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Virginia Congressman tells concerned veteran to sit down and be quiet

The budget crisis has indeed come down to the eleventh hour and a government shut-down seems imminent, however it’s not the closure of the federal offices that should concern Americans it’s the disregard for the U.S. military.

With three wars raging in the Middle East and humanitarian assistance the over-stretched forces are providing Japan, one would think lawmakers would insist military personnel and their families are taken care of during this very stressful time in their lives.

In fact the Republicans put forth a new budget bill that would fund the military the rest of the year and removing them from the political gamesmanship.

However, the Senate and President Obama said no deal.

This is the point one retired veteran made at a town hall meeting last night in Virginia. Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) was clearly upset that a 27-year veteran wanted his representative to be working harder to avert a government shutdown, one that would unfairly affect the armed forces.

Once the back and forth unfolded the Congressman told the disable veteran his arguments were “caustic.” The entire conversation was caught on video and can be seen here.

The disrespect lawmakers continue hurl onto military personnel is shameful, one that voters of Virginia should remember in 2012.

To view video comments begin to heat up at the four minute mark,

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