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Tea Party groups show their independence- “No to social issues”

San Diego’s largest Tea Party, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) went on the record and said they would break with the Tea Party Nation and will not tackle social issues like abortion, immigration and gay marriage.

The Fox News channel guest Judson Philips, founder of Tea Party Nation, a for-profit social network and convention organizer, who announced to his membership that the Tea Party movement needs to abandon its “fiscal conservative-only” identity and pick a side on social issues.

The SCTRC (also home of the San Diego Tea Party Patriots), strongly disagrees with Philip’s new strategy. “The co-founders of the SCTRC wish to go on the record that our group will focus solely in a fiscal-oriented policy that centers on lower taxes, sensible spending plans, and limited government.”

The grassroots movement grew in numbers largely because they stayed away from thorny issues.

“Our Tea Party started as a fiscally conservative movement, and will remain so under our stewardship,” said Sarah Bond, SCTRC Chief Executive Officer. “Social issues divide Americans. People have made up their hearts and minds on abortion, gay marriage, etc. We suspect that many of our compatriot Tea Party groups across the country hold this same position, and will continue to concentrate solely on a fiscally conservative platform. Fiscal responsibility is a uniting issue.”

It’s been about two-years since the conservative activism broke onto the national scene and SCTRC rallies have focused on California ballot measures, informed Californians of their representatives’ voting records, pushed-back of government-expanding legislation, and have brought residents of all party affiliations and social stances together in a grassroots manner.

“As a Democrat who has been with this movement since its inception, I want note that the Tea Party is the place where Americans of all backgrounds, parties, social agendas and lifestyles intersect on the need for smaller, more efficient, responsible government,” said Leslie Eastman, Media Director. “I have appeared on the Fox Business Network as a guest with Mr. Phillips; I am a little disturbed that he has forgotten that social matters are wedges and distractions from today’s more important issues.”

According to Eastman, moving forward SCTRC will concentrate on balanced budgets, smarter spending, shrinking federal and state deficits, support the free market, reduce regulations, lower taxes or fees, and insist on more government transparency.

She also points out that Judson Phillips represents himself, not the thousands of unique, independent local Tea Party groups all across this nation.

As the Tea Party learns from its past and focuses on their future inside the political beast that is Washington D.C., it appears Republican’s hoping to absorb the movement will be hard pressed to change the mind of fiscally responsible Americans of all political persuasions.

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Tax day tea parties draw thousands – demand accountability

Tax day tea parties brewed across the country with hundreds of thousands taking a stand against many social ills like health care reform, Cap and Tax, 2nd Amendment infringements and looming tax increases.

The 2nd annual Oceanside rally saw thousands shout, share personal signs and support the tea party movement in San Diego, but what most didn’t know in Oceanside was more turned out for this rally than to catch a glimpse of the first lady, Michelle Obama who was also in San Diego on tax day.

The patriotic crowd started the rally with the pledge of allegiance and singing the national anthem. Many attendees were either currently in the military or retired members who took time to listen and learn about state and local leaders running for public office.

Local heavyweight, Sandy Lehmkuhler of the Warrior Foundation brought fellow wounded veterans to the rally and announced their organization had raised more than $6 million to assist returning injured warriors. “Welcome, Home of the free and land of the amazing,” she began.

“I love our military town. It’s an honor to be a part of Wounded Warriors. We are able to fly both parents to San Diego to see their child when he/she returns injured. Our organization gives palm pilots and other devices to assist with their rehabilitation process.” The crowd greeted Lehmkuhler’s message with loud applause and support.

Rally goers were also able to listen to a short stump speech from two California Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Steve Poizner and Larry Naritelli.

Poizner stated that his late entry into the race would benefit his candidacy as he said Meg Whitman’s $50 million campaign to date would turn off voters looking down on establishment candidates.

Poizner recalled a recent precinct walk in Silcon Valley and giving his best pitch to a 12-year-old girl. “It didn’t go well in the liberal community and I felt like I was talking to a young Barbara Boxer!”

At this point Poizner won the crowd over. He went on to list a few priorities his staff would take care of if he were elected to run the state of California. The agenda included turning on the water in Central California, cutting taxes across the board by 10 percent, cutting capitol gains taxes by 50 percent and cutting funding to programs dishing out taxpayer money to illegal immigrants who snuck into the country.

