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Tax-Day Tea Party ignites citizens to stay involved in politics

More than 2,000 citizen’s show-up for the ‘Stop Taxing Us’ annual Tax-Day Tea Party held at the Oceanside Pier, just north of San Diego.

The speakers at the event were not elected politicians, just community activists making the trek to the beach to show their solidarity with the movement that spontaneously erupted shortly after Barrack Obama became president and rammed through the very unpopular “stimulus” bill.

The weather was a balmy 75 degrees and attendees were treated to a wide-range of speakers.

After the traditional Pledge and National Anthem, Mary York, a college student spoke to the crowd about the youth in America and the need for the most “plugged in” generation to learn history and get involved in their own destinies. She explained her “sound-bite” generation needed to learn from the past while engaging in the future.

“Im2moro’s mission is to educate, inspire and rally young American’s to get active and use their voices and votes to preserve and defend our nation’s first principles… Generations before us remember and cherish the good old days of the past, and rightly so. In fact, they will stand and say, ‘I am yesterday and I will never forget. But I am also today and I will actively engage to preserve these truths.’”

Crowd favorite Ted Hayes, electrified the audience and started off saluting the “hippest flag in the world.” He continued to go after the Obama Administration especially on foreign policy. “We’ve lost our spirit,” he says. “We are letting every punk nation pick on the U.S. and it ain’t right.”

Yet Hayes pointed out that every time the world gets into trouble, “who do you think they call? Yep, us.”

Hayes, who has his own radio program and website talks a lot about the black guilt this country continues to feel. “We have been bamboozled by the Democratic leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who continue to give us more Jim Crow politics. We need to stop following their welfare agenda. Name me a nation that’s perfect?”

Unlike many leaders Hayes is not afraid to talk about slavery. “I’m not going back to Africa where black leaders sold us into slavery. No way.”

And what would a Tea Party be this year without mentioning the ‘tell it like it is,’ Donald Trump?

“Let me tell you about Trump,” Hayes said. “This white boy is making that cat (Obama) sweat.”

Hayes is also very outspoken on the topic of illegal immigration. “We are the home of the free, because of the brave. And the illegal aliens need to start respecting our immigration laws.”

Other speakers included syndicated talk-show host, Rick Roberts, who braved the 5:00 Friday afternoon traffic to enlightened the crowd about the importance of staying involved.

Meanwhile the main stream media has been reporting that the Tea Party movement has faded into the backdrop. However, co-founder of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, Sara Bond said, “After the GOP leaders failed to live up to their deal on $100 billion spending cuts, our website and phone lines went crazy.”

She also cautioned recently elected politicians to be careful because the same folks that elected them will insist they run primaries in order to hold them accountable to the people that they represent.

“House Speaker John Boehner is nothing more than an establishment politician and the Tea Party is on to his type of politics. We expect change from our leaders or we will change them,” Bond said.

One thing is certain, this Tax-Day Tea Party saw thousands of supporters who are still watching during this off-election year and promises to gain momentum as the 2012 election nears.

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Tea Parties outraged with measly $4 billion in GOP budget cuts

In the world according to House Speaker, John Boehner (R-OH), the $4 billion in federal spending cuts that accompanied the two-week Continuing Resolution (CR) allowing the government to stay in business was a good start.

In fact his office released the following statement; “Yesterday, the House passed a temporary budget stopgap that cuts $4 billion in spending and keeps the government running for two weeks. With the March 4th budget deadline looming, we passed these meaningful cuts because Washington’s ongoing spending binge is destroying jobs, and we refuse to pile on trillions more in debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids.”

It was hard for Tea Party activists and tax advocacy groups to share in Boehner’s optimism. “The $4 billion in cuts are a joke,” says Gary Gonsalves M.D. and co-founder of Stop Taxing Us.

“There are no more excuses for politicians not to enact meaningful spending cuts. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) just released a report earmarking $200 billion in wasteful spending each year,” he pointed out.

