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Mexico’s government cries foul over Arizona’s new law

A political warning from Mexico.

Mexican Political analyst Eduardo Borunda wrote a column titled Arizona: anti-immigrant zone, he sums up his lengthy observations about the new immigration law in Arizona. With Mexico’s drug cartel problems, lack of employment opportunities for their own citizens, one has to question why many Mexican politicians are taking the time to monitor an illegal immigration law in another country rather than focus on improving the quality of life for the Mexican people. Here are some of Borunda’s findings;

“The Arizona law has as its objective to inhibit migration to the United States and protect the citizens of Arizona, but it provokes in its structure a racial problem and one of violating civil rights. President Barack Obama has in front of him the opportunity of changing the course of history or giving his back to millions of Latinos who gave him the vote to be the first president of color in the United States.

In conclusion, the topics of immigration, civil and human rights have a new direction in the United States and Mexico. No one can remain with arms crossed, neither the government of Barack Obama nor that of President Felipe Calderon. To remain inactive would cause other states to present similar bills and initiate a more difficult process in the relations between both countries. The commotion has electoral overtones. Will there be a cost at the polls for whoever governs with racial overtones? We await the results of November 2010.” A link to the article is here

“Since when did the United States heed the warning from a politically corrupt nation like Mexico? If this is the tone the Mexican hierarchy wishes to take perhaps Americans can have their $400 million of Merida initiative money back. Mexico’s government should focus on the violence and corruption within their own borders before they start dishing out demands to the American public,” says John Herbert a resident in San Diego.

As the immigration issue heads to a boiling point, lawmakers will need to choose a side in the upcoming midterm elections and according to national polling on the issue most American’s don’t favor amnesty, this is sure to put many politicians in a bit of a pickle as they campaign for reelection in November.

The statement from Borunda can be found in the Mexican newspaper Dario and was translated by the M3 Report.

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