On the other hand Naritelli, the ICaucus endorsed candidate, said he would revoke policies like Cap and Trade and cure the man-made water crisis the Central Valley farmers currently face. “We represent the people not the fish.”

He talked about the common sense leadership that Sacramento desperately needs.
As always, San Diego’s hot topic is illegal immigration. Naritelli says the state needs to turn off all the incentives that lure illegals to America. “If you don’t get free health care why should they? If elected I will support all measures to secure the border.”

In a bit of a jab at sitting California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said, “stop being a girly man and turn on the water.”

On a serious note Naritelli said his run for California’s top post was not about him, “It’s about the people and about their Reagan values.”

San Diego’s walking encyclopedia on tax related issues, Richard Rider fired up the crowd on tax day as well. “Sustainability seems to be the buzzword.” He told protestors that the best way to reach limited government was to starve the federal government. “It’s the nuts and bolts of our movement.”

The guy looking to be the next Sheriff in San Diego, Jay LaSuer told the tea partiers that there are approximately 15 thousand MS13 Latino gang members in the county. That statement drew jeers from the audience. “If I’m elected, there will be 15 thousand less gang members in our county. Sheriff Joe Arpaio told me that he would personally help me build the tent prison they will call home.”

LaSuer also reflected on the recent murder of two young San Diego girls, Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. “When I worked in the state legislature I tried to implement a one strike law. You commit a violent act against a child under the age of 14 and it’s one and you’re done. I’ll push for that as your Sheriff.”

LaSuer also explained there are real time GPS units the courts could place on sexual predators that would allow concerned citizens to know exactly where predators are at all times.

Finally Conservative Chuck DeVore, made his presence known and talked about his opponent, Senator Ma’am Barbara Boxer. The longtime Democrat Senator is facing real trouble from all of the candidates that are running against her. The crisis has even reached the White House and President Obama will be attending a fundraiser for Boxer over the weekend.

This came as good news to DeVore who is also endorsed by ICaucus. “This is the year liberty and freedom will advance.” He also talked about the sleeping giant that has been awakened by the tea party movement. “2010 is a pivotal year. This is the year we will clean house in Washington D.C.”

Again talking about the illegal immigration issue stirred tea party attendees. “The virtual fence is virtually worthless,” he said.

DeVore explained the tea party movement began because many Republicans lost their way and failed their constituents. “We are on the road to Socialism and it seems Democrats want to go 100 mph, while Republicans want to slow it to 50 mph that’s not good enough.”

The current road the Democrats are on is unsustainable, according to DeVore. He faces two other challengers Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina. All are within the margin of error against Boxer, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Taking a swipe at Al Gore, DeVore said, “I used Al Gore’s invention (the so-called internet) to raise more than $1.8 million from 24,000 people, thanks Al.”

Finishing it up he said, “We the people have had it up to here and we are not going to take it anymore.” The crowd was enthusiastic and echoed the sentiment as they left the rally.

Rick Amato a locally taped talk radio show host that broadcasts live across the country on KCBQ 1170 emceed the rally.

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Tea Party protesters slam health care reform bill in D.C.

In a clear warning to legislators, Tea Party groups, protested on a Tuesday afternoon in front of Democrat offices around the country, telling representatives – vote on health care at your own peril.

Approximately 100 people attended the ‘Operation Urgent Care’ rally in front of Democrat Susan Davis’ (D-CA) San Diego office. It was an amazing, warm day in San Diego; there were a number of handmade signs displaying their discontent with the massive health care reform bill Democrats are trying to eek through both Houses.

Many members protesting are registered Democrats. But, Leslie Eastman a co-founder of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition suggested rally goers are suppose to “leave party affiliations at the door.”

“Many people went specifically to talk to representative Stupak and the other 12 members opposing the abortion language,” said Dawn Wildman also a co-founder of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition. “We wanted to express our total support and that we had their back no matter what the party affiliation. It went well.”

Different rally participants came to Davis’ office with themes, but ultimately their message was the same, stop, slow down and start over.

Clarice Hurst used the Constitution to remind “Congresswoman Davis that she operates only with the consent of the governed.”

