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Obama, Schumer and Graham discuss bi-partisian immigration reform

When it comes to immigration reform in 2010 a consensus is building that there is no momentum or political will to move forward on another divisive issue.

“We need to do something to enforce our immigration laws,” said Laura Ingraham, a Fox News Contributor on the O’Reilly Factor. Ingraham took the “No Spin Zone” guru to task on the facts of illegal immigration. She contends that if Washington allows amnesty to be on the table “there would be a flood of people coming across the border and we can’t employ all the people we have here.”

O’Reilly seems to buy into the fact that the borders are secure and said, “Border Patrol has said the bleeding has stopped,” he went on to say if a national biometric identification card were put in place the current laws could be enforced.

It is worth pointing out that there is also a consensus that a national biometric card has no consensus.

Many believe Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is giving President Obama cover on the immigration issue.

Chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus, Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA), has released the following statement on President Obama’s comments supporting comprehensive immigration reform.

“Here we go again ‘so-called’ comprehensive immigration reform is just a code word for amnesty for our nation’s 10-20 million illegal immigrants. What part of the word ‘illegal’ doesn’t the President understand?”
“If President Obama wants bipartisan solutions for our broken immigration system, the Immigration Reform Caucus is ready for an invitation to the White House.”

The caucus could be in for a long wait since last year the White House only invited pro-amnesty activists to explore the immigration reform. The result was a liberal bonanza bill from Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL).

Gutierrez promised supporters his immigration reform legislation would include keeping families together, protecting workers and finding an easy path to U.S. citizenship.
Sounds great if you’re in this country illegally. This move is in direct opposition to what the American people want and is a bold move by Democrats that will create more workplace anxiety among the unemployed, during a recession, and allow illegals to flood the already lagging jobs market.

“Allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay and take jobs away from citizens is like giving a burglar a key to the house,” says Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX).

It is worth pointing out that keeping families together give undocumented workers the ability to bring their entire family into the U.S. If this is the case, the 12 million number could quadruple.

According to a Zogby International poll, Mexican’s were asked if the U.S. grants amnesty would they migrate north to the U.S. A resounding 56 percent said yes, while only 17 percent said no.

It is estimated that 15-20 million illegal immigrants will grab the golden ticket enabling them to come out of the shadows and become American citizens. Immigration reform legislation comes at a time when the country faces 10 percent unemployment and bankrupt states from coast to coast.

This overly ambitious Congress has already passed a plethora of bills despite stubborn recession that continues to put a grip the U.S. economy. Here is a sampling of programs House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has passed just this year; $700 billion financial bank bailout, $787 billion stimulus, $1.5 trillion health care expansion, $200 billion doctor fix, $800 billion cap and trade and a $250 billion omnibus spending bill.

“With the Congressional legislative runway getting crowded and time running out before the November elections, it is time to land this plane,” argues Clarissa Martinez, Director of Immigration and National Campaigns at the nation’s leading Latino advocacy organization, NCLR. “Monday’s meeting must be followed by a clear, bipartisan proposal and a firm timeline for Senate action. Anything less will be regarded as more stalling by the tens of thousands coming to DC to march in two weeks.”

Anti-amnesty groups are also mobilizing members to counter the planned pro-amnesty rally in Washington D.C. on March 21. Look for big names from the immigration world, NumbersUSA, ALIPAC and Tea Party groups to make their voices heard loud and clear as well.

However, with health care still lingering, it is unlikely any immigration legislation will even make it through both houses before the midterm elections in November.

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Amnesty is back – White House prompts Senate to take up issue

The White House is reporting that close door discussions have begun in anticipation of the pro-amnesty March 21 rally to be held in Washington D.C.

The President sought to bring together Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to breathe new life into the immigration issue. The House bill has lost steam in recent months as the economy continues to stall, raising jobless numbers across the country.

According to Nick Shapiro, a White House spokesman, support for an immigration bill must also include improved border security, but the president’s commitment remains “unwavering.”

This news comes to the delight of Latino groups who were promised amnesty during the 2008 presidential campaign. However, the health care debate still faces uncertainty and most Democrats are squeamish about jumping into another political quagmire so close to the midterm elections.

Setting the political partisanship aside seems unlikely since Obama signaled his intent to push health care through in a reconciliation process unnerving most Republicans.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano defended the 2011 border budget at a meeting in Washington D.C., saying the cuts do not put national security at risk.

The Border Patrol is set to cut just under 200 jobs along the nation’s borders underscoring the President’s statement that his administration would strengthen the U.S. borders before proceeding with immigration reform. Senate hearings also placed the virtual fence in the spotlight.

“This border fence issue has been a waste of billions of dollars,” said Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who asked Napolitano the reason for the yet to be completed project.

“Every major deadline has not been satisfied and I am not satisfied with SBInet,” Napolitano replied.

Democrats face a ton of border-protection activists if they pursue amnesty for more than 10 million illegal immigrants in a time of recession. Many Congressmen who serve near the border regions have made it clear amnesty will only add the job frustration Americans’ face.

It has been estimated by Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas that as many as seven million jobs are currently taken by illegal immigrants.

A new Rasmussen poll released found 67 percent of American voters think illegal aliens are a significant strain on the overall U.S. budget. It also pointed out that 66 percent of voters feel government benefits and services are a magnet for illegal aliens.

Once again the poll confirmed voters’ strong penchant for border control by 68 percent over legalizing illegal aliens that claims only 26 percent of Americans desire.

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