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California’s governor hopeful Poizner – climbs in the polls

In what’s shaping up to be another Massachusetts-like race California governor-hopeful Steve Poizner’s poll numbers are rapidly rising late in the primary race. A month ago Poizner’s bleak poll numbers had him more than 50 points behind fellow Republican and former CEO of EBay Meg Whitman.

At a tea party event in Oceanside, California last week, Poizner said, “Meg Whitman has spent $50 million to win the governorship and she will peak too soon.” A week later the prediction appears to be true.

According to a recent Capitol Weekly Poll, Poizner trails Whitman 47-19 with one-third of voters still undecided. However, the most recent ABC poll has Poizner just 22 points behind Whitman.

While these numbers may seem daunting, one only needs to look at the Martha Coakley/Scott Brown Senatorial race in Massachusetts and how quickly the polls can change.

Meg Whitman’s free fall continues as Poizner has now shaved 28 points off of her lead in a matter of weeks. A new poll from SurveyUSA continues to demonstrate a strong shift in momentum for Poizner. In spite of spending more than $50 million on negative ads against Poizner, Whitman is beginning to lose support with each passing day, while Poizner begins his ascent with the grassroots voters.

“Meg Whitman has spent record amounts of her Wall Street billions to tell a record number of lies, but all of Goldman Sachs’ money and all the Queen’s men won’t be enough to put this rookie candidate back together again. Seven years ago, Republicans were fooled by marketing and a celebrity. It isn’t happening twice,” explained Jarrod Agen, the communications director for Poizner.

Pollster Ben Tulchin of Capitol Weekly says the results could pose some trouble for Whitman. “She’s ahead, but compared to other polling that’s out there, her numbers have dropped,” Tulchin said. “She’s spent a lot of money and she’s under 50 percent.”

It is statements like this that keeps Poizner pushing and seeking key endorsements.

One such endorsement comes from Conservative stalwart Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA). During a conference call McClintock pointed to a few reasons why he will support Poizner for California’s governor. “We simply cannot afford anymore Republicans in name only in California. Meg is nothing more than a Schwarzenegger third term.”

If Whitman were to win the primary, McClintock said Californians would have two choices, a third term of the current governor or a third term of Jerry Brown.

“California’s recent history has the state with the largest deficits and largest tax increases all under Republican watch. California Republicans need to wake up,” McClintock said. “Voters need to fight for the soul of the Republican Party.”

This is where the grassroots tea party movement comes into play. In primary races throughout the country, establishment candidates are finding it tough to gain the trust of the voters. An example of this is the Florida Senatorial primary. Establishment Republican Governor, Charlie Crist, trails his Senate opponent Marco Rubio who has earned the support of tea party voters.

The tea party movement sets themselves apart from other groups in several key categories. According to a recent CBS/New York Times poll, tea party folks are better educated than most Americans; they make a higher than average salary and most describe themselves as conservative.

Congressman McClintock couldn’t agree more; “they (tea party) are one of the most sophisticated electorate and they know enormous damage has been done and they are looking for a candidate who is for smaller government, conservative spending and their political record.”

The Congressman explains that the country is seeing a 1994-like groundswell of unknown candidates beating incumbents or anti-establishment contenders coming forward.

Luckily for relative political newcomers it’s their record and values not the dollars in the bank that is resonating with angry voters. These discontented constituents are paying attention to details, researching candidates and watching debates.

This bodes well for the Poizner camp who claims the former EBay executive’s TV messaging simply isn’t resonating with Californians. Agen points to Whitman’s reluctance to embrace conservative Republican values as one of the reasons for her sliding poll numbers.

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California’s governor race heats up with a tea party candidate in the mix

California seems to suffer from a perpetual budgetary crisis that always ends the same way, more taxes and reduced programs. The world’s eighth largest economy is mired with bloated government programs, a failing public school system and massive business regulations. Put simply – a mess.

Now that politicians are preparing for the silly season, front runner for the Republican Party is Meg Whitman. However, lifelong conservative GOP member Larry Naritelli hopes to change her front runner status and he will do it with the support of the tea party patriots and the 40 percent of undecided voters within the state.

“I believe in a constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market capitalism,” says the down to earth candidate. While many politicians owe their steps into public service because of a long-held family tradition, Naritelli takes his chance in politics because his favorite expression is “God bless America.”

