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1 in 5 patients die over 50 die of H1N1, yet CDC refuses to offer vaccine

The current Swine flu pandemic gripping the country hits those over 50 and children under-6 months particularly hard.

However, those who most need the specific-strain flu shot are not the ones first in line. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, those over 50 are most likely to suffer death due to the Swine flu.

A California study looked back to flu deaths this year and found 18-20 percent of the 50 and older age group was more likely to succumb to the swine flu pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said the H1N1 is continuing to spread among the U.S. population, however, they don’t see the strain becoming more virulent. So far the CDC has released 31 million doses of the swine flu vaccines, well short of the 300 million-plus Americans living in the country.

In a story from Disabled World titled ‘Map of Latest H1N1 swine Flu Outbreak Cases and Statistics,’ “170 out of 382 deaths in the world are in the United States. The United States only accounts for 37% of the cases, yet we have 44% of the Deaths,” Terri Linnell a concerned resident points out.

Taking all this data into account, the health department has expanded the base of citizens who will be vaccinated. The new groups include, pregnant women, those who provide care to infants under the age of six-months, health care professionals and those 6-months-to 24 years.

This isn’t exactly good news for those in the over 50 category who are most likely to die from the Swine flu.

“Why with our great hospital system, who doesn’t even ask if we have insurance or any ability to pay, are people over 50 at such a high risk of death being denied the swine flu shot? Why has my mother, age 67, a high risk COPD patient, been refused the swine flu shot?” asked Terri Linnell.

It costs the insurance companies a lot of money, especially for children who need special, high cost care in children’s hospitals. It also costs the insurance companies a lot of money to prolong the life of our elderly.

So what do the insurance companies want? “They want fewer seniors to provide for. They also want to lower the number of children hospitalized. So when given a choice, which would be the most profitable business decision,” Linnell pointing out.

The decision of who gets the H1N1 vaccine lies with the head of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden, who was appointed by Obama on May 15th of this year.

Linnell believes this is genocide. “Our elderly being systematically killed with a refusal of swine flu shots. I feel strongly our health care system is better than this and that the people in control are either failing completely in their jobs, or are purposely doing this.”

The unseemly decision of the CDC to leave out the highest risk citizens, the 50-plus category, does put forth the question, why are they being refused the H1N1 vaccine?

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