Victor Adams took umbrage with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) condemnation of Tea Party participants as Nazis, “even though she has now changed her tune, I won’t ever forget the insult to me as an American.” His daughter Sarah joined him; she recently graduated the University of California at San Diego with a degree in communication and is concerned about jobs. “Obama indicated jobs was his new focus. With unemployment near 10 percent and more than 12 percent in California, the president should be allowing the congress to work on creating jobs,” she explained.

A Tea Party staple in San Diego is the ever so intrepid, Alvin, he was making sure protesters signed the largest item on display — an enlargement of the U.S. Constitution.

SoCal-Tax Revolt Coalition wants the U.S. Congress “to honor the spirit of the document during passage of the bills. I should think the Coffee Peeps want to follow Constitutional parameters as well. They should be cool with the homage to one of our founding documents,” Eastman concluded.

Also in attendance at the midday rally was Congressional hopeful, Mason Weaver. “I consider myself the only Conservative in the race. It is important for the folks to realize that the smoke and mirrors in Washington will not change if they don’t make the right vote,” Weaver said.

While event organizer did not invite the congressional candidate, Wildman said she didn’t mind candidates showing up and talking to the rally participants. “For the most part they are willing to listen to the voter’s concerns and open up the dialog process and that is a good thing.”

On the minds of most attendees is health care. “I have grave concerns as to where our country is headed and I have extremely grave concerns about health care,” said Janet Oliver a resident of San Diego.

Oliver admits it was the health care issue that spurned her to get involved with the Tea Party movement. “Don’t get me wrong. We need health care reform, but they need to be made in incremental steps using free-market solutions. We can’t continue on this path, we are destroying America.”

A few miles up the road in Vista, another tea party group sponsored a “red alert” rally and approximately 100 people attended that event as well.

The police department closed down a lane of traffic for the Tea Party members, which allowed them more space to protest.

“The police were real cooperative and supportive of our right to protest the out of control government,” says Carol, a San Diego resident. “The reception we got from cars passing by was 95 percent positive, however we did get a few middle fingers.”

Several of the protesters stated that this was their first Tea Party rally and felt the decisions facing lawmakers in Washington D.C. was worth taking the time off work.

All these rallies are leading up to big events being scheduled on April 15 throughout America. After attending rallies all year, one thing is clear, the folks are mad and they want lawmakers to know Tea Party folks are not going anywhere.

Tea Parties mark their one-year anniversary – rain or shine

One year ago today, concerned citizens throughout America began the arduous task of organizing a movement. The movement would grow like wildfire and be known as the Tea Party. The leaderless grassroots group would focus on big-government spending and infringement of laws threatening American liberty and freedom.

Tea Party members say this will be the first battle of the Second American Revolution. Across America the calls were heard and citizens formed a vast patriot social network. By April, the Tea Party movement included millions of Americans, and on April 15th, 850 tea parties across the nation hosted 1.2 million patriots voicing their defiance of an out-of-control government.

“To date in California we have 173 different Tea Party groups and we are home to the largest coalition in the country – we are even bigger than Texas,” said Dawn Wildman co-founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition in San Diego. “It’s great to see the rain or the last minute parking charge (formally a free lot on the weekends) didn’t keep the 1,000 Tea Party supporters from our first anniversary.”

The parking charge didn’t sit well with the Tea Party organizers and after the event it was back to work doing what the citizen activists do best – hit the phones.

“I was able to pin this down to the San Diego County Supervisor people. But I also heard that Bill Horn was they’re complaining about us being anti-politician. I guess he hasn’t heard that we are Pro-Citizen! And he doesn’t understand the distinction,” Wildman said.

Nevertheless, the supervisor in charge of parking was Richard (he was actually really nice and just caught in the middle). The county official who contacted him and insisted on having paid parking was David Hall.

“The slimy thing about this is we’ve had several events at the same location, never had any incidents and were always able to park free in the county lot on the weekends. When the Supervisors got wind of our rally they were threatened by our activism (they should because we hold all officials accountable) and decided to charge $10 to park. Did you see how empty the lot was – their ploy didn’t work,” Wildman said.

Wildman explained the movement is so powerful in California that for the first time there has been no talk of Northern or Southern California. “We are all Californians.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a rally without a jab or two at California leadership. This time it would be Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Comments made this week on the Fox News channel by Schwarzenegger described the Tea Party movement as nothing more than anger at a slow economy.