Boehner’s email continued to place the blame on all politicians because neither party has made a real effort to curtail spending habits. “Instead, Congress has continuously passed irresponsible spending bills, such as the ‘stimulus’ bill, that have left us with even higher debt and fewer jobs,” Boehner said. However, he failed to acknowledge that he was a big part of Congress for the past 20 years.

Boehner contends Republicans will now live up to their word because they penned the document Pledge to America, which didn’t receive much fanfare, but promise to take action to reduce government spending and create jobs.

However, Tea Party groups across the nation are skeptical that the GOP will fall in line with the landslide mandate elections. “Our political movement will mobilize in 2012 and we will vote accordingly. Those in D.C. shouldn’t get too comfortable because they will be voted out if they don’t change their drunken-sailor spending habits,” Gonsalves said.

When asked about Congress’ ability to change their ways and reign in spending Gonsalves said “I really think it will take a government shutdown to see any real change in Washington.”

Nevertheless the newly-minted GOP leader says they “will continue to stand firm, insisting on real spending cuts and reforms so we can help create an environment that allows for private sector job growth and protects future generations from the burden of unsustainable debt.”

According to a GAO report, the U.S. government has more than 100 transportation programs, 82 programs dealing with teacher quality, 80 programs looking at economic development, 47 job training programs, 20 programs devoted to homelessness and 17 different disaster preparedness grant programs. The list goes on and on.

The report concluded that, “Reducing or eliminating duplication, overlap, or fragmentation could potentially save billions of taxpayer dollars annually and help agencies provide more efficient and effective services.” Government officials said merging or terminating these overlapping programs would save several billion dollars per year. “These are the changes Tea Party groups are looking for,” Gonsalves says.

The GAO study was authorized last year when Congress wanted to raise the federal debt ceiling.

“This report will make us look like jackasses,” said Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) who sponsored the amendment requiring the GAO report.

Gonsalves said that is one statement he can agree with.

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Tea Party exerts its new found power with new Congress

The country’s Tea Party movement proved to stalwarts in Washington D.C. they had the will of the people and the capability to send a strong message to all lawmakers. The grassroots organization engineered historic midterm election results while daring their dissenters to heed ordinary citizens or face the consequences.

The 2010 midterm election cycle focused on cleaning house of Republicans who acted like Democrats – check. Step two of Nancy Pelosi’s so-called Astro-turf movement was to dethrone the Speaker herself- checkmate. The Tea Party kept its word and focus – Democrats and Republicans beware.

More than 200 Tea Party leaders met in Washington D.C. this weekend to share their “action plan” with the nation’s newest freshman and are optimistic the new members will vote in line with the Tea Party wave that got them elected.

The weekend meeting was the largest collaboration of Tea Party representatives, many of whom are new to politics. The Tea Party gained steam after Chicago’s Mercantile Exchange Rick Santelli’s now famous call for a tea party during the country’s biggest financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

Fox’s Glen Beck also played a big role in encouraging Americans to step up and fight back after his 9-12 rally bent on recapturing the compassion all citizens felt for one another after the devastating attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Now it’s “love her, hate her” Sarah Palin who empowered to the Tea Party challenge and became the GOP’s biggest fundraiser as well as a mythical figurehead for the grassroots movement.

That being said Tea Party leaders contend there is no one leader and it’s up to individual chapters scattered across America to influence local, state and national lawmakers to listen to the people.

Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest and original grassroots group, has been working with more than 3,000 local tea party coordinators to meet with incoming Congressional members for a “Tea Party orientation meeting.”

In addition to the “Freshmen Orientation,” tea party leaders spent the day sharing ideas, brainstorming new agendas and voting on items that will be included in their “action plan.”

The “of the people, by the people movement” all voted to decide what will be in the final document that would be given to lawmakers.

“We heard from excellent speakers and found ourselves in the company of some of the cleverest people in the movement. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with such a high caliber of tea party activists. The tea party movement is in very good hands,” said Andrew Ian Dodge, Tea Party Patriots Maine Coordinator.

