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The health care debate begins -Senator Nelson pleads his case

With their belly’s full of turkey and stuffing, Senators will now look to dissecting the 2,000 page health care bill. The gigantic legislation is waiting to ignite the passionate Liberals and inflame the Conservatives; the lively debate will surely include fireworks over hot-button issues like the public-option and abortion.

The ensuing discussion will not be pretty, the sausage making process will include various special interests groups looking to take their place in the bureaucratic regulation and average citizens will look to their representatives to make the right decisions regarding an industry that carves out a huge part of the economy and affects every American citizen who visits a health care facility.
Current poll numbers from Rasmussen show lagging support for the Congressional and Presidential health care bill. Only 36 percent favor the legislation as it is written, while a staggering 59 percent oppose the health care reform package offered by Democrats.

Senior citizens have been following this legislation closer than anyone and have written letters to their Senators in large numbers. The following is a letter written by Senator Ben Nelson-D of Nebraska.

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Dear Carol:

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing from you on this critical issue.

As you may know, the greatest long-term economic concern our nation faces is out of control spending on health care. The Government Accountability Office said last year, “If there is one thing that could bankrupt America, its runaway healthcare costs.” Additionally, the Medicare program is predicted to become insolvent in 2017. We must not allow that to happen.

On November 21, 2009, the Senate held a vote, which I supported, on the motion to proceed to the bill currently before the Senate, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I would like to explain what a vote on the motion to proceed means because there has been a lot of commentary in the media, by special interest groups, and in Congress offering definitions. The motion to proceed is a vote to begin debate, consider amendments, and have an opportunity to make improvements. I anticipate weeks of debate and the consideration of dozens of amendments.

Some seek to define a vote for the motion to proceed as one in favor of or in opposition to the Senate bill; those who do so are either misinformed or intentionally trying to mislead people. Others define the vote as supporting or opposing President Obama and his agenda because they want him to either succeed or fail. And still others define it as the last chance to stop bad legislation because they have a political agenda.

All of this is more of the old Washington political gamesmanship with which Americans are fed up. Congress needs to be working together on a bipartisan basis for the good of the American people, and we need to take the time to craft the right health care bill. So, in reality, the meaning of the motion to proceed is very simple: It is a motion to commence debate, which will give the Senate the opportunity to make changes, and be pro-active on an issue affecting every American.

If the changes I believe must be made to this bill are not possible, I will oppose the second cloture motion to end debate (one which requires 60 votes) and ultimately oppose the final bill. But I will not slam the Senate doors in the face of fellow Nebraskans now. The Senate owes Americans a full and open debate to try to improve our health care system and make sure the changes are the right ones for Nebraskans.

I have posted links to the bill, as well as other resources pertaining to the current health care reform debate, on the Health Reform feature on my website at:

I hope you find this information useful.

As I continue to scrutinize this legislation and do all I can to make positive changes, I will work to ensure that the final plan provides Americans with reliable and secure health care at all stages of their lives. The final health plan should reduce costs, extend the solvency of Medicare and be one which stresses prevention and wellness and improves quality in the delivery of health care services, while not raising taxes, increasing the deficit, rationing care, or funding abortions. These are some of the basic principles which will remain my guides as Congress works its way through this difficult issue.

I am truly thankful that so many Nebraskans such as yourself have shared their opinions and ideas with me on this crucial matter. Rest assured I will keep them in mind as Congress needs the input of all Americans to solve such an important issue.

Ben Nelson
U.S. Senator

Carol’s reply:

Dear Mr. Nelson,

This “health care reform” bill has nothing to do with health care – and everything to do with the total control of citizens of this once-great Constitutional Republic. No where in the Constitution can you find justification for any of the provisions of this bill.

Nowhere in the Constitution (to which you took a Solemn Oath to protect) does it say a word about being forced to buy health insurance – or anything else mandated by government.

I strongly suggest that you read some information about the Constitution – including the Federalist Papers, which ‘explain’ the Constitution for those who might have a difficult time understanding what is said in that document which was the basis for this nation. The Constitution is the reason why this county grew in such a relatively short historical period and has grown into the strongest nation in the world – one to which millions of people in other nations look to for hope and freedom.

I think someone should have the moral courage to stand up one day in Congress and read the entire Constitution, even now, as amended over the years, that document is only 17 pages long.

You and your colleagues had better start planning now for a major shake up in Congress for the coming 2010 mid-term elections! We the people have awakened. To use what has become a seemingly trite saying, “You have awakened a Sleeping Giant”. There are more of us and our voices, when joined, are loud and strong. And we, sir, have the Constitution and God on our side.

Respectfully, Carol

Only time will tell if lawmakers in Washington will heed the American public’s strong objection to this legislation. With massive deficits, uncontrollable spending seems to be weighing on the minds of all citizens – employed or not.

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