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La Raza steps up efforts to keep welfare dollars for Latinos

As the debt crisis reaches the eleventh hour, lobbying organizations gear up to ensure their clients get a slice of the dwindling American pie.

“Never has it been so clear that the health and welfare of Latinos is at stake. Last-minute budget negotiations continue to keep Medicaid cuts on the table,” National Council of La Raza said.

The group urges its supporters to call Washington lawmakers to make the case for continued support of “healthy Latino families and communities.”

“You have done it once before,” said Jennifer Ng’andu, deputy director, Health Policy Project. “We need you to do it again. Overnight you flooded congressional offices with more than 3,000 messages telling them to keep their hands off the Medicaid and CHIP programs that provide valuable coverage and services for nearly 13 million Latinos—one in four in our community.”

La Raza’s pitch encourages activists to add personal stories and even offers suggestions.
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* Support the Medicaid program. Don’t devastate the lives of one in four Latinos and one in six Americans by gutting the Medicaid program.
* Without Medicaid many would have no options for health care, leaving them without the resources to take charge of their health and prevent illness and disease.
* Extreme cuts to Medicaid will also undermine health care access for vulnerable children, families, and seniors, including half of all Latino kids, who would have no way to see a doctor if they are sick.

The recession hurt many Americans, but how lawmakers tackle the trillion dollar debt crisis will decide the success of the country moving forward.

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