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Illegal immigrant sues Nebraska to pay for prenatal care

A pregnant illegal immigrant, who applied for free medical treatment and was denied because she resides illegally in America, has sued the state of Nebraska.

Sarah Roe, 33, currently lives with her husband and tried to received medical assistance from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for her unborn child.

Once Roe was denied coverage, she filed a lawsuit through the Nebraska Appleseed Center claiming her unborn child was entitled to state-funded medical care.

According to Roe and her lawsuit documents, she has paid out-of-pocket expenses to monitor her unborn child. Roe even admits that her legal status in this country is an “ineligible alien” that disqualifies her for state-funded medical coverage. However, Roe contends the unborn baby does qualify for free healthcare.

The Nebraska Appleseed Center claims the state over-stepped its boundaries to end a program that recently covered illegal pregnant mothers through Medicaid. The result is a class-action lawsuit against the state.
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Nebraska state officials told the Associated Press that approximately 800 illegal immigrants and 700 legal residents were cut off from Medicaid (free care) in March 2010. The federal government ordered the state to eliminate the Medicaid program because it broke federal government rules.

The loophole in this unique pregnancy coverage allowed illegal immigrants free health care at the expense of taxpayers, regardless of legal status.

However, other medical providers in the state offered these women discounted or free care despite the federal government’s decision.

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