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Tea party rallies to get out the vote

With just three weeks until the all important midterm elections, the Stop Taxing Us Tea Party hosted a get out and vote rally in San Diego. Stop Taxing Us usually allows candidates running for office to speak, but this time they decided to mix it up and give rally attendees something to think about before they pull the lever.

More than 25 speakers from different backgrounds talked about the importance of voting for conservative candidates and doing their homework when they vote for ballot measures.

Headlining the rally was Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who authored SB1070 illegal immigration bill for the Grand Canyon State that captured national attention. The Senator’s speech clearly resonated with the California audience as the state faces a number of budgetary issues directly related to illegal immigration.

“There are already numerous laws in the country dealing with illegal immigration, in Arizona we just added teeth to the federal laws in an effort to curtail the economic costs Arizonians are forced to pay,” Pearce explained. The Senator was warmly greeted by the San Diego audience and encouraged would be voters to demand their lawmakers take action on the illegal immigration issue and enforce the country’s laws.

“Enforcement is crucial, the laws are already in place, we just need the government let us do our jobs,” Pearce said.

The porous southern borders in Arizona have been devastating for ranch owners. Rancher Robert Krentz was recently murdered by an alleged illegal alien who fled back to Mexico. “I hear from ranchers along the border all the time and they complain about the property damage, dead livestock and the daily barrage of illegals crossing the Arizona border.”

The four-hour rally featured a diverse group of guests who repeated over and over that voting was the first step if they truly wanted to send a meaningful message to Washington D.C.

“We are demanding our politicians be held accountable for their reckless spending spree. If the candidates we vote into office don’t live by the tea party principles of fiscal restraint and smaller government we will simply vote them out in two or six years,” said Susan Treadstone. “We are going to make changes in the way Washington thinks about our money.”

Playing on the “Obama Girl” fan club theme was a couple of moms from Orange County who created a new niche; however this new club doesn’t favor the president. The group, “Blondes Against Obama” had no idea the website would create so much buzz. According to Megan Young, “people really like the slogan. Another kitschy slogan reads; “If a couple of blondes have the common sense to oppose Obama, shouldn’t you?”

Blondes Against Obama was started by Carol Kistner and Young. Both are moms and both felt it was time to get involved. “We’ve set our sights on educating family and friends about the problems with Washington D.C. business as usual policies,” Young said. As a result the “blonde movement” website has grown and now includes daily blogs written by other right-minded fair-haired concerned citizens.

“We were just sick and tired of what Obama was doing to this country,” Kistner said. “So we decided to get active and Blondes Against Obama grew from there.” The girls said they are tapping into the elusive youth vote, but acknowledge age is not of particular importance- “taking responsibility for the direction of the country is job number one.”

Voting in November was a common thread shared by all the speakers. The primary election cycle is a prime example of the political clout tea party members possess. Numerous incumbent and establishment lawmakers have lost to lesser-known tea party candidates.

Even former presidential candidate John McCain found himself in a tough primary race with tea party favorite JD Hayworth, however money prevailed and McCain was able to hold onto his Republican reelection bid, but Hayworth and the tea party proved to be a formidable force.

Even though Hayworth lost he encouraged voters to not give up hope and keep fighting.

Flamboyant conservative activist Ted Hayes captured the crowd’s attention and passerby’s alike. Hayes, who says he is not African-American just America spoke about the race baiting the Democrat party continues peddle to the political arena.

Hayes, who is an outspoken critic of President Obama, says too many Democrats subscribe to the “black brain drain” philosophy that keeps black Americans oppressed.

“Obama thinks if you don’t talk about race it will solve itself, but it won’t. This administration’s assault on black Americans continues and one only needs to look at the higher-than-average unemployment numbers for blacks. We’ve had to let go to the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson because they sold us down the river. I think blacks are holding onto Obama as the last chance to get redemption,” Hayes firmly says. “The funny thing is my brothers and sisters have more to fear from this presidency than any other administration. Mr. Obama endorses illegal immigration something that prevents black citizens from gaining employment.”

Another issue Hayes is concerned about is the president’s “underlying acceptance of Islam.” “I disagree with the president’s description that America is not a bible reading nation.”

While his opinion of Obama may be harsh Hayes believes it’s not too late for the president to have an adult conversation about race in this country.

“If I was president the first thing I would do is convene a series of conferences to talk about all the issues for all Americans. Then I’d make sure the country knows the facts about slavery and where it really came from, Africa, and finally I’d assemble a roundtable discussion with the brotherhood to see where we all go from here,” Hayes finished.

The black conservative captivated the audience and passerby’s alike during his 10-mintue speech. “It’s time for my brothers and sisters to come home to the tea party because they are truly the big tent party and have demonstrated their willingness to support all Americans,” he said.

All in all as the final days of the midterm election draw to an end, the tea party voters are hoping to pull off an election landslide and send a new referendum to the Obama administration.

Rhonda Deniston, Oceanside regional director for Stop Taxing Us a grassroots organization said “it’s time for Californians to wake-up. It’s up to the voters to stop complaining and to hold all politicians accountable.”

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