Members from a wide range of states all agreed the movement is strong and continues to grow even though many on the left think the movement will fizzle out once the economy turns around.

“The information we’ve received here has been absolutely stunning, this gathering has surpassed my best expectations. It really shows that we are a permanent force to be reckoned with,” explained Shelby Blakely, Director/Host – TPP Radio, National Leadership Council/WA State Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.

While the Tea Party may be riding the wave of America’s discontent it remains foggy as to the long-term sustainability the movement yearns. However, if establishment political leaders think the grassroots movement is a passing fancy, Tea Party leaders from groups large and small seem willing to prove insiders wrong.

“It’s a wonderful experience. We were able to let the new Congress know what we want them to do to restore America,” said John Stahl of the Berks Tea in PA. “We have our work cut out for us. But they (Washington D.C.) now know who we are and what we can do.”

Florida’s Tea Party group has also been a big influence in the midterm election cycle and leaders were ready and willing to be a part of this weekend’s historic Tea Party get together.

“I am excited about the ideas that came out of the meeting,” says Everett Wilkinson, Florida state coordinator and chairman of the South Florida Tea Party. “We met with several freshmen and let them know that we will be there for them.”

Perhaps the most successful Tea Party-endorsed candidate is Florida Senator-elect Marco Rubio. First, the popular GOP candidate took out popular Republican Governor Charlie Crist in the primary and went on to handily beat the Democratic candidate as well as Crist who turned his back to the GOP and ran as an Independent.

Rubio is a well-liked, well-spoken Cuban immigrant already being eyed by some as a future presidential contender.

While time will tell if the Tea Party has the staying power of the two main political arms in Washington D.C., the feeling now rings with excitement that “we the people” were part of the process.

“I also feel very confident that the Tea Party is going to be here four years and 40 years from now,” Wilkinson concluded.

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Tea party rallies to get out the vote

With just three weeks until the all important midterm elections, the Stop Taxing Us Tea Party hosted a get out and vote rally in San Diego. Stop Taxing Us usually allows candidates running for office to speak, but this time they decided to mix it up and give rally attendees something to think about before they pull the lever.

More than 25 speakers from different backgrounds talked about the importance of voting for conservative candidates and doing their homework when they vote for ballot measures.

Headlining the rally was Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who authored SB1070 illegal immigration bill for the Grand Canyon State that captured national attention. The Senator’s speech clearly resonated with the California audience as the state faces a number of budgetary issues directly related to illegal immigration.

“There are already numerous laws in the country dealing with illegal immigration, in Arizona we just added teeth to the federal laws in an effort to curtail the economic costs Arizonians are forced to pay,” Pearce explained. The Senator was warmly greeted by the San Diego audience and encouraged would be voters to demand their lawmakers take action on the illegal immigration issue and enforce the country’s laws.

“Enforcement is crucial, the laws are already in place, we just need the government let us do our jobs,” Pearce said.

The porous southern borders in Arizona have been devastating for ranch owners. Rancher Robert Krentz was recently murdered by an alleged illegal alien who fled back to Mexico. “I hear from ranchers along the border all the time and they complain about the property damage, dead livestock and the daily barrage of illegals crossing the Arizona border.”

The four-hour rally featured a diverse group of guests who repeated over and over that voting was the first step if they truly wanted to send a meaningful message to Washington D.C.

“We are demanding our politicians be held accountable for their reckless spending spree. If the candidates we vote into office don’t live by the tea party principles of fiscal restraint and smaller government we will simply vote them out in two or six years,” said Susan Treadstone. “We are going to make changes in the way Washington thinks about our money.”

Playing on the “Obama Girl” fan club theme was a couple of moms from Orange County who created a new niche; however this new club doesn’t favor the president. The group, “Blondes Against Obama” had no idea the website would create so much buzz. According to Megan Young, “people really like the slogan. Another kitschy slogan reads; “If a couple of blondes have the common sense to oppose Obama, shouldn’t you?”

