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What DID happen to that North Korean missile?

While the world watched North Korea’s 28-year-old leader Kim Jong-un defy American and United Nations sanctions by launching a missile to carry a “satellite” into orbit, it’s interesting to know that the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy have successfully shot-down missiles using laser energy beam weapons naked to the human eye.

The primetime billion-dollar launch failure in North Korea reportedly lasted just a minute – far shy of the time required to reach orbit. Both the U.S. and S. Korean forces claimed the rocket exploded, broke up and fell into the Yellow Sea.

In February, Washington and Pyongyang entered into an agreement whereby the U.S. would provide North Korea with 240,000 tons of food for it to halt its missile and uranium enrichment programs … was it just coincidence that same month the Pentagon “mothballed” the US Air Force’s Airborne 747 anti-missile laser system, just a year after it successfully destroyed a missile in flight?

Was this an Osama bin Laden-esque moment for President Obama to impress upon the new N. Korean dictator that he stood no chance against the U.S.? Or will the new unpredictable “dear” leader look to re-establish N. Korea’s pariah status and begin new nuclear testing?

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