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La Raza to storm Congress Super-Committee to keep their Medicaid benefits

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) will step up its fight against entitlement reform in order to let the Congressional “Super-Committee,” who must cut $1.2 trillion of America’s bloated $14 trillion debt, or slash Medicaid spending.

“[We need to] keep sending the message that the trade-off for reducing the deficit cannot be the livelihood of our [Latino] families,” a press release read. “[We are] tired of hearing about threats to health care for our families. The fact is that national leaders are on the cusp of making decisions about our national budget and we can’t ignore the debate.”

La Raza is teaming up with Families USA and the National Urban League to lobby the Super Committee using the social services of Twitter.

Twitterstorm is set up for anyone with a computer or smart phone. It allows activists to contact their members of Congress and voice their opinion about any possible cuts to Medicaid.

La Raza says there are two easy ways to do this;

1. To contact the Super Committee follow this link for an easy way to use Twitter to ask the Super Committee to keep Medicaid safe.

2. Join the Twitter Chat on Medicaid on October 19, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. EDT by following the hashtags #OurLifeline and #NCLRChats.

NCLR points to a report that clearly reveals the integral role Medicaid plays in seriously ill Latino individuals by providing treatment.

“The evidence is clear; Millions have been priced out of private insurance or denied completely because they are ill, but can have peace of mind on the Medicaid program,” according to Jennifer Ng’andu, Deputy Director, Health Policy Project at La Raza.

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