Looking at the past year of “new politics” in which President Obama alluded to the fact he would be the most transparent, bipartisan and lobby-free president the U.S. has seen. Yet, his administration has done just the opposite by taking care of business behind closed doors filled with lobbyist and excluding the Republican Party at all costs

“It’s no surprise, if you listen to Democratic leaders they say one thing and do another,” quips Naritelli.

Looking to the past twenty years, California has become a solid liberal state. This may seem like an insurmountable obstacle but Naritelli harkens back to the days of Ronald Reagan. “He was conservative and didn’t try to fundamentally change the state because conservatism works,” he explains.

When it comes to environmental regulation or the global warming hot air, Naritelli believes the basics will serve the people best. California has witnessed record job losses and a higher-than-average unemployment rate because Sacramento’s insistence of over-regulation has resulted in strangling businesses and encouraged corporations to open up shop in other hospitable states, according to Naritelli.

Last year while carrying the Tea Party message up and down the west coast, Naritelli, a staunch supporter of small limited government, low taxes, and free market capitalism, realized that there are millions of other Californians who believe in the same principles and values. Throughout the year he and his fellow Californians actively fought to stop the water restrictions on California farmers and the CARB regulations that are destroying family wealth and driving jobs and businesses out of state.

Naritelli believes he can turn California around employing a Reagan-inspired platform of supply-side economics, low inflation, low taxes, a balanced budget and solid economic growth.

While the country suffers from a massive recession, California’s farming communities have become a virtual dust bowl. Generations of agricultural families have been forced into unemployment because critically needed water for their farms has been turned off. Naritelli explains that there is a guarantee right to water in California’s State Constitution.

“A misnomer surrounds the environmentalist concern regarding the two-inch Delta Smelt fish. Since they’ve turned off the water in the farming regions, the Delta Smelt hasn’t benefited from the water diversion,” Naritelli explains. “Curiously, Jerry Brown, California’s Attorney General and Democratic candidate for governor has been in a position to help Central Californians, but he has failed to help each time paperwork crosses his desk.”

Naritelli talks passionately when it comes to the farmers in California’s central valley as he has made numerous trips to the region to study the plight of the farmers who are losing their land because the water has been turned off. “The next governor needs to be here for the people and not wait for lawyers to do what is right. Sacramento needs to hear the thundering herd of elephants with common sense.”

This San Diego county resident is running for the same reasons many tea party patriots across the country are stepping up to the challenge, “because jobs are leaving and I realized if I didn’t do something nothing would change. We can’t be complacent. I will fight for my family and my fellow residents,” he finishes.

Whatever party politicians belong to change is beginning to take hold across the country. It is painfully clear that there is something brewing and Americans will be doing what they do best vote with their hearts.

“We don’t cling to guns and religion, we have our arms and we have our faith, we cling to the flag and the Constitution of the United States of America,” Naritelli said.

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Nightingale discusses California’s future at rally in Oceanside

The latest entry into the gubernatorial race in California, Chelene Nightingale opens up after a Stop Taxing Us rally, where she and Congressman Darrell Issa-R Calif. spoke to a crowd of 3,000. If the short speech meant anything, Nightingale was warmly received.

Nightingale started the year out unsure what the future would hold, little did she know that a run for California’s highest office was in the works. Ever so candid, Nightingale has embraced her political career and looks forward to the long hours ahead of her as the race for Sacramento pushes forward.

“Overwhelmingly positive,” is how Nightingale explains her governor’s bid. “A majority of us are waking up to the fact that our two-party system is failing us and thus are seeking alternatives.”

This mother of one is running on the Constitution Party ticket, and points out that she “is not a career politician.”

Taking the helm of a top 10 economy like California lends itself to daunting decision making. For this enormous task, Nightingale will seek assistance from many in order to find solutions for what ails California. “As the campaign progresses I will reach out to experts like Gerald Celente.”

Celente is a trends researcher for the Trends Research Institute and has appeared on a number of news stations like CNN and Fox News.

Looking to the largest problem California faces, job creation, Nightingale proposes drastically reducing the tax businesses have to pay to do business in the state. “Currently California is home to the nation’s highest business taxes and the worst employment laws.”

She continues to say that the state can not continue to penalize businesses for creating job opportunities. “Unfortunately our state legislature has chased many of these industries (aerospace, aircraft, entertainment and technology) out of the state which has created major job losses and revenue.”

Tackling the state legislature issue is a point of contention for Nightingale. “If I’m elected the California State Legislature will become part-time and I will do what I can to return our state to a republic.”

