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La Raza to fight Congress on proposed law closing child tax credit for illegals

Behind the scenes, National Council of La Raza continues its work to protect illegal immigrants from U.S. tax law. While the U.S. taxpayers are on the hook for $15 trillion of debt, La Raza would like to give illegals up to $1,800 in tax credits.

“In order to extend the payroll tax holiday, Congress is considering a policy this week that will devastate over five million children in immigrant families across the country by eliminating the Child Tax Credit for households who pay taxes with an Individual Tax Identification Number,” said Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum for La Raza.

La Raza contends that Congress’ proposed new legislation will force illegal immigrants to pay $1,800 in taxes. The reality of the tax-credit loophole means most of these low-income earners will not pay more in taxes, but they will not get a refund check from the IRS.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), they issue “Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN) to individuals who are required to have a U.S. taxpayer identification number but who do not have, and are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA). ITINs are for federal tax reporting only, and are not intended to serve any other purpose.”

In an effort to pressure lawmakers, La Raza has confirmed that a conference call is scheduled tomorrow with Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office and other immigration experts to learn what can be done to prevent the proposed changes to the Child Tax Credit from becoming law.

“Congress is on the brink of denying this tax credit to immigrant and mixed-status families, regardless of the fact that they paid their fair share in taxes,” Noorani said. “If we take action now we can stop Congress from succumbing to divisive and hateful politics, and protect tax-paying families and their children.”

With the Obama Administration teeing up the “fair share” argument on the airwaves, La Raza is willing and able to use some of the angry political rhetoric to further their quest for a form of blanket amnesty.

“A fair economy is the talk of the nation, but some members of Congress have their ears plugged,” according to Leticia Miranda, Associate Director of the Economic and Employment Policy Project for La Raza. “Lawmakers are seriously considering raising taxes on hardworking, low-income, taxpaying families in order to pay for an extension of the payroll tax cut. Rather than asking millionaires to pay their fair share, they want to raise taxes on those who can least afford it—by blocking taxpayers who use the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) from receiving the Child Tax Credit. If this policy is enacted, more than four million Latino children and their families would face greater hunger, poverty, and other severe hardships, with negative consequences for the economy today and for years to come.”

While this may be a compelling plea, the IRS makes it clear that the ITIN does not authorize work in the U.S. or provide eligibility for Social Security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credits.

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La Raza to storm Congress Super-Committee to keep their Medicaid benefits

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) will step up its fight against entitlement reform in order to let the Congressional “Super-Committee,” who must cut $1.2 trillion of America’s bloated $14 trillion debt, or slash Medicaid spending.

“[We need to] keep sending the message that the trade-off for reducing the deficit cannot be the livelihood of our [Latino] families,” a press release read. “[We are] tired of hearing about threats to health care for our families. The fact is that national leaders are on the cusp of making decisions about our national budget and we can’t ignore the debate.”

La Raza is teaming up with Families USA and the National Urban League to lobby the Super Committee using the social services of Twitter.

Twitterstorm is set up for anyone with a computer or smart phone. It allows activists to contact their members of Congress and voice their opinion about any possible cuts to Medicaid.

La Raza says there are two easy ways to do this;

1. To contact the Super Committee follow this link for an easy way to use Twitter to ask the Super Committee to keep Medicaid safe.

2. Join the Twitter Chat on Medicaid on October 19, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. EDT by following the hashtags #OurLifeline and #NCLRChats.

NCLR points to a report that clearly reveals the integral role Medicaid plays in seriously ill Latino individuals by providing treatment.

“The evidence is clear; Millions have been priced out of private insurance or denied completely because they are ill, but can have peace of mind on the Medicaid program,” according to Jennifer Ng’andu, Deputy Director, Health Policy Project at La Raza.

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La Raza steps up efforts to keep welfare dollars for Latinos

As the debt crisis reaches the eleventh hour, lobbying organizations gear up to ensure their clients get a slice of the dwindling American pie.