“The irony about Schwarzenegger is a similar movement was responsible for recalling disgraced Governor Gray Davis and got Arnold voted into office,” Wildman pointed out.

The line up of speakers in San Diego did not include any politicians, however many candidates were spotted in the crowd. A tax advocate, Richard Rider, touted the movement as a positive sign and explained change finally is on the horizon. “I was skeptical at first, over the years we’ve seen pockets of resistance, but as the year unfolded the movement grew stronger and stronger.”

Rider also noted that the race to take back the country’s economic freedom was not a sprint race, but more like a super marathon – one which would leave a country worth having for those children who want to grow up and be all they can be.

This sentiment was echoed by headline speaker, Roger Hedgecock, a nationally syndicated Conservative talk show host based in San Diego; “The government is now telling you that they know how to better spend your childrens money they haven’t even made yet.” The crowd went nuts.

Other notable jabs included, “every seat is the people’s seat” and “We the People intend to restore a free market economy that is the envy of the world.”

Another San Diego Tea Party organizer, Leslie Eastman had this to say about the attendee diversity question the main stream media tends to focus on. “Quick — someone call the MSNBC diversity police. I have just shown more racial diversity in two pictures (in the slide show) than MSNBC has on its whole lineup.

Before and after the rally, citizens were encouraged to sign petitions on the three core issues. They were also informed about Icaucus, “Independence Caucus” via a full group table and speech given by Stephanie Jahn. This group puts potential candidates through a thorough background check before endorsements are made. Chuck DeVore, who is running for Senate in California against Barbara Boxer has already been endorsed by Icaucus.

Those in power can expect to be held accountable in the upcoming elections. The Tea Party movement is supporting like-minded candidates and encourages friends and neighbors to get involved with the political process; every race can expect to be the center of attention, local, state and national.

“We intend to take the country back to America’s founding principles. We’ve let the country drift too far, and as citizens we have an obligation to return the nation to the sort of governance imagined by our Founding Fathers,” says the Tea Party Patriots.

Judging by the turn out and determination career politicians have a real fight on their hands.

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Tea party movement fights political push back by Clinton machine

Tea Party organizers have found their voice, grown exponentially and have exerted their political will into both parties. Many of these grassroots organizations are now celebrating their first anniversary, but one thing is certain, they won’t rest until Washington politics is restored to its roots and begins to live within its means.

According Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC the Tea Party movement has “no coach, no game plan, and did we mention, the tea party has a bit of an integrity problem, as everybody from birthers, to open racists, to outright Nazis are actually on the team. And no one involved, including its leadership, seems to mind the fact.”

Ask the millions of everyday Americans who attended political rallies for the first time in their lives about main stream media view of their cause and you get something along the lines of “sticks and stones.”
While the mainstream media continues to mock the grassroots movement, the Tea Party folks look at the swelling ranks assuring their value in the political process.

“There are two things I have discovered during the course of the past year regarding the media. First, San Diego is blessed to have very engaged and fair-minded local news organizations. Second, in terms of national coverage, Tea Party participants rely mainly on the internet, Facebook, and Twitter and we really don’t expect much out of the beltway/New York media organizations,” says Leslie Eastman founder of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition.

The chance to usurp a new movement may prove more difficult as the Tea Party remains leaderless. However that won’t stop the left trying to discredit a movement that is clearly resonating with a large majority of Americans. “What they still don’t understand is that this is a leaderless movement, this is a ‘We The People…’ movement. Our new website is a chance for ‘We The People’ to stand up and say that ‘I Am The Tea Party Leader,’” Eastman said.

“As a registered Democrat, and a co-founder of the Tea Party organization, I am taking a few moments to review information that has been setting citizen activists across the country abuzz. There are NO designated Tea Party Leaders,” Eastman explained.

Over the weekend the movement learned of a new clandestine attack against the Tea Party organizers. Recent upset victories in blue states have the Clinton political machine operating in overtime researching activities by Tea Party organizers. The man expected to head the full-frontal assault against the Tea Party crowd is none other than James Carville.

Big Government reports, “that Clintonistas are plotting a “push/pull” strategy. They plan to identify 7-8 national figures active in the Tea Party movement and engage in deep opposition research on them. If possible, they will identify one or two they can perhaps ‘turn’, either with money or threats, to create a mole in the movement. The others will be subjected to a full-on smear campaign.”

