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Nudists’ give Marine Base “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” new meaning

Camp Pendleton Marine base opened the door to a new fight- getting rid of nude sun bathers on a beach reserved for military-amphibious vehicle training.

“As a result of repeated trespassing onto Gold Beach at Camp Pendleton from the state park beach, Camp Pendleton police conduct periodic patrols of the beach and require trespassers to return to the state beach side,” said Ryan Welsh, 2nd Lt. Public Affairs, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. “This area is clearly marked by signs, and Camp Pendleton officials ask that non-authorized persons remain on the state beach side.”

The general area of this Southern California beach has been inhabited by those who enjoy tanning in their birthday suits for many decades.

However, those menacing nudists are breaking the Marine base’s trespassing laws when they drift past the invisible line in the sand.

“Civilians without Department of Defense (DoD) authorization may not cross onto the Camp Pendleton side of the beach, regardless of their beach use intentions,” Welsh explained. “Civilians who cross onto Gold Beach can be cited for trespassing.”
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California State Park rangers, who patrol the military base beach with their clothes on, inform wayward nude sunbathers of their indiscretion and usually nudge them onto the civilian-side of the beach.

“The state park is land leased from Camp Pendleton specifically for use by members of the public, and the public is asked to stay on the state park side,” Welsh finished.

This situation certainly raises attention to Camp Pendleton’s growing amphibious training program.

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