“Never has it been so clear that the health and welfare of Latinos is at stake. Last-minute budget negotiations continue to keep Medicaid cuts on the table,” National Council of La Raza said.

The group urges its supporters to call Washington lawmakers to make the case for continued support of “healthy Latino families and communities.”

“You have done it once before,” said Jennifer Ng’andu, deputy director, Health Policy Project. “We need you to do it again. Overnight you flooded congressional offices with more than 3,000 messages telling them to keep their hands off the Medicaid and CHIP programs that provide valuable coverage and services for nearly 13 million Latinos—one in four in our community.”

La Raza’s pitch encourages activists to add personal stories and even offers suggestions.
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* Support the Medicaid program. Don’t devastate the lives of one in four Latinos and one in six Americans by gutting the Medicaid program.
* Without Medicaid many would have no options for health care, leaving them without the resources to take charge of their health and prevent illness and disease.
* Extreme cuts to Medicaid will also undermine health care access for vulnerable children, families, and seniors, including half of all Latino kids, who would have no way to see a doctor if they are sick.

The recession hurt many Americans, but how lawmakers tackle the trillion dollar debt crisis will decide the success of the country moving forward.

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La Raza pushes Obama to save college Pell Grants for Latinos

In another all-hands-on deck campaign La Raza is calling on the Obama Administration to spare college Pell Grants for Latino students in the 2011/12 budget.

The country’s extended recession has hit all Americans hard, regardless of racial divide, yet La Raza continues to push racially-baited politics in an effort to put money in Latino’s hands.

Their latest Pell Grant campaign doesn’t mention the poor African-American, American-Indian or Caucasian children that can’t afford to attend college. Furthermore numerous experts have reported that black Americans continue to fall out of the middle class due to the influx of illegal immigrants who will work for less money.

The current fragile debt-ceiling negotiations are prompting members from both sides of the aisle to prepare a list of programs they are willing to defund. And college Pell Grants for Latinos are on the line.

“Latino students struggling to afford higher education are at risk of losing the opportunity to attend college. Right now, congressional Republicans and President Obama are negotiating a budget deal, and Pell Grants are on the table,” a La Raza email blast read. “Cuts to Pell Grants would follow the elimination of the Summer Pell program earlier this year. So far, needy students have “contributed” $4 billion to debt reduction through cuts to Summer Pell, but they may be asked to make more sacrifices, even if it means that they can’t pay for college.”

La Raza’s pitch continues, “President Obama understands that more Hispanic students must get college degrees for our country to remain economically competitive, but the cost of college has skyrocketed over the past 30 years.”

The price of a college education (tuition, fees and books) has increased dramatically since 1982. The Education Trust organization says the increase is somewhere around 439 percent.

“It’s true that Pell Grants are a lifeline for many college students who may not attend college,” according to La Raza. They contend that further cuts to Pell Grants would make college unaffordable and unattainable for needy students.

“What President Obama and congressional Republicans decide to do about Pell Grants will impact millions of Latinos hoping to graduate from college, enter the workforce, and climb the economic ladder,” La Raza said. “Without a college degree, Latino groups contend Hispanic youth will earn significantly less than more ‘affluent students’ with the means to pay for higher education.”

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Nearly 9 out of 10 Latino babies born in the U.S. relied on WIC says La Raza

La Raza sent out an email blast this week to supporters urging them to demand that their local lawmakers “Save our babies! Stop extreme cuts to the WIC program.”

The La Raza email blast pointed out that, “nearly nine out of ten Latino infants born in the United States participated in WIC in 2008. This program has been especially important for Hispanic expectant mothers, who are less likely to have access to prenatal care and medical information,” according to Jennifer Ng’andu, Deputy Director, Health Policy Project for La Raza.

With the economic health of the country at risk and states’ drowning in red ink, many lawmakers have turned to popular programs as a way to solve their budget shortfalls.

