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Surprise, main stream media dropped the ball on tea parties again

Yesterday more than a million Democrat, Republican and Independent American citizens gathered in Washington D.C. The protesters were standing up for the country’s drastic change to big government in a time of deep recession.

It amazed me that reading coverage about the thousands of events that took place across the country and the big enchilada in D.C.; no one would have learned that there was anybody other than the conservative right in attendance.

Try telling that to the lifetime Democrats, who are seniors, who say they are literally fighting for their lives. Try telling the young adults who are politically active for the first time in their life and realize the numbers don’t stack up.

It’s funny how the main stream media, and by that I include ABC, CBS, NBC and all the big city newspapers, will report on a handful of Code Pink protesters sitting at former President Bush’s house, but fail to recognize the million plus of ordinary working-class citizens spending their vacation money to donate to candidates or attend rallies.

Equally disturbing is the silence from the White House about the noticeable crowds outside their home. Former President Bush actually talked to Cindy Sheehan of Code Pink, but President Obama can’t take the time to listen and respond to the million plus concerned U.S. citizens.

In the President’s address to the joint Congress on Wednesday, I thought he said his door was open to all when it came to the health care discussion. Really? Was the White House closed yesterday? Apparently to real Americans it was indeed closed – closed minded and closed eared.

I challenge the White House and the main stream media to put the kool-aid down for 30 minutes and actually walk around a tea party event and talk to the crowd anonymously.

Ask questions and don’t be condescending. Just listen and then maybe you will understand the concerns of these hard-working Americans. Many of whom have fought for this country’s freedom, paid their fair share of taxes and don’t want a cumbersome government to solve every problem.

In the words of a tea party attendee; “We the people are capable of taking care of ourselves, thank you very much!”

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ABC News teams up with left-wing open-borders groups to attack Patriot organizations

In a series of newscasts, ABC’s San Diego station takes aim at a local Minutemen group inferring they are dangerous and hateful. The repeated stories offer no proof or legal cases that substantiate their claim.

The recent segments only offer conjecture and speculation regarding the San Diego Minutemen who just won a large settlement from CalTrans in a discrimination lawsuit over the adopt-a-highway program.

Instead of covering the resolution of this national Constitutional case, Channel 10 News quoted two local illegal immigrant activists and used their old, baseless allegations.

In an “I-Team Investigation” on supposed hate groups located in San Diego which ran the evening of Aug 14. Channel 10 News claimed to have evidence of increased hate crimes and hate groups in San Diego County. They showed a black man whose van was allegedly graffitied by a white teenager. No other evidence is given of any “hate crimes.”

The continued bias comes from Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) attorney James McElroy. In the August 14th TV report McElroy says, “In my opinion Jeff Schwilk is a dangerous fellow and any group he is associated with should be considered a hate group.”

“Such blatant media smear campaigns on political activists are seen in third-world dictatorships and their state-run media, but we’ve never seen anything quite this bad on an American newscast,” says Jeff Schwilk, who has guided the SDMM to many successes fighting illegal immigration in San Diego in the past four years.

“The radical alien activists have a long history of smearing American activists, but we’ve never been called ‘dangerous’ or accused of being associated with white supremacists before,” Schwilk explains. “That is a new low for local media. It appears the pro-Mexico agents are getting desperate.”

Schwilk has good reason to be angry at Channel 10’s smear campaign. He served honorably in the Marine Corps for 21 years and is also part Hispanic.

“My great-grandparents emigrated legally from Spain. They came to America, learned the language and respected their new country – something today’s illegal aliens seem unwilling to do.”

In the past four years, Schwilk along with the group’s hundreds of SDMM members have had no incidents with law enforcement. However, there have been 28 attacks on them via their website by pro-alien forces.

Legal immigrant from Mexico and member of the San Diego Minutemen, Francisca Galvan says she has never heard Schwilk speak vulgarly toward anyone. “He has been nothing but great. He is just doing what any citizen does to protect their country from corruption.”

When the topic steers to local Mexican activist Enrique Morones, Galvan says “without a doubt he works for the Mexican government as part of an active cell in San Diego. The only racial slurs I’ve heard come from Morones and El Grupo when they are calling me a traitor to my former country.”

Not to worry, Galvan refuses to back down and continues to fight for the country she now calls home – America.

The problem secure border activists have with the continued defamation reports on ABC is that La Raza organizations continue to post these propaganda stories across the internet trying to smear and discredit the Minutemen with even bigger lies.

When the producer of the ABC TV segments, J.W. August was contacted via email regarding the dubious reports he claimed, “I normally don’t reveal details about the broadcasts.”

August also told another critic in a separate email, “We don’t provide equal time in regards to a story that our news department has produced.” The recent segments made that point clear.

Several attempts to reach McElroy proved fruitless and he apparently does not want to comment on his reckless statements about Schwilk and the SDMM.

The SPLC has a long history of attacking pro-American Patriot activist groups and trying to tie them to hate and supremacist groups.

Another staffer of the SPLC, Mark Potok, contends, “Patriot groups will result in a terrorist attack like Waco or Oklahoma City.”

Again the left-wing organization has no proof to back up these wild accusations and Secretary of Department of Homeland Security denounced the recent Right-Wing Extremist report that was published earlier this year.

In another unrelated ABC incident, the broadcasting company had no problem airing an hour-long infomercial on President Barrack Obama’s health care bill, but would not allow any opposition groups to air commercials during the broadcast.

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Tea Party Photos

An average sign at this Oceanside, California Tea Party.

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