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Larry Link murder at New Mexico Stein Ghost Town remains a mystery

It has been just over two weeks since the murder of New Mexico ghost town owner and mainstay in the small New Mexico community. The New Mexico State Police say that they are no closer to solving this senseless crime.

So far the June 7 murder has failed to produce any suspects and the New Mexico State Police are asking the public to come forward with any details.

Spokesperson for the New Mexico Police, Tim Johnson indicated that locals in the region are perplexed that the murder investigation has not produced any leads and “encourages anyone with information to contact the State Police.”

Johnson goes on to say that the ballistics report has not been completed, and they are hopeful that the caliber of the weapon used to murder Link can narrow the search for a suspect.

While there are no suspects in the case, and the State Police say they have no evidence that an illegal alien murdered the beloved ghost town owner; illegal smugglers have been known to pass through that part of the state.

Those with any information about the Larry Link murder can reach the New Mexico State Police at (575) 524-8827 or to report an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at (575) 542-8827.

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