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Oakland to issue illegal immigrants an identification card

The liberal, albeit much poorer suburb of San Francisco is making a strong effort to issue identification cards for those in the country illegally, the card will also double as an ATM.

According to city officials, the ID card would assist illegal aliens who have a tough time obtaining proper identification. The city contracted out the ID card service to a private company who will present their plan and start issuing state IDs at no cost to the city of Oakland.

The city council claims the new program will help residents, including those in the country illegally, get documentation to prove their identity. The cards would be valid to use wherever other state ID is required.

In an interesting twist the Oakland ID card would also double as an ATM card. The purpose of this addition to give illegal aliens the ability to use the card and avoid the use of “payday or check cashing” services that often charge very high fees.

“This will probably be the most advanced municipal ID in the country,” explained Mayor-elect Jean Quan.

Oakland councilwoman Nancy Nadel added that “we wanted to make sure that it’s not just another way of identifying people who don’t have documentation.”

Oakland will now join cities like San Francisco and Washington D.C. in offering more incentive for illegal immigrants to continue to enter the country illegally and skirt America’s overly burdened immigration process.

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