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Poem lady shares words with Oceanside tea party

As summer winds down and the lawmakers begin to make their way back to Washington D.C. for the fall, Terri Lannell, the poem lady, had a few parting words…

I Learned

I learned in a small neighborhood of 20 homes, 11 families stood up and asked the city to fight crime. For the next 4 days our little protests were aired on national TV and the crime we protested was erased… from the whole city for months and our neighborhood for years.

I learned when the people stand up, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as regular people, our elected officials listen.

I learned six percent of the people not paying their mortgage can collapse the whole banking system.

I learned the dirty game of politics. If you can’t beat them, join them, then divide and conquer them. That’s why the politicians, along with the media, are creating a divide. The conservatives are announcing tea parties on their websites, while the Democrats are saying tea parties are un-American. Politicians are shaking in their boots at the number of regular people rising up.

I learned that there is NO difference between Democrats and Republicans; they’re all just politicians who say the same things and do the same things.

I learned that our Congress needs our money in the banks, because it isn’t really there. The FDIC balance ran all the way down to $10.48 last month. How, Pray Tell, did they get more money in?

I learned Congress has the SOLE power and the sole RESPONSIBILITY to regulate our banks and control our currency. Section 8 of the Constitution.

I learned our printing presses are printing money 24/7, yet not one dollar is being added to OUR pockets. I may have the authority to give everyone in this room a check for a million dollars, but that doesn’t mean I’m acting responsibly. Eventually, probably the first check, my checks won’t be honored and neither will our country.

I have learned to follow the money. The health care bill will pass because the lobbyists for health care want desperately to be above the law and not be sued.

I learned, and I have not forgotten.

How many people here are new to rallies, new to writing our Congress, new to politics?

How many people here believe Congress is corrupted by all the money in Washington D.C.? Yell louder, only one person heard us yesterday! Yell louder, Washington D.C. can’t hear!

-Terri Linnell, author

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