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Man dies after rock attack- proving Border Patrol Agents claim that rocks kill

Police reported today that a San Diego man attacked in June with a rock has succumbed to his injuries. Authorities say they are withholding the name of the 31-year-old victim pending family notification.

Joshua Larson, 37, is accused of the crime and was arrested on June 24 for his role in the assault. Prosecutors originally booked him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder; however, the charges have now been upgraded to murder. The defendant remains in custody with a $1 million bail requirement and could receive life in prison if he is convicted on all charges.

“Larson was arrested on June 24, and is suspected of hitting the victim in the head with a rock,” said SDPD Lt. Ernie Herbert. “The victim walked out of a canyon to Washington Street and flagged down a car.”

Lt. Herbert went on to explain that the victim was only able to tell the driver of a passing car that he had been hit with a rock.

It was only two weeks ago that a San Diego Border Patrol Agent shot and killed a rock thrower along the international border. The Agency came under fire for using excessive force by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other illegal alien sympathizers.

U.S. Border Patrol released this statement; “Our agents face many dangers while protecting our country. It is unacceptable for our agents to come under assault by members of criminal organizations that have no regard for our laws or the well-being of our agents. There is no doubt that large rocks thrown at a person can seriously injure or kill them. Our agents, like all law enforcement officers, are trained to protect themselves and others against serious bodily harm, while performing the duties that they swore an oath to uphold.”

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San Diego Border Patrol shooting death of Mexican national rock thrower (previous story)

The San Diego Police Department has taken over the overnight shooting death investigation, where a Border Patrol Agent shot and killed a Mexican National. The illegal alien allegedly crossed the international border fence one-and-half miles east of the San Ysidro port of entry.

Border Patrol Agents reported that the agent on the scene encountered three illegal border crossers. Once the agent, who has not been identified yet, proceeded to question the suspects, the men fled and threw several large rocks.

The Border Patrol Agent immediately called for back-up, according to the San Diego Police Department. Once the second agent arrived, police say two suspected illegal aliens fled back into Mexico, and a third threw rocks and a large piece of wood with exposed nails.

A struggled ensued during the apprehension of the third assailant, and the BP Agents were pelted with rocks and wood, according to SDPD homicide Lt. Ernie Herbert.

The Border Patrol Agent, who was first at the scene, fired his gun, killing an illegal border crosser after the agents were under attack. The suspect fell onto the Mexican side of the border where officials say he succumbed to his injuries.

Mexican authorities identified the 40-year-old dead man as, Jose Alfredo Yanez Reyes.

The injured agent was treated for his injures and later released.

Herbert said, one suspect was arrested, but his name has not been released.

Neither Border Patrol Agent has been named, according to the San Diego Police Department who has taken over the investigation.

The American Civil Liberties Union called for the Border Patrol to review its shooting policy regarding rock throwers (on the Mexican side of the fence) and want to make sure agents don’t used excessive force.

San Diego Border Patrol is no stranger to the daily barrage of illegal border crossers, in fact, BP Agent Robert Rosas was murdered in July of 2009 by illegal smugglers just yards from the U.S./Mexico fence.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the violence Border Patrol Agents face while securing the nation’s southern border every day.

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