The “food and nutrition” WIC program began in 1972 and was made permanent in 1974, by Republican President Richard Nixon. The WIC program is administered by the federal government through the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The WIC program provides food, nutrition counseling, and access to health services to low-income women, infants and children. However, it is the ever-increasing Latino population in the U.S. that relies heavily on the government subsidy.

“The Latino community’s access to WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for Women, Infants, and Children, is under immediate threat,” Ng’andu said. “The House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee has voted to cut WIC funding by nearly $650 million, which will result in up to 350,000 mothers, infants, and children falling off the program. Given that Latinos make up (42 percent) of all program participants, the Hispanic community is expected to be among the hardest hit.”

Ng’andu continues to say that, “WIC has been an essential nutrition assistance program for Latinos and has long been proven to prevent many of the costly conditions that result from hunger and malnutrition.”

The National Council of La Raza contends that Hispanic families were the hungriest families in 2008, and say Latino children make up nearly 40 percent of all children living with hunger. “The last thing we need is to take food out of the mouths of vulnerable mothers, babies, and young children,” Ng’andu said.

Currently, many State WIC programs hand out vouchers to participants that they can use at approximately 46,000 authorized food stores nationwide.

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La Raza targets lawmakers who voted against the DREAM Act

The National Council of La Raza (NCLA) announced it will begin a new ad campaign targeting those lawmakers who voted against the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education of Alien Minors) during last year’s lame duck Congressional session.

La Raza (the race in Spanish) launched an online and print ad campaign named “We Will Not Forget.”

The campaign will serve as a reminder to voters that Congress members of both parties voted against the DREAM Act and Latino organizations were watching.

The ads will be running in Spanish-language newspapers in some states as well as select online websites in both English and Spanish.

The big red poster is downloadable and includes the pictures of all lawmakers who did not support illegal aliens’ children’s right to amnesty and qualify them for in-state college tuition. La Raza hopes supporters will download the poster and put it on their refrigerator to serve as a daily reminder.

“As we move into the new Congress and work toward advancing important legislation for our community, it’s crucial not to forget what happened in the lame duck session of 2010,” said Laura Vazquez of La Raza. “The ‘DREAM Act’ was an important measure of support for our community and we need to remember who stood with us and who turned their backs on us.”

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The Dream Act much more than education- it’s amnesty for a new voting block

The DREAM (Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors)

Many say the DREAM Act does nothing more than cheapen the American citizenship process and hurt those who have honestly entered the process, filed their paperwork, waited in line, learned English, studied American civics- and ended their arduous task with a U.S. Naturalization ceremony. Achieving the dream of becoming an American citizen is a process, one that means something, but it also means becoming an American.

The United States is one of only a few countries that offer a unique proposition of shedding an old life and truly becoming American with all its stars and stripes. It’s a privilege – not a given.

However, regarding the DREAM Act many Democrats are operating under the premise that it is not fair to punish children for the actions of their parents, therefore, illegal kids deserve a chance to achieve the American dream. Along with the dream they expect reduced tuition rates, something not afforded to all American children. It’s not about the money, it’s the money.

But what happens when children of all persuasions reach adulthood? Do they become bank robbers if that’s the family trade? Or are they held accountable for their actions whatever those actions might be? The greatest gift this country has is the ability to be something or nothing.

Just get into a cab in Washington D.C. and ask the driver about his American dream. “Well, what I love about this country is you can be a loser, party and live in a box if you want. Or you can work your ass off (excuse me) at a couple of jobs, learn the language, go to college and be successful. There aren’t many places in the world you can do that in and I love being an American,” said one cabbie from Ghana.

The cab driver explains in great length the years he waited to enter the country, how hard he worked to learn the language and the fact he may be able to help his family once he becomes successful in his new country. He explains that he came here with nothing and he doesn’t expect “America to give him any money, just a chance.”

It’s true illegal adults and their children continue to live in limbo in the United States. While it may have been a parents’ decision to stay illegally in America, when these kids grow up it becomes their responsibility to gain legal status.

Some immigration experts contend that if children in this “legal limbo” wish to return to their home country and apply for a student visa and legally accept a university’s offer to become a student, these children should take advantage of this legal process.

