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San Diego Mansion deaths take a new twist

After weeks of speculation, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department ruled two suspicious deaths of Max Shacknai, 6, an accident and Rebecca Zahau, 32, a suicide. However, the law enforcement ruling didn’t jibe with Zahau’s family.

Now that media have obtained Sheriff Department warrants and medical examiner reports the mysterious deaths have launched family, Coronado residents and conspiracy theorists to poke holes in the case that grabbed national attention this summer.

The deaths took place in a multi-million dollar mansion located in an upscale sleepy beach-side San Diego community and involve billionaire Jonah Shacknai, who earned his wealth in the lucrative beauty products industry.

A few weeks of tough media scrutiny regarding Shacknai’s possible involvement has prompted the billionaire took write a letter to the California Attorney General. Shacknai asked the state attorney to conduct a second review in order to end any more speculation that the deaths were nothing more than coincidental accidents.

San Diego authorities reported that the July 13 nude hanging death of Zahau, whose hands and feet were tied behind her back, were self-inflicted. The Sheriff concluded Zahau’s motive for suicide was the news she received via voicemail that the son of her billionaire boyfriend, who fell from the second story of the famous mansion two days earlier, would most likely succumb to his head injuries.

However, some investigators say there was no such call on her ATT phone bill. The medical examiner’s report also unrevealed new details the Sheriff Department failed to disclose at the conclusion of their investigation.

The first detail is tape residue on Zahau’s wrists and ankles. There was no tape recovered near the crime scene. And the second surprise were unexplained contusions to her head.

Once the new investigation elements were released, the media began the feeding frenzy that ultimately led Shacknai to write the attorney general and request another look into the “undeniably strange circumstances” surrounding his son and girlfriend.

“Following the enormous losses of Max and Rebecca, it is intolerable to sit back and watch my other children and the rest of my family, and my former wife Dina’s family, tormented with these unfounded rumors and accusations,” Shacknai said in a portion of the letter to the attorney general.

Leading the charge against the San Diego Sheriff Department’s ruling is Zahau’s sister, Mary, who repeatedly told authorities and the media that her sister would never take her life. Mary Zahau said her sister’s Christian religious beliefs would prevent her from taking her life and the fact she was found nude with a t-shirt stuffed in her mouth raised even more red flags.

“We just know truth prevails,” she said. “I’m in the process of finding out the truth about who killed my sister.”

Despite the family’s objections to the Sheriff Department investigation conclusion, Sheriff Bill Gore remains steadfast in his department’s abilities and said; “Science is our best witness in this case. It is not biased and it doesn’t lie.”

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