Responding to the attacks from the left, Tea Party organizers across the country have begun a counter-offensive. On their new website ‘I am the tea party leader’ the group posted a response to the attempt to discredit the grassroots movement.

“It is un-American and morally wrong for a former president to attack Americans who have gotten involved in the political system. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, ‘when the people fear the government there is tyranny.’” The website encourages tea party activists across the country o post a short video explaining why they are a leaderless movement and rebuff attacks.

According to Tea Party Patriots, “Our leaders are tea party organizers, patriots that make phone calls and send emails to their elected officials, bloggers, and activists that take time out of their lives to attend tea parties, the list goes on and on. We are the sleeping majority that has awakened.”

No matter the name calling the Tea Party movement likens itself to a starfish with many legs, “you cut one of us off and another will grow to take their place.”

“We patriots know that we are fighting for the principles that our freedom loving nation was founded on. We are just ordinary people reclaiming America’s founding principles. We are a diverse group that comes from every walk of life and ethnic background. We all have one thing in common and that is we love freedom – economic freedom and freedom from big government and massive government deficits,” says Tea Party Patriots.

In an effort to make it easier former President Clinton and James Carville to identify Tea Party leaders the group established the new web site. “We hope to collect videos from thousands of patriots telling former President Clinton and James Carville that they are Tea Party leaders. The videos are filmed at home, soccer fields, grocery stores and other locations that are indicative of the diversity of the tea party movement,” the organization contends.

When asked about former President Clintons attempt to get involved in discrediting Tea Parties, Eastman admits she is angry.

“I have mixed feelings. Anger, because the Tea Parties are comprised of average Americans exercising their First Amendment rights who should not be personally targeted by political elites. I feel sadness, because I voted for President Clinton in 1992, so he obviously valued my opinion then – should it count less now? And I feel mystified, Clinton has a legacy of a sound economy and being flexible enough to change course after the 1994 election – why should he interject himself now in this way and potentially damage any remaining relevancy and credibility he has,” Eastman said.

When it comes to marring the movement or trying to paint the Tea Party actions into some sort of racially negative movement Eastman warns the left-leaning media to be careful.

“It is the opinion of every Tea Party participant that if any attempt is made to target one of us, then the rest of us will rally and become more active. A good example of this is the new I am a leader website,” Eastman concludes. Link here;

It doesn’t matter if the media or political talking heads agree or disagree with the Tea Party movement, what is important is that ‘we the people’ are seen in every town across the nation ready to make a difference on election day November 2010, according to the millions of Tea Party leaders.

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Whole Foods boycott turns into a buy-cott in California

Looking to capitalize on the recent health care publicity, the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition group stormed their local Whole Foods market and bought plenty of food.

After liberal Democrats went after Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey for his op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, questioning the Obama Administration’s rather large health care bill, tea party groups across the country responded with a buy-cott.

Whole Foods is an environmentally-aware company where management as well as employees most likely voted for the President in overwhelming numbers; It recently became an unlikely target of the left.

This action spurred many groups across the nation to point out that this legislation affects every American and should be pared down.

“In the spirit of Flaming Capitalism, our group did this event to support Mackey and the long-term success of Whole Foods as an engine for job creation and free markets,” said Leslie Eastman of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition.

More than 100 new shoppers were introduced to Whole Foods, Eastman says.

Once all the receipts are tallied, Eastman will be writing a letter to Whole Foods demonstrating the power of capitalism and counter-protests.

“Hopefully, Whole Foods management learns a lesson and figures out that other corporations have also been unfairly deemed ‘evil profiteers’ (e.g. there were tree mugger t-shirts for sale insulting loggers) then perhaps they might expand their customer base,” Eastman explains.

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Operation ‘Pink Slip’ a huge success, Congress has been warned

In an effort to remind Congress they are expendable, World Net Daily launched operation “pink slip.” The pink note is a friendly reminder to lawmakers in Washington D.C. that constituents are on the look out for those in Congress voting for increased spending and big government programs.

After six days the organization has successfully sent 1.5 million individual addressed ‘pink slips’ including the name and address of the sender.

The idea was the brainchild of Janet Porter of Faith2Action.