“As a consequence of lobbying by colleges and universities, there are essentially unlimited numbers of student visas granted. Thus, the scenario of an illegal alien student leaving the U.S. and returning via a student visa is plausible,” says immigration expert Gene Nelson Ph.D. “It is likely that the illegal alien student would then be liable to pay out of state tuition (something all foreign students must do until they establish legal residence). However, I note that the state of California just liberalized the treatment of all illegal alien students by passing their own version of the DREAM Act and offering in-state tuition for illegals. Nevertheless, I think it is likely that the California law will be appealed to the United States Supreme Court.”

Groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) point out that these “in limbo” young adults have many options. “They have the opportunity to go home (to their home country) or they can go to college if they pay out of state tuition rates. Also many minority and poor people use the military as a way to get out of the ghettos and spend their time in the military to earn the right to use a GI bill and then pursue college,” says Susan Tully of FAIR.

However a few strings come with the military GI Bill. Once service members enter college, the military monitors their grades and courses. If a student begins to drop or fail classes the military pulls the purse strings and they no longer receive their college benefits. It is unclear if the DREAM Act ensures these same checks and balances, but illegal alien students do not have to finish an education program in order to qualify for legal status.

Logically it makes sense for illegal young adults to start their grown up lives on the right foot and America loves the underdog. Perhaps groups like La Raza and Centers for American Progress could set up college tuition scholarship funds for these young adults who enter the country with a legal student visa and seek to grab their portion of the American dream.

However, once again a bankrupt Washington D.C. is not offering a real solution for young adults trapped in a legal immigration quagmire. Again they want to reward illegal behavior with citizenship and in-state tuition no matter a person’s legal status.

The DREAM Act would provide illegal aliens in-state tuition, even when it is not being offered to U.S. citizens and legally present aliens living just across state lines. Section 3 of the DREAM Act repeals Section 505 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1623) prohibits giving education benefits to an unlawfully present individual unless that same benefit is offered to all U.S. citizens. This glimpse into the unfairness of the DREAM Act came from a press release from Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

American students would also have to fight with illegal alien children for the limited money and grants available for college tuition. Colleges are raising fees every semester to keep up with the cost of living and many have stalled or reduced the student acceptance rates for financial reasons. Colleges are operating at capacity.

“Section 10 of the DREAM Act allows illegal aliens amnestied under the bill’s provisions to qualify for federal student assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.) in the form of federal student loans (Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans), federal work-study programs, and other federal education services such as tutoring and counseling,” the statement from Sessions said. This would all but ensure that some U.S. students would lose the ability to achieve their dream of college.

Leaders in President Obama’s cabinet like Celica Munoz, director of the Intergovernmental Affairs office have been making the rounds with conference calls, action plans and coordinating White House staff to urge Congress to pass the DREAM Act legislation during the lame duck session because they still have the numbers needed to pass any bill.

Munoz’s mantra during the conference calls has been “all hands on deck, call members of Congress and put a human face to the DREAM Act.”

She even replied to a question from a listener on the White House Live session regarding the President’s ability to just unilaterally sign the DREAM Act into law. “Unfortunately the law doesn’t allow the President to override the Congress,” Munoz answered.

Other prominent members of Obama’s team like U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan have hammered the point that the DREAM Act is a win, win proposition for America. “For our young people, for our country, for our country’s economy, we desperately need to pass the DREAM Act,” Duncan said during a conference call hosted by Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. “We have a chance to do it now in the lame-duck session. And I simply don’t think we can afford to wait.”

Another main topic used by the left to garner support for the DREAM Act is the military. The arguments that the military is in need of more recruits because America is fighting two wars in the Middle East are weaved into every conference call

Yet, these talking points are simply unfounded.

The military already has rules in place to accept non-citizens into the military. In fact the Armed Forces currently accept thousands of Filipinos, Latin Americans and other nationalities into the armed services. Many of these recruits are given citizenship within six months.