In recent years the Golden State has lost its luster and forced many to flee the highest-tax rates in the country. “I love this state. We have everything – beaches, mountains, amusement parks, Hollywood and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.”

Her enthusiastic memories of California give way to the present state of California. Things like traffic, lack of infrastructure and lack of resources are directly responsible for holding California back, says Nightingale.

“Restoring our Golden State will take dedication, sacrifice, time, effort and determination. People want to enjoy a decent quality of life without stressing about high taxes,” she explains.

Taking care of California’s Central Valley is also a priority for Nightingale and she would make every effort to help the farmers severely affected by the lack of water California has let flow to the fields.

“Human beings are more important than fish,” she emphatically states. “I would contact the ‘God Squad’ and declare an emergency consideration to reverse the court’s decision in order to allow water to be pumped into the Central Valley.”

Immigration is another big issue that affects the daily livelihood of the state. Solving this tremendous issue requires determination and the ability to understand the complexity of immigration.

“I firmly oppose the Dream Act for illegal aliens. In fact, I oppose all public benefits for those here illegally. I support the California Taxpayer Protection Act of 2010,” Nightingale explains. “This ballot initiative will limit the funds children of illegal immigrants could receive and puts in place a rule for illegal parents to verify their legal status in the state.”

Many in Washington D.C. believe that the U.S./Mexico borders are secure however, Nightingale couldn’t disagree more. “I would call upon the National Guard to help our courageous Border Patrol agents to secure the border.”

She goes on to explain that the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas should have been an alarming warning to the current governor. “Our state representatives need to immediately take action and secure our state’s border to protect our citizens.”

Finally she discusses the Second Amendment. “I’m the daughter of a military war veteran. My father served our country and believed in our Constitutional rights.”

As a result of her father’s belief, Nightingale thinks the assault on gun rights in California needs to be stopped. “I fully support those rights today and oppose government taking away our guns.”

By the grace of God, Nightingale expects to cope with the rigors of campaigning across the state seeking the Governorship. “My family will be by my side through this process.”

The independent streak Nightingale possesses leaves no doubt she is up for the challenge.

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California governor’s race gains another female candidate

California governor’s race gains another female candidate

San Diego- Chelene Nightingale will run for California’s top post in 2010 on the American Independent Party ticket. A self-professed patriot, Nightingale announced her intent to run on July 4th in San Diego at Camp Vigilance.

“I’m a people’s candidate, by and for the people of California,” Nightingale says enthusiastically.

Nightingale has a long tough road ahead of her. Not only is she running on the Independent ticket, but she refuses to take any union, or special interest money to support her campaign run all the way to the Sacramento State Capital.

The three main issues Nightingale hopes to confront are; illegal immigration, education reform and restoring California’s once prominent economy. She goes on to say that California’s second most profitable business is government. “That has to change,” she says.

“California has the highest poverty rate in the U.S. as well as the highest tax rate,” Nightingale claims. “The education system was once ranked top in the country, but now it hovers near the bottom.”

“We have to fight for our grass roots and get the state back into the hands of the people,” she believes.

Nightingale admits to changing party affiliation in the past. “I started out as a Democrat moved to the GOP and was tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Now I’m an Independent.”

Just as Sarah Palin said she was no longer useful as Alaska governor, Nightingale feels many California politicians have lost their usefulness. It is time for many of them to step aside and let patriots step into leadership roles.

Nightingale established herself in the political scene with the Save Our State organization. During her tenure at SOS, Nightingale organized community events and lobbying efforts in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

Nightingale hopes that other frustrated Californians will join her on this journey to take back the “Golden State.”

Advocating for tougher border control, Nightingale says she would strengthen the southern California border by adding armed-National Guard members.

If you are looking for a politically-correct candidate, Nightingale says “I’m not your girl. I want our borders protected by agents and guard members who are ‘locked and loaded’ because there are also terrorists crossing our borders and we need to stop them.”

Citing up-start, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, Nightingale believes “it (an Independent in Sacramento) can happen.”

Nightingale hopes to draw on her strengths as a mom and her independent spirit to fight the tough battle ahead. Why would a mom and political activist want to run in the nasty world of politics?

“I just lost my mom a few weeks ago, and it was my mom who encouraged me to accept the American Independent Party offer to run for governor. She told me, ‘Do it, for your self, but also do it for your son.’”

“I hope my courage will help other women to follow in these foot steps.”

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