Blondes Against Obama was started by Carol Kistner and Young. Both are moms and both felt it was time to get involved. “We’ve set our sights on educating family and friends about the problems with Washington D.C. business as usual policies,” Young said. As a result the “blonde movement” website has grown and now includes daily blogs written by other right-minded fair-haired concerned citizens.

“We were just sick and tired of what Obama was doing to this country,” Kistner said. “So we decided to get active and Blondes Against Obama grew from there.” The girls said they are tapping into the elusive youth vote, but acknowledge age is not of particular importance- “taking responsibility for the direction of the country is job number one.”

Voting in November was a common thread shared by all the speakers. The primary election cycle is a prime example of the political clout tea party members possess. Numerous incumbent and establishment lawmakers have lost to lesser-known tea party candidates.

Even former presidential candidate John McCain found himself in a tough primary race with tea party favorite JD Hayworth, however money prevailed and McCain was able to hold onto his Republican reelection bid, but Hayworth and the tea party proved to be a formidable force.

Even though Hayworth lost he encouraged voters to not give up hope and keep fighting.

Flamboyant conservative activist Ted Hayes captured the crowd’s attention and passerby’s alike. Hayes, who says he is not African-American just America spoke about the race baiting the Democrat party continues peddle to the political arena.

Hayes, who is an outspoken critic of President Obama, says too many Democrats subscribe to the “black brain drain” philosophy that keeps black Americans oppressed.

“Obama thinks if you don’t talk about race it will solve itself, but it won’t. This administration’s assault on black Americans continues and one only needs to look at the higher-than-average unemployment numbers for blacks. We’ve had to let go to the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson because they sold us down the river. I think blacks are holding onto Obama as the last chance to get redemption,” Hayes firmly says. “The funny thing is my brothers and sisters have more to fear from this presidency than any other administration. Mr. Obama endorses illegal immigration something that prevents black citizens from gaining employment.”

Another issue Hayes is concerned about is the president’s “underlying acceptance of Islam.” “I disagree with the president’s description that America is not a bible reading nation.”

While his opinion of Obama may be harsh Hayes believes it’s not too late for the president to have an adult conversation about race in this country.

“If I was president the first thing I would do is convene a series of conferences to talk about all the issues for all Americans. Then I’d make sure the country knows the facts about slavery and where it really came from, Africa, and finally I’d assemble a roundtable discussion with the brotherhood to see where we all go from here,” Hayes finished.

The black conservative captivated the audience and passerby’s alike during his 10-mintue speech. “It’s time for my brothers and sisters to come home to the tea party because they are truly the big tent party and have demonstrated their willingness to support all Americans,” he said.

All in all as the final days of the midterm election draw to an end, the tea party voters are hoping to pull off an election landslide and send a new referendum to the Obama administration.

Rhonda Deniston, Oceanside regional director for Stop Taxing Us a grassroots organization said “it’s time for Californians to wake-up. It’s up to the voters to stop complaining and to hold all politicians accountable.”

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Voters still leery of establishment GOP candidates- favor tea party conservatives

While Republican candidates are expected to take back the House in November a new poll by Rasmussen Reports says voters are weary of the GOP’s “Pledge to America,” but are willing to believe they will change the direction in Washington D.C.

The new Rasmussen Reports took data from a national telephone survey of “likely voters” and found only 32 percent believe the Republican “Pledge to America” as a serious policy document like the much talked about 1996 “Contract with America.”

Fifty percent also think the 21-page document is a campaign gimmick. Most conservatives and tea party members say the document did not go far enough to reign in spending and shrink the size of government.

Rasmussen also reported that 18 percent of those polled aren’t sure what to make of the GOP “Pledge to America” one way or the other.

However, 53 percent of likely voters think, at least somewhat, that Republicans will follow through with their campaign promises in their “Pledge to America” if they win control of Congress.

