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Ex Tijuana Mayor with cartel ties, Hank Rhon released from custody

Tijuana’s popular former Mayor Jorge Han Rhon was released for a second time today. Rhon was arrested in his Tijuana mansion on June 4 by Mexican military forces for stockpiling weapons. At the time of the raid, Rhon was in possession of 78 unregistered firearms.

Mexico does not have a Second Amendment and residents must undergo a painstaking application process in order to legally possess a firearm.

Nevertheless, the federal judge determined the wealthy ex-mayor could no longer remain in the court’s custody.

Rhon’s release came 10 days after his initial detention. However, the state prosecutor’s office wasted no time and immediately brought Rhon in for questioning about a murder weapon that allegedly matched two of his guns.

The federal judge also freed 10 of Rhon’s staff members who were arrested during the initial raid.

Speculation from Mexico insiders contends the arrest may have been motivated by politics as Rhon belongs to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) who looks to regain the presidency in Mexico next year.

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