in charge for ICE HSI in Los Angeles. “We know these criminal organizations’ clients include previously deported felons and others we don’t want in our communities. Beyond that, there are serious safety issues for the smuggled aliens themselves, who are being transported in overloaded, often unseaworthy boats, risking injury or even death.”

Federal law enforcement agencies point to this case as proof multiple departments can and do work well together.

“The arrests made in Anaheim are the outcome of exceptional collaboration within the federal law enforcement community,” said U.S. Border Patrol San Diego Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Rodney S. Scott. “Our efforts to fuse intelligence and operational planning capabilities have and will continue to produce successful results in deterring illegal maritime border crossings. We will continue to disrupt, dismantle and defeat the transnational criminal organizations operating within the San Diego Sector area of influence whose criminal activities endanger both our citizens as well as those who are smuggled through treacherous ocean waters.”

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Health care debate dampens push for amnesty

“March for America” took place on Sunday, March 21, at Washington D.C.’s National Mall and it drew tens of thousands of activists from across the country rallying for amnesty.

They carried banners from their home countries and signs reading, “You need us as much as we need you,” and “No human being can be Illegal.”

Due to the pressure from the health care reform debate Obama did not attend Sunday’s demonstration. However he did record a message of reassurance to the illegal immigrants and their supporters that appeared on jumbo televisions. The jest of the recorded message was that he would fix the “broken immigration system.”

Among the speakers at the pro-amnesty rally was Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, leader of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, he compared the Latino amnesty quest to the civil rights movement and said, “This is our Selma.”

The Sunday rally in the country’s capitol allowed amnesty advocates to send a clear message that they won’t excuse any delays on revamping the “comprehensive” immigration system and they threatened leaders in Washington they would vote accordingly in the November midterm elections.

It’s worth pointing out that many of the Latino rally participants reside in this country illegally and are not eligible to vote.

The rally took place days after Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) announced an outline for a comprehensive immigration reform bill. The three-page blueprint included a controversial mass amnesty provision; create a national biometric ID tamper-proof card and a guest worker program.

Even though the legislation was drawn up in a bipartisan fashion, Graham warned that the bill would receive little support from Republicans if health care reform were passed. Graham suggested if the White House muscled through health care, “immigration reform will be dead.”

However, many illegals are tired of living in the shadows. Rosy Medina boarded a bus in Dallas that would tack her to Washington, DC, to participate in the pro-amnesty rally. ”We live in uneasiness, with panic, without power to buy a house, without licenses to drive,” said Medina, a Mexican illegal alien who, has lived in the country illegally for eight years.

“We are going to be the voice of millions who only want to be given the same opportunities of everyone, that they be allowed to work and that they not be persecuted,” said Rosa Maria Ramos, a resident of Brownsville, Texas, who emigrated 17 years ago from Mexico.

Liberal Failure Demonstrates California’s Economy is Heading Over a Cliff

Nowhere has the throngs of illegal immigrants been felt than California. The state leads the way for immigrants to set up their casa. The massive illegal problem has resulted in a state with huge budget crisis and higher-than-average unemployment numbers.

In 2009, there were an estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrants – nearly a quarter of America’s total illegal immigrant population – residing in California.

“With our state budget in tatters, millions of Californians out of work, failing schools and a state prison system strained by massive overcrowding, California simply cannot continue to ignore the toll that illegal immigration takes on our budget and economy,” says Steve Poizner a Republican Gubernatorial candidate.

“Steve Poizner is willing to take bold steps in order to stop illegal immigration, while Meg Whitman (also a Republican) wants to continue with the status quo. Ten states have passed laws restricting benefits to illegal immigrants and as governor, Poizner will ensure that California does the same,” said Communications Director Jarrod Agen. “The differences in the Republican primary are clear – Steve is proposing bold reforms to turn off the magnets which draw illegal immigrants to California, while Meg Whitman advocates for amnesty.”

However, a recent Field Poll in California has Meg Whitman with a commanding lead in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Even if Poizner were to claim all the undecided voters he would be shy of the votes necessary to earn a bid to play ball with Democrat Jerry Brown the left’s frontrunner.

Whitman claims the lion share of most likely voters 63 percent, while Poizner captured 14 percent with 23 percent undecided. In a head-to-head with Brown, the EBay executive Whitman edges out the Democrat.

However Poizner camp is convinced his position on illegal immigration will resonate with the voters especially after the embattled health care fight. The Latino caucus has pushed the President to take on comprehensive immigration reform this year or face the consequences at the polls in November, according to pro-amnesty activists.

If elected governor, Poizner will advocate for the following policies; cutting taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants, holding employers responsible for following the law, ending sanctuary city practices and securing our borders.

One thing is certain, after a bitter health care battle most agree the country is not in a position to take on another contentious issue.

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Fire breaks out in San Diego – fire hazards persist in illegal migrant camps

Bone-dry conditions persist in California’s southland and water shortages have lead to mandatory rationing, yet San Diego’s picturesque canyons remain littered with illegal migrant squatters and their fire-making gadgets.

Over the weekend 45 firefighters fought a fire in tough canyon terrain near the community of Del Cerro off highway 8 and Adobe Falls road.

The fire was believed to be started by a homeless camp in the canyon. The blaze took two helicopters, eight fire engine companies, three brush rigs as well as two battalion chiefs and three fire investigators to fight the fire-thirsty canyon.

“It’s difficult terrain,” explained Maurice Luque, spokesman for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. He continued to say the canyon terrain makes firefighting with water tougher.
Multiple homes in the area were threatened by the blaze and the fire fighters had to water down roof tops to protect them from the flying embers.
Back in other San Diego Canyon regions the migrant squatter cycle continues unabated. Each time squatter camps are found, photos are taken and photos are presented to law enforcement, yet little has been done to get them to leave the canyons.

