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Justice Dept. sues Arizona Sheriff Arpaio for not cooperation in a civil rights investigation

And the hits just keep on coming in Arizona, first the federal lawsuit against the state for cracking down on illegal immigration’s SB1070, then the Justice Department sues Arizona Maricopa County Community Colleges and now America’s toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio is on the receiving end of a lawsuit from the federal government.

The lawsuit filed earlier today by the Justice Department accuses Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio of stonewalling the federal government with their probe into possible policies that include discrimination against Hispanics.

The Arizona Sheriff’s office has been at odds with federal prosecutors for improperly contacting employees at the sheriff’s office instead of going through lawyers as federal law mandates.

Sheriff Joe has been pro-active when it comes to illegal immigration and often refers to illegals as “lawbreakers.”

Eric Holder, of the Justice Dept. has been gunning for Arpaio since he took over with the Obama Administration.

The new lawsuit came as especially good news to the civil-rights groups who have wanted to fire the extremely popular sheriff; who has in the last few elections grabbed approximately 70 percent of the vote.
Nevertheless the added notoriety of Sheriff Joe hasn’t hurt his support with Maricopa County residents.

One Democrat, Ruth Burke says, “I wish people would leave him alone, he is just doing his job.”
But it’s precisely his job of arresting illegal immigrants and turning them over to federal law enforcement for deportation that open-border advocates are trying to prevent.

However, according to the lawsuit filed in Phoenix federal court, Maricopa County Sheriff’s office gets millions of dollars in federal funding and is required to cooperate with federal investigators in order to keep that money.

The pettiness of the federal government’s lawsuit even cited a public statement that Arpaio made claiming he wouldn’t cooperate with the government’s fishing expedition.

Sheriff Arpaio and the Maricopa Sheriff’s office lawyer, Robert Driscoll, had no comment on the lawsuit filed today.

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America’s Sheriff Arpaio to be stripped of 287g immigration rule

Say it ain’t so Joe; the Obama Administration is planning to strip America’s Sheriff of the ability to deal with the staggering illegal immigration problems Arizona continues to fight.

Not only is Arizona home to the second highest kidnappings in the world, the deluge of crime spills over into local communities. In an effort to protect Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has used Federal Law 287g to alleviate the ever-growing problems and protect its residents.

In a joint statement, Rep. Trent Franks-AZ and Lamar Smith-TX urged the Obama Administration and Department of Homeland Security to rethink their position on 287g regarding Maricopa County.

“The key to combating illegal immigration is federal, state and local cooperation,” Smith and Franks said. “This is why we believe it is crucial for the federal government to continue to support individuals like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the implementation of agreements under section 287g, which provides for the Department of Homeland Security to delegate authority to enforce federal immigration laws to state and local officials.”

According to Arizona state data, more than 33 percent of inmates in Maricopa County Sheriff facilities are legal residents, while more than 53 percent of violent crimes committed in the county are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

“The fact is, 287g program works. Thousands of illegal immigrants apprehended for other crimes are being identified and deported,” Smith says.

Franks believes local law enforcement should be getting a thank you, not punishment for assisting the federal government in addressing the problem of rampant illegal immigration. “Maricopa County has seen an increase in crime, drug trafficking and other issues because of the immigration problem,” Franks explains.

“It is reprehensible for DHS to bully law enforcement officials who have honorably served this nation and the state of Arizona by enforcing federal and state laws and who are continuing to work to protect the American people,” Franks finished.

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