According to a Department of Defense press release regarding “recruitment and retention rates” through October 2011, the military has at least a 100 percent rating in all branches of service with the Army edging out its compatriots with a 103 percent recruitment ratio.

The numbers only get better when it comes to retention rates. The figures varied from 100 percent (the low, Navy) to the high of 130 percent (the Marines). In fact beginning with the 2012 budget the military will begin mandatory implementation of a 10 percent cut across the board, according to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

While it is widely believed that the DREAM Act will fail in the lame duck session, Americans should take the time to learn the pros and cons of such a bill because this legislation has been pulled off the shelf over the last 10 years and will continue to be a hot-button topic until the U.S. illegal immigration problem is solved.

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Illegal alien lawsuits continue to clog the courts in California

Well-funded illegal alien activists in Southern California have found a new way to attack Americans fighting for secure borders and enforcement of current immigration laws. The fight has moved from the streets where they wave the their Mexican flag to America’s civil courtrooms.

“Allow me to understand this correctly. Illegal aliens, people who have committed a crime by entering this country illegally, and who continue to commit additional crimes by using counterfeit documents to project a status they are not entitled to, are suing cities and citizens for “disrupting their RIGHT to work in the US, even though they have no such right? If any immigrant “rights” organization or other advocacy group is responsible for the filing of such suits, either directly or indirectly, they should be counter claimed against for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. It’s time for the good citizens of this country to fight back through the courts,” said retired ICE Agent John Sampson who now runs CSI Consulting and Investigations.

The beef about an upcoming lawsuit in San Diego against Jeff Schwilk, founder of the San Diego Minutemen, stems from a violent attack on Los Angeles anti-illegal immigration activist John Monti in November 2006 at the Rancho Penasquitos day-labor site in San Diego.

“Controversial San Diego attorney Daniel Gilleon was hired by La Raza operatives more than three years ago to go after San Diego Minutemen and other pro-security activists,” says Schwilk.

Monti had gone to the infamous makeshift hiring site to photograph the day laborers and the law-breaking employers hiring illegal workers. “It is still a felony to hire illegal aliens in the U.S. and studies have shown that almost all day laborers are illegal aliens from Latin America, Schwilk explains.

While photographing the street-side hiring process, Monti was suddenly jumped from behind by at least seven Hispanic men. “They punched him, tried to steal his professional camera, and pushed him into the busy boulevard. Several passersby’s witnessed the attack and called 911. When police arrived two minutes later, they found a bloody and shaken Mr. Monti,” witnesses reported.

Once the police were called to the scene, all of the attackers had made a run for it. Luckily, Monti photographed many of the laborers prior to the attack and was able to show San Diego Police Department. The next day the victim, Monti, sent the same pictures via email to local San Diego activists so they could call the police if the suspects returned to the day labor site where they usually look for employment every day. At this point Schwilk received the pictures and forwarded them to his local law enforcement contacts and other concerned residents in the area.

Their claim was defendants were disseminating pictures of the suspects with Monti’s statement and pointed out that they were wanted for questioning by SDPD regarding day-labor site scuffle. The flyer indicated if anyone had any information about the incident to phone the police.

Police records show the suspects were being sought for questioning and most of them were eventually found and questioned. No charges against the suspects were ever filed, as they all, not surprisingly, claimed that Monti attacked them first. According to Schwilk, local illegal alien activists were seen speaking with the suspects soon after the attacks.

“Witnesses who saw Monti being attacked and beaten were ignored by investigators and the city attorney, who were under extreme pressure from the so-called ‘Mexican mafia’ to protect the suspects (most of them Mexican citizens) from prosecution,” Schwilk contends. Fox News’ and Monti’s lawsuits were eventually dismissed or settled, but Schwilk demanded a trial to prove that this was just another unfounded, frivolous lawsuit and malicious prosecution meant to harass and silence those who oppose illegal immigration.

