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Border Patrol Agent Rosas honored at vigil

Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas, who was murder while on duty last Thursday, was honored by a group of Patriots outside the El Cajon Border Patrol substation. The group brought flowers, cards and well wishes for the family of the slain agent.

“I’m here to honor Agent Rosas,” says Claire Van Aelstyn. “It breaks my heart that he was ambushed like that. He has two small children that will never know their dad.”

Many came out in support of the fallen hero today, because the funeral being held on Friday in El Centro will be for family and friends only. This vigil was their way of showing support.

Congress is also showing its gratitude by filing a resolution honoring fallen Border Agent Rosas. “This resolution is intended to honor Agent Rosas for his service and sacrifice, as well as all those dedicated to preserving and protecting our borders,” Congressman Duncan Hunter-R CA said.

The resolution is also signed by Congressmen/women Brian Bilbray-R, Darrell Issa-R, Bob Filner-D, Mark Souder-R, Susan Davis-D and Lamar Smith-R.

This however is of little consequence to some Rosas family members. One member states; “it is terrible that he was killed in a brutal way because the money, staffing and proper fencing was not available for the protection of the borders”.

Some border agents agree. Speaking out under the radar one agent said the border fence works. However, the dynamics at the border are constantly changing. Illegal crossers move to different locations when gaps close or they use other methods when they can’t climb or dig their way through.

That is why Border Patrol agents continue to move with the fluid border situation as is occurs.

Currently, there are as many as six suspects being held in Mexico in connection with the murder case. The FBI has taken the lead and has been working with the Mexican government, but is skeptical about the main suspect being the killer.

“This case is not solved, we need support from the public,” Darrell Foxworth, spokesperson from the FBI said. “If someone is sitting out there and they have any information, give us a call.”

Back at the vigil Sheriff candidate Bruce Ruff said, “I am sadden by this murder, but unfortunately this is just a symptom of a bigger problem. These murderers are emboldened each time we do not respond swiftly.”

The bottom line says Ruff, “It’s about law and order.”

Local WS Radio talk show host, Jimmy Valentine agrees something needs to be done. “We lost a Marine here, Rosas wears a different uniform, but he should be treated the same. They fight on the frontlines just like they are in Iraq.”

He continues to add that the U.S./Mexico border should be thought of as more important because it is much closer to home and there’s much more at stake.

And this is where it ends, Gabriel Pollock, a Minuteman said, “It’s all about him (Rosas).”

Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas is survived by his wife Rosie, and two children. Funeral services will be held in El Centro on Friday at 9:00 a.m.

For those who wish to help the surviving family members out. A memorial account has been established through Cabrillo Credit Union; Account Number; 186716-02.

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