A significant portion of likely voters, 40 percent, think the Republicans are unlikely to follow up with their campaign promises. And it is these 40 percent of voters who call themselves conservatives and tea party supporters. This group remains skeptical of “the lesser of two evils” GOP party.

The remaining 17 percent don’t think the GOP is capable of sticking to the “Pledge to America” at all.
The Rasmussen survey interviewed 1,000 likely voters during September 26-27 and the poll has a margin of error of +/- three percentage points. To view more Rasmussen reports polls;

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Doctors against Obamacare say no to a government takeover

A sea of white coats filled Spanish Landing in downtown San Diego to present a united front against government-controlled health care. A group of physicians formed the National Doctors Tea Party and have begun their cross country trek; however these doctors are on a mission to educate Americans about the perils of Obamacare.

A bevy of speakers spoke about the dangers patients will face if the government is successful in monopolizing treatment options. Sharon Angle, a Tea Party candidate running against Senate leader Harry Reid, assured the fresh faces that attending a tea party may be uncomfortable at first, but the American cause is “well worth the extra work.”

Typical complaints speakers addressed was the need for choices, choices in doctors, choices in insurance and choices in politicians. Approximately 1,000 attendees cheered when Angle boasted about ousting incumbents, expanding liberty and limiting government’s reach into every aspect of daily life.

Three events compelled folks to spend a few hours of their weekend listening to doctors, radio talk show hosts and political hopefuls- President Obama suing Arizona for enforcing immigration laws; White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’s comment that Missouri’s 71 percent approval of proposition ‘C’ (protecting residents from being forced to buy Obamacare) means “nothing” to the White House; and one California judge telling seven million residents their votes meant nothing and overturned proposition 8 (the right for gays to marry).

Conversation amongst rally attendees had a common theme- American was being run like a dictatorship and the legislating from the bench had to stop. The Tea Party movement has been gaining popularity during the past 18 months and plenty of first-timers came out trying to determine what they can do to change the track America is heading down.

Even the younger generation knows the economic path the country is currently on is unsustainable.

“This is my first tea party and I came out because of what President Obama did to Arizona. It was the last straw for me,” says Ted a San Diego native. “My dad fought in Vietnam and was a prisoner of war, I know what freedom is and large government and deficit spending is not freedom.”

Author of “The truth about Obamacare,” Sally Pipes also spoke to San Diegans about the devastation Obamacare will bring to the world’s leader in health care. It was only three years ago that Pipes earned her American citizenship, she emigrated from Canada, and she has been a leading voice in warning Americans about the dangers of national health care.

She explained that since Canada implemented National health care in 1984, Canadians lost immediate access to doctors, have been subject to less than state-of-the-art technology and subjected to health care rationing.

“The average waiting list to see a primary care doctor is 16 weeks,” Pipes said. “We have more than 250 doctors leave Canada each year, not because they want to make more money, but because they want to be doctors without all the restrictions.”

Many Americans do not realize the Canadian system includes rationing care and that their spending is strictly enforced by the government’s fixed budget each year regardless of circumstances. Pipes also informed the attendees that Canada has made it illegal to purchase private health care.

She also said there are some easy fixes to bring American health care costs down – “stop forcing doctors to practice defensive medicine. This cost the U.S. $210 billion last year alone.”

The country’s continued unhappiness with the state of the economy has encouraged many to get involved in politics for the first time. Many of these folks have put in all on the line to run against well-established candidates in an attempt to represent the silent majority in the upcoming midterm election.

Chelene Nightingale, California gubernatorial candidate concurred with other Tea Party speakers, “Nothing from the government is free.” She went on to say, “One of my favorite Ronald Reagan quotes is ‘freedom is one generation away from extinction.”

The message from relative unknown politicians clearly resonated with San Diegans.

Crowd favorite, Congressional hopeful and Iraq War veteran, Nick Popaditch had plenty to say about the 2,500-page health care law. “When I was injured in 2004, in Fallujah, Iraq, it was the doctors who took off their protective gear to save my life during a firefight.”