This defamation suit also accuses Schwilk of putting up Monti’s “wanted posters” in the area around the day labor site – a charge Schwilk denies. Schwilk and a few other concerned citizens did use Monti’s pictures to identify two of the suspects standing at the sidewalk hiring area three days after the attack.

“When we saw two of the suspects back at their sidewalk loitering area, we immediately called SDPD. The lead detective of the nearby division came to the scene and explained to us that they had already questioned and released those two men and that an arrest had been made,” Schwilk said. “The officers refused to elaborate further, but they told us they were fully investigating the assault on Monti and hoped to bring all of the guilty day laborers to justice.”

The lead attorney in this so-called lawsuit is Dan Gilleon of Del Mar(??). In emails from Gilleon obtained by the Examiner, Gilleon repeatedly seems to be asking Schwilk to settle the case over the past year. In the most recent email sent on Feb. 6, Gilleon again offers to Schwilk, “If you want to settle, we’ll take $1,000 for each plaintiff, cash now, or $10,000 each in stipulated judgments.”

Schwilk has repeatedly told the plaintiff’s attorney Gilleon that he has no intention of settling this case because he is the victim not the other way around. In addition to last minute attempts to avoid taking this case to trial, Gilleon failed to depose Schwilk for 2 1/2 years and recently convinced the judge to allow a last-minute deposition just days before the trial is set to commence.

In a voicemail message from Gilleon, he declined to comment on this pending case. However he claims there is a new lawsuit pending against Schwilk. However, court records show no new lawsuits have been filed.

Schwilk, who is now defending himself, says he strongly opposes a deposition at this late date because he believes Gilleon lied to the judge about trying to depose him in October. Evidence submitted to the court last week clearly shows that Gilleon claimed to have served Schwilk a notice of a deposition at a long-abandoned store in Oceanside. Schwilk says he has asked Judge Styn to rescind his recent deposition order and the motion is pending.

The trial begins on Thursday. It is worth pointing out, the attorney for the plaintiffs admitted that all his clients were living in Mexico and may not be able to enter the country legally to attend the trial, according to Schwilk.

It is a sad commentary that the civil court system is filled with well-funded foreign interests who hire activist lawyers to gain control of the country for their illegal clients.

The Minutemen vow to keep fighting no matter how many lawsuits La Raza activists file against them. “Our cause to make our cities and our country safe and secure is too great to be deterred by these people who make a mockery of our legal system,” Schwilk finishes.

In another lawsuit filed in Costa Mesa, California, MALDEF the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund charges the city’s anti-solicitation ordinance is unconstitutional. Joining in on the February 2, 2010 lawsuit is the ACLU of Southern California and the National Day Laborer’s Organizing Network (NDLON).

The civil rights groups filed the lawsuit against the City of Costa Mesa on behalf of the Association de Jornaleros de Costa Mesa and the Colectivo Tonantzin, whose members have been restricted from peaceably expressing their need and availability for employment in the city’s public areas due to the ordinance.

Claiming his client’s first Amendment right, MALDEF President and General Counsel Thomas A. Saenz said, “Free speech, one of our most cherished rights, belongs to everyone in society. Day laborers seeking work have as much right to express themselves as the largest corporation employing hundreds of thousands. Costa Mesa’s anti-solicitation ordinance violates this vital and longstanding constitutional principle.”

“The city’s anti-solicitation ordinance prohibits any person standing on a sidewalk or other public area from soliciting employment, business or contributions in any manner deemed to be intended to attract the attention of traveling vehicles. The ordinance subjects day laborers and other solicitors to a fine of $1,000 and imprisonment up to six months. The ordinance violates the day laborers’ First and Fourteenth amendments rights under the United States Constitution,” according Saenz.

“Day laborers have contributed to the Costa Mesa economy for decades,” says Pablo Alvarado, director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. “Particularly during these tough times, the hard work they provide the community should be rewarded and not the target of destructive law enforcement practices.”

The ruling of federal courts throughout the country in the past have ruled in favor of preserving the free speech rights of day laborers, which allows them to continue to solicit work.

