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Georgetown birth control fiasco reaches White House- taxpayer should pay for sex

Folks are losing their homes, jobs and lives in the recent spate of Midwest tornados. A nagging recession continues to frustrate the “middle class” and yet the White House chooses to wade into the “right” to birth control discussion kicked off a few weeks ago by the Catholic Church.


American’s used to work hard for their slice of “good ole” apple pie, but the increasing entitlement generation now wants the taxpayer to cover their extracurricular bedroom activities.

I do not care if college students have sex five-times-a day, and I do not care if the “girls” at the Bunny Ranch sell sex to men in a controlled environment. Heck, most women in America, rightly or wrongly, could not work at a “Bunny Ranch.” And these “bedroom” activities are not going to put America back to work or pay down the $16 trillion deficit.

What offends struggling taxpayers is college students’ entitlement mentality to their tax dollars to pay for birth control. However, if doctors determine there is a legitimate need for birth control tablets to cure a women’s health issue, like ovarian cysts, then insurance should pay for the treatment just like antibiotics; but “free” condoms and pills are not a part of the Constitution. In fact, large swaths of American cities have Planned Parenthood clinics for students to obtain discounted or free birth control.

Do these students, who willingly testified before Congress, believe that their bedroom activities are more important than children obtaining a quality primary education? Are their “needs” more important than kids that can’t afford Georgetown law school? Or perhaps that grandma should step aside from her high-blood pressure medicine, so college kids can have sex? America is broke and can no longer afford to pick up the entitlement tab.Democrats and Republicans need to stay away from the “poor” college student plea for free birth control pills/condoms. Georgetown Law school tuition of $60,000 per year is not cheap, but if students cannot afford birth control, perhaps they cannot afford Georgetown.

Any way taxpayers slice this issue, all politicians, including President Obama, should be focusing on the real threat to the economy. Rising gas prices are giving way to higher food costs; inflation is literally taking food from the “middle class” table. And the current national discussion is about condoms? Please, all Americans deserve better.

It is way past time for lawmakers to address the debt-ridden budgets, out-of-control spending and time to curb the entitlement mentality.

It is time for lawmakers to roll up their sleeves and do their job!

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