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ICE Detention facilities provide luxuries for those awaiting deportation

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is charged with implementing the nation’s immigration laws and part of that responsibility includes detaining and deporting those who break the law. However, the Obama Administration, ICE Director, John Morton, and DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano made changes to the process and will provide a litany of “special perks” for those who break the law.

The 355-page detainee manual includes benefits like special meals, female hormone treatment for transgender detainees, abortions, undisclosed medical treatment, “ethnically appropriate” meals, unfettered access to interpreters and legal services, access to preferred-religious materials, and mental health services. The extensive manual provides many perks that American citizen prisoners do not receive, according to Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX).

The detention facilities must also provide illegal immigrants with a wide variety of recreation and exercise options. Lawbreakers can choose from soccer, basketball, volleyball and an exercise gym. If they want to relax they can choose to read a book in their native language, watch television, play games or entertain visitors.

Rep. Smith likened the new requirements to a “hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants.” He also laments the new detainment standards as unnecessary and “far and beyond” U.S. law requirements.

“The administration goes beyond common sense to accommodate illegal immigrants and treats them better than citizens in federal custody,” Rep. Smith said in a February 2012 statement. “The new detention manual contains extensive and customized details for each illegal immigrant’s stay, regulating everything from the salad bar to recreational activities to medical care. This new manual is not a surprise – it’s just part of a broader pattern made by the Obama administration to reward lawbreakers. This administration has already granted backdoor amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants and has appointed a taxpayer-funded advocate to lobby for them.”

Rep. Smith contends the Obama administration “puts illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of American citizens and taxpayers.”

There is an Immigration Subcommittee oversight hearing scheduled for later this month.

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ICE hires new Public advocate to assist illegal aliens

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has stepped up its policy regarding the deportation process that infuriated those with “open-borders” advocacy groups.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continue to tweak and slow the process for those in ongoing detention and removal proceedings. The administration’s new initiative policy department announced its first Public Advocate, ICE Senior Advisor Andrew Lorenzen-Strait.

Mr. Lorenzen-Strait will assist individuals, including those in immigration proceedings, NGOs as well as other advocacy groups concerned with detention removal of illegal aliens.

“As our first Public Advocate, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait will work to expand and enhance our dialogue with the stakeholder community,” said ICE Director John Morton. “We want the public to know that they have a representative at this agency whose sole duty is to ensure their voice is heard and their interests are recognized, and I’m confident Andrew will serve the community well in this capacity.”

Lorenzen-Strait’s prior experience as an analyst for policies related to immigration enforcement, detention and juveniles and senior advisor for Enforcement and Removal Operation’s (ERO) detention management division makes him the perfect choice to assume community liaison duties with ICES. Lorenzen-Strait’s private sector experience with Community Legal Services of Prince George’s County provides valuable real-world knowledge to alleviate immigration proceedings.

Morton said Lorenzen-Strait will report directly to the Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) director and will be responsible for:

• Assisting individuals and community stakeholders in addressing and resolving complaints and concerns in accordance with agency policies and operations, particularly concerns related to ICE enforcement actions involving U.S. citizens;

• Informing stakeholders on ERO policies, programs, and initiatives and enhance understanding of ERO’s mission and core values;

• Engaging stakeholders and building partnerships to facilitate communication, foster collaboration, and solicit input on immigration enforcement initiatives and operations; and

• Advising ICE leadership on stakeholder findings, concerns, recommendations, and priorities as they relate to improving immigration enforcement efforts and activities.

The newly created position highlights ICE’s ongoing work to enact significant policy changes and improvements to the immigration enforcement process. ICE also renewed its policy to speed up immigration proceedings in an effort to promote public safety, border security and the integrity of the immigration system.

However, illegal immigration activist groups contend this new policy is nothing more than amnesty and will only encourage those entering the U.S. illegally to cut in the long immigration wait-list line.

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