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Tax and spend liberal Boxer stays true to form

When most American families have cut up their credit cards and tightened their spending habits, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) voted to raise the nations’ debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion.

At last night’s State of the Union speech, President Obama called for a spending freeze (albeit it will take place next year after the dicey elections in November) the administration is seeking repentance after they increased spending in budgets this year by double digits.

Another component the President called for was bipartisanship. During the Senate session today Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) put a bipartisan bill forth. The bill would have imposed binding limits on total defense and non-defense discretionary spending for the next four years. Boxer nixed the idea of curtailing Washington’s spending problem.

Less than an hour later, Boxer voted to increase the country’s debt ceiling further sealing her tax and spend ways. According to the Associated Press, “Senate Democrats are counting on their soon-to-expire 60-vote majority to raise the federal debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion so they don’t have to take more politically painful votes on government borrowing until after the fall midterm elections.”

Californians are expected to make Boxer earn their upcoming votes. There are three candidates in the race on the GOP side, Chuck DeVore, Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell- all are within single digits of Senator Boxer.

“Instead of doing what President Obama called for and ‘tightening their belts,’ Barbara Boxer and Senate Democrats rejected a bipartisan proposal to enact a federal spending freeze and instead raised the government’s debt limit,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson Marchand. “Californians are tired of Barbara Boxer treating their wallets like personal ATM machines, and they will hold her accountable for her out-of-control spending spree when they cast their ballots this November.”

In a press release from Senator McCaskill, Senators Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) offered an amendment proposing spending caps. The group of bipartisan Senators are calling it “A rare opportunity to impose budget discipline on Congress.

“As public scrutiny intensifies on Washington’s penchant for spending and borrowing, senators will face a clear choice this week when they consider a measure to legally limit the growth of discretionary spending over the next four years. The proposed spending caps will be considered as an amendment to broader Senate legislation needed to permit the U.S. Treasury to borrow more money,” according to the McCaskill press release.

California’s budget crisis coupled with Washington’s spending habits will certainly be on the voter’s minds in November –the question remains will Boxer be the next Senator sent home due to angry constituents?

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