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Latin American countries propose open borders in the Western Hemisphere

According to a report in El Universo, the Ecuadorian government will ask the Organization of American States (OAS) to consider pushing the U.S. to adopt an open-border policy to encourage all people of Northern and Southern America to be free to move throughout the region, thus ending the need for deportations.

In the story, Hernan Holguin, sub-secretary of the Ecuadorian national department that oversees migrant issues, said he would bring this matter to the attention of OAS in an effort to solve the “human rights” and to halt the “irregular immigrants” deportations.

The move by Ecuador’s leaders hopes to impose a new world order in the west. Hernan expressed that people around the globe are advancing to a ‘universal citizenship’ and the world at large has already accepted that world globalization extends beyond foreign trade and is advancing towards ‘universal citizenship.’

The Ecuadorian government believes citizens of the world should be able to travel to countries whenever they want to.

The one-world proposal urges that “an integrated migrant policy with full respect for human rights in the framework of human mobility,” Hernan explains. He also emphasized that the process of immigrant returning to their country of origin should be “orderly, planned and supported.”

Once the process is in place, illegal immigrants could avoid being arrested on a minor infraction therefore eliminating the need for deportation. In order to avoid situations in which the undocumented immigrants are arrested for a minor infraction the treaty of sorts would eliminate the need for deportation from North America.

Hernan explained that in order for all nations to accept this new-world order it would be necessary for all countries to sign ‘migratory agreement.’

Ecuador estimates that at least one-fifth of its population is already guilty of illegal migratory status. The countries that Ecuadorians migrate to are; America, Spain and Italy.

Hernan believes the Ecuador economic crisis in 1999 began the process to citizens seeking work outside their country.

The United States continues to be the top destination for Latin Americans seeking work, health care benefits and a better life. One problem that goes hand in hand with illegal immigration is crime. Currently one-third of California’s prison population is Latin American. According to reports, those in prison are there for committing robberies, domestic abuse, drugs, rape and murder.

This is a staggering number and obviously adds a financial burden to the residents of California. This fact alone will give Californian’s pause when the immigration reform battle heats up later this year.

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