“There is a revolution brewing across this country,” she said. “People are angry about losing their country and they are ready for action. This campaign is just the latest evidence.”

Building on the nationwide tea party movements WND hopes to get a total of five million ‘pink slips’ out to every single member of the House and the Senate.

“I believe this is already the most successful grass-roots effort in history,” said Porter. “After all the town halls and tea parties and the massive demonstration in Washington, Congress still hasn’t gotten the message. Now it’s time to show them just how serious we are with a message aimed at what they most care about – getting re-elected.”

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Not exactly a shoot out at the okay coral, but close

On Saturday Rick Amato’s talk show sponsored and moderated the San Diego’s Sheriff Debate – issues were vetted, passions flared and in the end the four candidates were heard. Those running for San Diego’s top lawman spot included, Jim Duffy, incumbent Bill Gore, Jay LaSuer and Bruce Ruff.

The back drop consisted of American flags, anti-health care signs and 300 patriotic citizens clamoring to find out what each candidate had to say regarding law enforcement.

“That was the best debate I’ve seen in 20 years,” said John Minto of Santee. “It got real lively.”

With a goal of making San Diego the safest county in the U.S., incumbent Gore had applause and skeptics because he is the sitting Sheriff, while LaSuer told the audience they were interviewing four people for the most important job in San Diego.

Right off the bat, a question was posed regarding each man’s background and whether they had been reprimanded or the center of controversy. All replied no, however Gore has been at the center attention on two national issues – Ruby Ridge, Idaho and the 9/11 Commission report. Both these events resulted in loss of civilian life.

California is set to either release or pay other states to house criminals in jail. Overcrowding is a problem and taxpayers are concerned about a glut of inmates that will be released in the next few months.

LaSuer suggested operating a tent city similar to what Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done in Arizona, who coincidently has endorsed LaSuer’s candidacy. Ruff had a different approach. “The elected officials have decided to let the people we worked to put away and then let the out early, that’s wrong.”

Eventually the talk steered to illegal immigration and if San Diego would be a sanctuary city. “I took an oath to uphold the law of the Constitution- we need to enforce all the laws,” Duffy said. He looked to the federal government’s 287g rule and insisted San Diego needed to take advantage of that tool in order to close the illegal immigration problem the county faces.

Ruff disagreed a bit and said this was a federal government issue and they needed to get it right. Gore agreed and stated his administration has been relying on the federal government to do their job.

“We are not a sanctuary city, we’ve used $23 million in federal tax dollars to address these crimes in the past two years,” Gore said. However Ruff shot back. “Who the hell do you think pays the taxes? It’s your money whether you get it from the state or the federal government it’s your tax money.”

Not one to stay on the sidelines for long LaSuer implied that the panelist had way too much caffeine. “Look, when you pick and choose which laws you are going to enforce, you’ve lost your moral compass,” he calmly said. “We are a sanctuary city, period.”

The debate steered to the 9/11 terrorist attack, again the candidates were very passionate.

Gore starting things off by explaining San Diego employs a Liaison Officer to work on both a local and national level. “I’m very proud of what we do in San Diego County on all levels.”

Ruff saw things differently. “I’ll tell you straight up…We missed the 9/11 terrorists that flew into the Pentagon, we had an informant in the house and we missed them,” he said. “We are in trouble and someone at this table is responsible for that.”

Responding to the accusation, Gore explained his FBI department was only notified one month in advance and points to the report stating that this was a missed opportunity.

Using the 9/11 Commission report as a guide LaSuer said, “We failed. We could fill this place up with excuses. When the Exxon Valdez ran a ground the captian said he fell asleep. I’m sorry captain you’re in charge.”

“Gore it happened on your watch. It may have been a mistake I don’t know. It could have been arrogance. But it occurred and thousands of people died who were Americans, it may have been a mistake,” LaSuer explains.

“But there was a LRAD (military arsenal used to target terrorists) out at the town halls, that was a mistake and those were American people. You had a weapon pointed at those people and they didn’t even know it and that was another poor choice.”

As the sun drew nearer to the Pacific Ocean, the temperatures began to drop in El Cajon. The last shootout would take the candidate’s to the concealed weapons law in California.

“Do you support a concealed weapon permit or not?”

