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California’s governor race heats up with a tea party candidate in the mix

California seems to suffer from a perpetual budgetary crisis that always ends the same way, more taxes and reduced programs. The world’s eighth largest economy is mired with bloated government programs, a failing public school system and massive business regulations. Put simply – a mess.

Now that politicians are preparing for the silly season, front runner for the Republican Party is Meg Whitman. However, lifelong conservative GOP member Larry Naritelli hopes to change her front runner status and he will do it with the support of the tea party patriots and the 40 percent of undecided voters within the state.

“I believe in a constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market capitalism,” says the down to earth candidate. While many politicians owe their steps into public service because of a long-held family tradition, Naritelli takes his chance in politics because his favorite expression is “God bless America.”

Looking at the past year of “new politics” in which President Obama alluded to the fact he would be the most transparent, bipartisan and lobby-free president the U.S. has seen. Yet, his administration has done just the opposite by taking care of business behind closed doors filled with lobbyist and excluding the Republican Party at all costs

“It’s no surprise, if you listen to Democratic leaders they say one thing and do another,” quips Naritelli.

Looking to the past twenty years, California has become a solid liberal state. This may seem like an insurmountable obstacle but Naritelli harkens back to the days of Ronald Reagan. “He was conservative and didn’t try to fundamentally change the state because conservatism works,” he explains.

When it comes to environmental regulation or the global warming hot air, Naritelli believes the basics will serve the people best. California has witnessed record job losses and a higher-than-average unemployment rate because Sacramento’s insistence of over-regulation has resulted in strangling businesses and encouraged corporations to open up shop in other hospitable states, according to Naritelli.

Last year while carrying the Tea Party message up and down the west coast, Naritelli, a staunch supporter of small limited government, low taxes, and free market capitalism, realized that there are millions of other Californians who believe in the same principles and values. Throughout the year he and his fellow Californians actively fought to stop the water restrictions on California farmers and the CARB regulations that are destroying family wealth and driving jobs and businesses out of state.

Naritelli believes he can turn California around employing a Reagan-inspired platform of supply-side economics, low inflation, low taxes, a balanced budget and solid economic growth.

While the country suffers from a massive recession, California’s farming communities have become a virtual dust bowl. Generations of agricultural families have been forced into unemployment because critically needed water for their farms has been turned off. Naritelli explains that there is a guarantee right to water in California’s State Constitution.

“A misnomer surrounds the environmentalist concern regarding the two-inch Delta Smelt fish. Since they’ve turned off the water in the farming regions, the Delta Smelt hasn’t benefited from the water diversion,” Naritelli explains. “Curiously, Jerry Brown, California’s Attorney General and Democratic candidate for governor has been in a position to help Central Californians, but he has failed to help each time paperwork crosses his desk.”

Naritelli talks passionately when it comes to the farmers in California’s central valley as he has made numerous trips to the region to study the plight of the farmers who are losing their land because the water has been turned off. “The next governor needs to be here for the people and not wait for lawyers to do what is right. Sacramento needs to hear the thundering herd of elephants with common sense.”

This San Diego county resident is running for the same reasons many tea party patriots across the country are stepping up to the challenge, “because jobs are leaving and I realized if I didn’t do something nothing would change. We can’t be complacent. I will fight for my family and my fellow residents,” he finishes.

Whatever party politicians belong to change is beginning to take hold across the country. It is painfully clear that there is something brewing and Americans will be doing what they do best vote with their hearts.

“We don’t cling to guns and religion, we have our arms and we have our faith, we cling to the flag and the Constitution of the United States of America,” Naritelli said.

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