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Mexico claims racism in U.S. in on the rise

In a new El Universal, a Mexico City newspaper article, Editors’ claim America is now racial profiling Latinos by encouraging law enforcement officers to enforce illegal immigration laws within U.S. borders.

The July, 14 article begins by detailing a letter that has been circulating the blogs and law enforcement agencies.

“This Monday, an unidentified group calling itself ‘Citizens concerned for the United States’ sent a document with data about 1,300 alleged undocumented persons to the security agencies of the state of Utah. The list of persons – the majority of Latin origin – includes names, telephones, addresses and dates of birth. The object: to deport them all. This unprecedented act shows how much hatred against Mexicans has grown in that country. It is worrisome because no answers to halt the xenophobia are forthcoming from the government and from organizations,” the story reads.

The Mexico City newspaper goes further and states Americans are amping up “a flood of hatred.” They refer to the unfortunate killing of an alleged-human smuggler, age 15, Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, by a U.S. Border Patrol agent on a bike, as an assassination.

“Now, according to the polls, the majority of U.S. citizens are in favor of laws such as the one in Arizona. In Utah, where the list of migrants appeared, a Republican legislator is already promoting a similar law,” the editorial stated. “It is difficult to believe that the proximate time frame of these events is a coincidence. It is clear that there exists a tendency for the increase of racism and xenophobia against those who are or appear to be Mexicans.”

Mexico upped the anti by charging racism and hatred throughout so-called, anti-immigrant right-wing organizations like Minuteman (sic) and the Tea Party groups.

“The use legal arguments to justify their rejection of the presence of Mexicans in the United States; nevertheless, the Utah letter makes evident that the rejection originates in hatred and racism. First, because the way in which the ‘concerned citizens’ identified the alleged illegal residents was by simple observation. To be dark skinned and be surnamed Rodriguez or Palacios means to be undocumented. (The same criterion as the Arizona Law, according to the author.) Second, because the racists’ letter manifests preoccupation about a pregnant woman who, ‘if she’s not deported “immediately”’ will have her child on American soil,” El Universal said.

The article wraps up by stating Americans do not want to include any person (s) that is brown skinned to be part of the American experiment.

“The United States will no longer be of white race and of protestant religion. Up to now, they’ve said it in undertones in meetings, demonstrations and messages to communications media, but now also with beatings and persecutions. Does the Mexican government have a strategy, along with the American one, to avoid more fury?”

Nowhere in the long editorial piece, does it explain the folks who are being deported are in fact illegal immigrants. They broke the law by entering the country illegally. The paper also fails to indicate that if a mass migration of U.S. citizens headed south, they would be ‘racially profiled’ and sent back to their home country. Currently Mexico deports most Central American immigrants trying to find a ‘better life’ in their country.

The story also fails to illustrate the economic burden these illegal immigrants often bring to the America. It is no secret that Americans are in the middle of a devastating recession and struggling to keep their homes and feed their families.

Weather illegal immigrants are driving down wages by unscrupulous employers or having multiple children in order to qualify for free education, food and other social services, they are adding to the economic burden.

Also conveniently left out are the costs when these folks are arrested and placed in the correctional system after repeated attempts to gain entry into America and/or commit federal crimes inside the country. Many would argue that illegal immigrants are only looking for a ‘better life’ which America offers, but the U.S. is a country of laws and accepts more immigrants yearly than any other country in the world.

America is a country of laws for a reason and as such, law enforcement agents are well within their rights to apprehend those breaking the law – no matter the color of their skin.

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