“The contention that the civil rights of illegal day laborers are being violated is pure malarkey and if anything at all, the advocates can be criminally charged and prosecuted for aiding and abetting illegal alien immigration,” says Vince Johnson in a letter to the city of Costa Mesa.

He goes on to explain this frivolous lawsuit should be recognized as such by any federal judge who may incorporate immigration law regarding employment by undocumented immigrants.

“I suggest that you utilize the resources of Homeland Security/ICE, the US Department of Labor and the US Justice Department to promptly stop this court action and affirm that this country can not be controlled by people who do not even have the right to be in this country. Any meddling by the Mexican government is a clear-cut violation of American law and sovereignty,” Johnson finished.

The meddling of Mexico continues to play out on both sides of the border. It was reported by the M3 report (a publication put out by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers) that all political parties of the Mexican Senate must reproached the policy change of direction of President, Barack Obama, “who has decided to go back on the promise he made to all the Hispanic groups that supported him, and now he insists on closing the border. The government of Barack Obama seeks to increase the funds to reinforce border security with $4.6 billion to support 20,000 agents of the Border Patrol, as well as to finish the first portion of the ‘virtual fence,’” the report stated.

The Mexican government continues by “announcing that he (Obama) will build the missing portion of the ‘virtual fence’ by means of which everyone who crosses, undocumented or illegally, will be detected and can be immediately jailed and later expelled, (and also) reinforcing the number of agents for customs, as well as for the border. From now on we Mexicans will not know what to believe when we speak with the President of all the Americans, because he is a President who fails to keep his word,” according to a member of the Mexican Senate.

One thing is certain Mexico continues to demand the rule of law be tweaked in their favor when it comes to illegal immigration. This will surely set up a very contentious immigration reform debate, one the American people have clearly stated Amnesty will not be a part of the legislation.

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La Raza looks to the Senate to claim their slice of health care

Millions of Americans including those in the country illegally are one step closer to getting health care benefits courtesy of the U.S. government and American taxpayer.

The Nation Council of La Raza (NCLR) is seeking their slice of the health care pie in the nation’s capitol. When it comes to health care reform the NCLR says, “The Senate needs to complete the task and build on the House effort.”

The largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization inside America, NCLR has declared their support of several key elements in the health care reform legislation Congress passed over weekend.

A major issue the group is standing behind is the “emphasis on preventative care.”

“The House bill would ensure that illnesses and diseases are detected at the earliest possible stages and it takes tremendous steps to improve health care delivery,” a NCLR statement explained.

In an effort to make up inequalities and health disparities of Latinos, the House bill will identify and eradicate unequal access.

Furthermore, NCLR says “roadblocks to insurance must be eliminated by removing excessive verification requirements that raise costs and increase barriers to health care.”

The group also maintains that the Senate must promote an equitable system for all, “restrictions on legal immigrants, access to federal aid such as Medicaid, Medicare and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) must be removed.”

Looking to the leadership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, NCLR applauded the caucus for fending off efforts by some lawmakers to strip the health care bill of unnecessary immigrant restrictions.

However, it is exactly measures like this make reform unpopular with most Americans.

“It is disappointing that despite assurances by President Obama and promises by Senate Democrats, the latest version of the House health care bill still contains loopholes that will allow illegal immigrants to benefit under the plan. When will House Democrats listen to the American people? Taxpayers do not want to subsidize people who are here illegally,” said Rep. Lamar Smith-R TX.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) found that the House bill contains no restrictions on noncitizens, whether legally or illegally in the country to participate in taxpayer-funded health care.

“Even President Obama and Democratic Senator Baucus reject this radical move and oppose participation by illegal immigrants,” said Smith.

However, the NCLR doesn’t mention the fact that an overwhelming number of Americans are not happy about providing extra health care to those in the country illegally.

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll confirms that “83 percent of voters nationwide say that people should be required to prove they are a citizen of the United States before receiving government health care subsidies.”

Finally, something most Americans can agree on.

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