Popaditch commended America’s ability to provide him with the best medical treatment in the world. “Doctors were able to take a blind man (me) to a sighted man. It doesn’t get any better than that,” he said.

Like many would-be politicians, Popaditch promised the rally attendees he would repeal Obamacare if he was lucky enough to represent California’s 51st district. “I’ll defund Obamacare and the czars.” That statement earned the Iraq War hero a standing ovation.

Looking forward, doctors across America have drawn up a relatively simple plan to aid the skyrocketing costs of health care.

Start with issuing tax credit vouchers to insure 20 million without health insurance; Let insurance companies compete for customers; Expand high-risk pools (this includes pre-existing condition rules); Make insurance portable; Let patients shop around and encourage health savings accounts; Stop the lawsuit lottery by monitoring frivolous lawsuits; Reject government control; and Don’t allow bureaucrat health boards of unelected persons from making clinical decisions best left to doctors, is the plan from Docs 4 Patient Care.

The San Diego event organizer Doctor Adam Dorin of Physicians Against Obamacare said he began this journey because too many doctors were not being heard. In essence he said, “This movement is to awaken the American physician’s silent majority against Obamacare.”

The National Doctors Tea Party will continue to travel across the country educating doctors and patients with the hope that the White House will stop dictating and start listening to those who have a stake in providing the best health care to all Americans.

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Tea Party gets a new caucus in the House of Representatives

The Tea Party movement received a boost from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) when she sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) petitioning her support with the formation of a House Tea Party Caucus. It took only one day to get approval from the Speaker and now the Tea Party movement has found a voice inside the beltway.

The letter read in part; “On Thursday, July 15, 2010, I submitted the appropriate materials to the Committee on House Administration to register the House Tea Party Caucus as a Congressional Member Organization for the 111th Congress.”

Bachmann said she was petitioning to form a new Tea Party Caucus in order to represent the many folks affiliated with the Tea Party movement. “As Members of Congress, we have an obligation to represent the views of our constituents, and this Caucus would do nothing more than promote the timeless principles of our founding, principles that all Members of Congress have sworn to uphold.”

The Tea Party Caucus will be issue-based, according to Bachmann and will promote policies of fiscal responsibility, limited government and adherence to the Constitution.

“By rejecting such an organization, we would be silencing the voices, values and principles held dear by millions of Americans,” Bachmann explained. “The Tea Party movement has become synonymous with these principles, and a caucus taking these values to heart would work to advance them.”

The Congresswoman pointed to the fact there are many caucuses within the House that deal with a diverse issues including; Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, Congressional Apparel Manufacturing and Fashion Business Caucus and the Congressional Shellfish Caucus.

The Congresswoman will chair the new Tea Party caucus.

Nevertheless it did not take the liberal news outlets long to comment on the new Caucus. They couldn’t resist stomping on the Tea Party values and commenting on the idea of a Tea Party Caucus. On MSNBC the Dylan Ratigan show the host Ratigan reported on Congresswoman Bachmann’s new caucus: “…the Tea Partiers were nowhere when it came to ending the mass extraction in Wall Street, so I think they’re actually full of crap.”

Michael Waldman, former Bill Clinton speechwriter took the conversation even lower when he said: “The Republicans would like to benefit from the…neurotic energy of the Tea Party. But they don’t really want them in the front parlor. They don’t want everybody to identify their extremism with the Republican Party, just the way the Democrats didn’t want the Weathermen (Bill Ayers who was connected to Obama) determining the face…At the front of the house.”

However, the hyper-partisan MSNBC talk show didn’t dampen the Tea Party groups across the country and they pointed out the Caucus will give them lasting power and a real voice in the rough and tumble world of D.C. politics.

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San Diego City Council denounces Arizona’s new immigration law

In an ongoing trend in local and national government, politicians are voting in a manner that their constituents do not favor. They appear to abide by a new political correctness; “we know better than you what the rules should be.”

