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May Day Rally videos show many are ill informed about immigration

Thousands of Americans and immigrants marched across the country on Saturday; many were celebrating the traditional May Day activities including traditional dancers. However the real story may be the fact those chanting against Arizona’s new immigration law were misinformed.

Camera crews were out in earnest filming the May Day events and calling attention to many aspects of the supposed anti-immigration law American’s in Arizona want on the books. This point can easily be diffused when voters look to the polling on the issue.

In a USA Today/Gallup Poll, 61 percent are very concerned about illegal immigration and the government’s inability to secure the border.

The number increases to eight in 10 citizens who believe illegal immigrants are an added burden to hospitals, schools and other public welfare programs during a deep recession. Another 77 percent are concerned illegal immigrants will push hourly wages lower.

In California, the porous borders make it easy for pregnant women to enter the country illegally and put a significant burden on the hospitals who take in the birthing mothers.

This cost is significant, according to Dr. Gary Gonsalves, who also co-founded StopTaxingUs, a taxpayer advocacy group. “Approximately 107,000 illegal immigrant women will have babies each year in California on the taxpayer dime,” he says. “Of those, 33 percent will need C-sections at $20,000 per baby and 12 percent will have premature babies at a cost of $165,000 per baby.”

The tab for just childbirth reaches past $2 billion per year in the state of California. It is also estimated that California pays out upwards of $10 billion per year in other programs for illegal immigrants and their children.

California is also broke – $20 billion or more in the red.

Groups like NumbersUSA are manning the phones and loading their websites with all the statistical information concerned voters need to arm themselves with the facts. Just as the main- stream media took to the streets and grabbed sound bites, NumbersUSA’s Chad McDonald filmed the rallies looking to see why folks were so angry.

This is what he found;

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