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Obama proposes $250 stimulus checks for seniors

The White House has announced a new program to help seniors next year. In lieu of a cost-of-living increase in their monthly Social Security checks, the Obama Administration has asked that $250 checks be sent out to curb the soon to be outcry.

For the first time in years seniors will not get a cost-of-living increase inserted into the monthly checks. Last year the Bush Administration doled out a 5.8 percent increase to Social Security checks.

Responding to concern that is sure to cause hardship, the President has decided to address the issue head on. “Even as we seek to bring about recovery, we must act on behalf of those hardest hit by this recession,” Obama stated.

The White House’s proposal will cost the taxpayer an addition $13 billion and so far Obama has not stated where the money will come from. It worth pointing out that Social Security is set to expire in 2037.

Those receiving checks in 2010, include Social Security beneficiaries, railroad retirees, veterans and disability recipients totaling somewhere around $57 million.

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GOP offers a 6-point health care plan for seniors

n a slow week for Washington D.C., Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele announced that the GOP has a 6-point health care plan to protect the greatest generation, seniors.

Aiming to gain some attention in the health care debate, the GOP states they have an alternative to the Democrats attempt to ‘raid not aid’ Medicare. According to Steele, the current plan to cut a half of trillion in Medicare costs to fund the President’s health care experiment is wrong.

“By cutting hospital payments and Medicare Advantage, means the White House will reduce treatment options for seniors,” Steele claimed in a statement to the press.

Tapping into the anger senior citizens are expressing across the country at town hall meetings, Republicans says the greatest generation deserves better and put forward a six-point plan.

*Protect Medicare and not cut in the name of health care reform

*Prohibit government from getting between seniors and their doctors

*Prohibit efforts to ration health care based on age

*Prevent government from interfering with end-of-life care discussions

*Ensure seniors can keep their current coverage

*Protect veterans by preserving Tricare and other benefit programs for military families.

After the release of the new plan, Steele believes it’s not too late for the President to work toward a bi-partisan health care plan. “Reversing course and joining Republicans in support for our nation’s senior citizens is a good place to start.”

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