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Tax day tea parties draw thousands – demand accountability

Tax day tea parties brewed across the country with hundreds of thousands taking a stand against many social ills like health care reform, Cap and Tax, 2nd Amendment infringements and looming tax increases.

The 2nd annual Oceanside rally saw thousands shout, share personal signs and support the tea party movement in San Diego, but what most didn’t know in Oceanside was more turned out for this rally than to catch a glimpse of the first lady, Michelle Obama who was also in San Diego on tax day.

The patriotic crowd started the rally with the pledge of allegiance and singing the national anthem. Many attendees were either currently in the military or retired members who took time to listen and learn about state and local leaders running for public office.

Local heavyweight, Sandy Lehmkuhler of the Warrior Foundation brought fellow wounded veterans to the rally and announced their organization had raised more than $6 million to assist returning injured warriors. “Welcome, Home of the free and land of the amazing,” she began.

“I love our military town. It’s an honor to be a part of Wounded Warriors. We are able to fly both parents to San Diego to see their child when he/she returns injured. Our organization gives palm pilots and other devices to assist with their rehabilitation process.” The crowd greeted Lehmkuhler’s message with loud applause and support.

Rally goers were also able to listen to a short stump speech from two California Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Steve Poizner and Larry Naritelli.

Poizner stated that his late entry into the race would benefit his candidacy as he said Meg Whitman’s $50 million campaign to date would turn off voters looking down on establishment candidates.

Poizner recalled a recent precinct walk in Silcon Valley and giving his best pitch to a 12-year-old girl. “It didn’t go well in the liberal community and I felt like I was talking to a young Barbara Boxer!”

At this point Poizner won the crowd over. He went on to list a few priorities his staff would take care of if he were elected to run the state of California. The agenda included turning on the water in Central California, cutting taxes across the board by 10 percent, cutting capitol gains taxes by 50 percent and cutting funding to programs dishing out taxpayer money to illegal immigrants who snuck into the country.

On the other hand Naritelli, the ICaucus endorsed candidate, said he would revoke policies like Cap and Trade and cure the man-made water crisis the Central Valley farmers currently face. “We represent the people not the fish.”

He talked about the common sense leadership that Sacramento desperately needs.
As always, San Diego’s hot topic is illegal immigration. Naritelli says the state needs to turn off all the incentives that lure illegals to America. “If you don’t get free health care why should they? If elected I will support all measures to secure the border.”

In a bit of a jab at sitting California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said, “stop being a girly man and turn on the water.”

On a serious note Naritelli said his run for California’s top post was not about him, “It’s about the people and about their Reagan values.”

San Diego’s walking encyclopedia on tax related issues, Richard Rider fired up the crowd on tax day as well. “Sustainability seems to be the buzzword.” He told protestors that the best way to reach limited government was to starve the federal government. “It’s the nuts and bolts of our movement.”

The guy looking to be the next Sheriff in San Diego, Jay LaSuer told the tea partiers that there are approximately 15 thousand MS13 Latino gang members in the county. That statement drew jeers from the audience. “If I’m elected, there will be 15 thousand less gang members in our county. Sheriff Joe Arpaio told me that he would personally help me build the tent prison they will call home.”

LaSuer also reflected on the recent murder of two young San Diego girls, Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. “When I worked in the state legislature I tried to implement a one strike law. You commit a violent act against a child under the age of 14 and it’s one and you’re done. I’ll push for that as your Sheriff.”

LaSuer also explained there are real time GPS units the courts could place on sexual predators that would allow concerned citizens to know exactly where predators are at all times.

Finally Conservative Chuck DeVore, made his presence known and talked about his opponent, Senator Ma’am Barbara Boxer. The longtime Democrat Senator is facing real trouble from all of the candidates that are running against her. The crisis has even reached the White House and President Obama will be attending a fundraiser for Boxer over the weekend.

This came as good news to DeVore who is also endorsed by ICaucus. “This is the year liberty and freedom will advance.” He also talked about the sleeping giant that has been awakened by the tea party movement. “2010 is a pivotal year. This is the year we will clean house in Washington D.C.”

Again talking about the illegal immigration issue stirred tea party attendees. “The virtual fence is virtually worthless,” he said.

DeVore explained the tea party movement began because many Republicans lost their way and failed their constituents. “We are on the road to Socialism and it seems Democrats want to go 100 mph, while Republicans want to slow it to 50 mph that’s not good enough.”

The current road the Democrats are on is unsustainable, according to DeVore. He faces two other challengers Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina. All are within the margin of error against Boxer, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Taking a swipe at Al Gore, DeVore said, “I used Al Gore’s invention (the so-called internet) to raise more than $1.8 million from 24,000 people, thanks Al.”

Finishing it up he said, “We the people have had it up to here and we are not going to take it anymore.” The crowd was enthusiastic and echoed the sentiment as they left the rally.

Rick Amato a locally taped talk radio show host that broadcasts live across the country on KCBQ 1170 emceed the rally.

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