ICE and Border Patrol still are not allowed to check the legal status of all the migrants who are believed to be illegally working in the country.

More than a week after camps were located near Vista, and photos and maps provided to the Vista Sheriff Department, all the camps remain and no eviction notices have been posted.

“Some camps appeared to be vacant while others seem to have recent activity,” said Capt. Timothy Curran in a follow-up interview last week. He said his Deputies did not locate anyone in the camps, which is normal during the day when migrant squatters are seeking day labor or working in nearby fields.

What will it take to have these migrant camps removed from the San Diego Canyons?

Capt. Curran claims they are working on it.

“On 10-30-09, Deputy Aitken contacted San Diego County Legal Counsel, B. Ziegler, and advised him of the situation. Mr. Ziegler is coordinating with San Diego County Code Enforcement to contact the land owner for clean up of the property. If we are unsuccessful with this legal and appropriate tactic, the clean up will be undertaken by the County of San Diego and legal action will commence against the property owner.”

The message has to get out there that camping in our canyons is not allowed; Period, is San Diego resident Julie Adam’s point. “I know I was threatened with arrest if I camped in the canyon during the ‘Rick Roberts First Citizen’s Campout in 2006.’ I can only ask that these squatters not be told to hide better, but have the same consequences levied on them as was levied on me, a homeowner in the area. The law needs to be applied equally.”

However, as of yesterday no signs were posted, all camps contained fire making capabilities (propane and butane stoves, lighters, cigarettes, drugs) and evidence of heavy drinking – nothing is changed. All these activities will eventually end in another accidental fire and loss of nearby homes.

“Wow, looks like some long-term residents are residing in the canyons and all that fire equipment scares the daylights out of me. I’m disappointed to hear what Curran’s response is,” explains Suellen Shea, a Vista resident who lives near the northern county canyons.

Other problem canyon areas that continue to be inhabited by illegal migrants who stay rent-free are McGonigle and Rancho Penasquitos Canyons in the city of San Diego. More than a month after illegal prostitution was uncovered and numerous camp sites located, nearby residents there still see little progress.

“It should be as simple as the migrant liaisons going in and tagging (the camps) and then following through to see that they are removed,” says Adams. “ With citizens actually mapping the camp locations, there is no need for spending the extra resources on helicopters, extra patrols, quads, horses etc. I just want law enforcement to follow through with the evictions.”

According to the State of California Penal code CPC 647 (e); every person who commits any of the following acts is guilty of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor: (e) who lodges in any building, structure, vehicle, or place, whether public or private, without the permission of the owner or person entitled to the possession or in control of it.

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Migrant camps with drug paraphernalia discoved in Northern San Diego County

Nestled in the canyons of San Diego are well-hidden migrant camps complete with fire hazards, drug paraphernalia and evidence of prostitution. These third-world living conditions are located next to a small creek quaintly named “Little Gopher Canyon” and a large strawberry field.

Imagine taking a hike in a scenic canyon looking for wildlife or wild flowers and you stumble upon a migrant encampment with so much trash and fecal matter the smell is nauseating. This sight is totally out of place with the large country homes and estates dotting the nearby hillsides in the rural area of San Diego.

Two local day labor sites are also likely feeding the illegal squatter population in the canyon. Again, angry neighbors were quick to speak their minds. This time, once the Sheriff’s Department was notified, swift action was promised.

“The San Diego Sheriff’s Department Vista Station makes every effort to stay on top of transient encampment as they are located,” says Capt. Tim Curran from the Sheriff’s Department.

In Vista, the Sheriff’s Department offers a program working with residents in order to control the migrant issue. “Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS), has a Deputy assigned to handle the camps, the homeless population and the problems associated with them,” Curran said.

Captain Curran promised to forward the photo’s taken yesterday along with approximate site locations to Deputy Kirsten Lorek and report back in a couple of days.

This comes as good news to Suellen Shea who lives near the migrant encampment. “We have lived in this house for more than 35 years,” she explained. “We are petrified of the fire danger that comes along with the squatter camps.”

Several butane cans and stoves were photographed in and around the illegal migrant camps.

Shea explains that the canyon is peppered with illegal camps containing numerous fire hazards that may cause serious evacuation problems as the main road is a one-way in and one-way out road for all community homeowners.

“The lack of exits concerns many of the residents here,” she said. “Having illegal migrants living in canyons without any regard for us is very frustrating. We work very hard to keep our property clear of fire hazards every year and plant ice plant s around our property so our home doesn’t burn down.”

Some residents are angry that their fate rests in the hands of local government to keep them safe.

Farmers who apparently employ these foreign migrant workers fail to provide farm-worker housing as required by the U.S. Visa regulations; unless of course they are employing illegal aliens to skirt their legal responsibilities and obligations. In that case, a multitude of laws are being broken.

Many of these migrant encampments contained drug paraphernalia and evidence of large amounts of alcohol. There were leftover condoms leading one to wonder if prostitution has returned the fields of Vista.

In 2003 a Los Angeles TV News station conducted an undercover investigation and found prostitution taking place with very young girls being trafficked in for the illegal migrants. (See the video link is below)

“It is appalling to think about the prostitution and drug use happening so close to our home. We live a quarter-mile from the migrant encampments,” Shea says. “It has been so bad in the past I could not let my daughter ride her bike to her friend’s house. Let’s just say, I am worried about her safety.”

The camps uncovered yesterday appear to be located on or next to Bonsall Farms property, but when they were contacted for comment, calls went unreturned.

Follow this link to the young girl’s sex trafficking caught on film by Ch. 4 News in 2003
The Fields of Shame

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