Ruff, yes. Duffy, yes. Gore explained it wasn’t that easy. “California has laws the Sheriff must comply with and this is a shall not issue state.” The crowd booed. “It’s a shall not state unless there is cause.”

A debate ensued.

LaSuer claimed it’s up to the Sheriff to determine what is good cause and ‘yes’ self protection is a good cause,” the crowd erupted with applause.

Duffy, who was grinning, took it one step further. “Gore you got it wrong, penal code 12025 states a Sheriff MAY issue a permit.”

The entire debate can be heard on via pod cast on

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Surprise, main stream media dropped the ball on tea parties again

Yesterday more than a million Democrat, Republican and Independent American citizens gathered in Washington D.C. The protesters were standing up for the country’s drastic change to big government in a time of deep recession.

It amazed me that reading coverage about the thousands of events that took place across the country and the big enchilada in D.C.; no one would have learned that there was anybody other than the conservative right in attendance.

Try telling that to the lifetime Democrats, who are seniors, who say they are literally fighting for their lives. Try telling the young adults who are politically active for the first time in their life and realize the numbers don’t stack up.

It’s funny how the main stream media, and by that I include ABC, CBS, NBC and all the big city newspapers, will report on a handful of Code Pink protesters sitting at former President Bush’s house, but fail to recognize the million plus of ordinary working-class citizens spending their vacation money to donate to candidates or attend rallies.

Equally disturbing is the silence from the White House about the noticeable crowds outside their home. Former President Bush actually talked to Cindy Sheehan of Code Pink, but President Obama can’t take the time to listen and respond to the million plus concerned U.S. citizens.

In the President’s address to the joint Congress on Wednesday, I thought he said his door was open to all when it came to the health care discussion. Really? Was the White House closed yesterday? Apparently to real Americans it was indeed closed – closed minded and closed eared.

I challenge the White House and the main stream media to put the kool-aid down for 30 minutes and actually walk around a tea party event and talk to the crowd anonymously.

Ask questions and don’t be condescending. Just listen and then maybe you will understand the concerns of these hard-working Americans. Many of whom have fought for this country’s freedom, paid their fair share of taxes and don’t want a cumbersome government to solve every problem.

In the words of a tea party attendee; “We the people are capable of taking care of ourselves, thank you very much!”

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Poem Lady gets the ear of Congress

The following is a poem written for a town hall meeting in Vista, California. The author is not a writer, but a business major. She is not paid and says she’s part of the “we the people.” What caught my eye is Terri caught the ear of every person in the standing-room only high school gymnasium. She wasn’t a Democrat or Republican, she was a “we the people,” wanting her Congressmen, Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa to bring some honestly and forthrightness back to the greatest country that God created – the United States of America.

I have not forgotten…

I have not forgotten in the late hours of Oct, 1999 Congress deregulated the banks and caused our economic collapse.

I have not forgotten the Republican Congress, along with Feinstein, Kennedy, Biden and other Democrats who voted for this atrocity.

I have not forgotten Clinton signed this bill, without even a veto.

I have not forgotten the bank lobbyists spent millions and millions over 20 years to Congress for their precious deregulation.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten that Bush requested the first stimulus package, with 80% of the people calling their Congress yelling “NO”.

I have not forgotten the change Obama promised before signing the second stimulus package.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten who controls Congress. The lobbyists.

I have not forgotten the broken promises by both parties to remove lobbyists on day one.

I have not forgotten the bills coming out of Congress, written by Congress for the lobbyists, passed without reading them, and entered into law.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten you, Congressman Issa, a man who won the people’s heart by leading the fight and successfully ousting Gray Davis.

I have not forgotten that you are a leader among leaders, nor I hope, have you forgotten that you are simply a man among men.

I have not forgotten.

I have not forgotten my grandmother, God bless her soul, who taught me that cash is cheaper than credit, and cash is cheaper than insurance.

I ask you to return to Washington and fight the good fight that you know so well how to do! Kick the lobbyists out so that We, the people, can benefit from our Congress!

Now I’d like to ask a question of the people here… how many here have gone to your employer and asked to receive a wage increase instead of health insurance?

How many people here believe Congress is being corrupted by all that money in Washington?

-Terri Linnell, author

*The following poem will be entered into the Library of Congress by Congressman Issa, who was moved by Terri’s passion for her country.

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