First voters watched their lawmakers defy their wishes on health care and now local municipalities are addressing Arizona’s illegal immigration policy. The city of San Diego is the latest city voting to send a resolution to Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer to repeal the new immigration legislation she signed into law.

In a stunning turn of politics the San Diego City Council decided they knew better than the wants of its residents and in a 7-1 vote they abdicated Arizona.

A Channel 10 News poll found the majority of San Diegans support Arizona’s new law, 51 percent favor it while 33 percent oppose and 15 percent do not care. On the local radio Rick Robert’s show approximately 97 percent agree with Arizona’s tough new legislation and only three percent do not.

Now that immigration is front and center on the television screen many who do not know what Mexico’s illegal immigration policy can now read closely. First illegal immigration is a felony punishable by up to two years in Mexican prison and if you attempt to re-enter the country law-breakers can expect up to 10 years in jail.

Mexico will deport foreigners it deems detrimental to their economic livelihood, who is not healthy and anyone who can’t take care of themselves, according to the Washington Times.

San Diego Council President Ben Hueso, who wanted the resolution, says he supports immigration reform and protecting the nation’s border, but said Arizona’s law as detrimental to national unity.

“This law threatens to divide our union,” said Hueso. “I believe it violates the Constitution. It victimizes legal residents as well as those who are here in the country illegally. And, it discourages the victims of crimes in the immigrant community to access justice.”

The lone dissenting vote came from Councilman Carl DeMaio, who didn’t blame Arizona from wanting to protect its residents from an illegal immigrant invasion, many of whom have criminal backgrounds or ties to the Mexican drug cartels.

“I cannot support the resolution as introduced, as it does not accurately reflect the Arizona state law as amended under HB 2162,” DeMaio explained. “Moreover, the resolution as introduced fails to call the federal government to task for its failure to secure our nation’s borders.”

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the Senate Bill into law on April 23, and it makes it illegal to be in the state without acceptable identification and it authorizes local law enforcement to investigate a person’s immigration status during other routine law enforcement activities.

Brewer says she will “not tolerate racial discrimination or racial profiling in Arizona.”

On Friday, the governor signed an amendment to the original bill, which will bar race from being considered when inquiring about legal status.

“These new amendments make it crystal clear and undeniable that racial profiling is illegal and will not be tolerated in Arizona,” Brewer said.

However, Councilwoman Marti Emerald said the amendment is nothing more than a facade.

“In my mind, this house bill is a smokescreen by people who really do support racial profiling, and it would be totally unnecessary if the Arizona state government would repeal 1070,” Emerald said.

In a Rasmussen Poll taken last week said, 70 percent of Arizonans favor the tough new law as a way to rein in the crime the state is succumbing to on a daily basis.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne said he does not agree with the new Arizona law and felt it would lead the community to distrust law enforcement community and could lead to racial profiling.

“If we change that policy, it would be my belief that the community would no longer trust us and they would not report those crimes and we would not be able to adequately and effectively police the city of San Diego,” says Lansdowne.

However, many law enforcement agencies in Arizona favor the new law and hope it will discourage future illegal immigrants from crossing the border illegally and staying in a state that is over burdened with financially strained public service programs.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders said in a statement that he would sign the City Council resolution.

“It’s not the job of our police department to solve the federal government’s immigration problem,” Sanders said. “As a former police chief, I know what we ask of our officers every day with our limited city resources, and their first priority is to protect our citizens.”

In true Tea Party fashion groups have began email blasts to American’s calling for a national Arizona ‘buy-cott.’

“Starting May 5th, we are officially kicking off an on-going Arizona buy-cott to support Arizona bases corporations, local businesses, on-line retailers, and tourism. Our site will list a sampling of the great companies you can support…and there is something for everyone,” say the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition in San Diego Dawn Wildman.

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San Diego slams California’s Cap and Trade AB32

San Diego patriots seek to repeal California’s cap and trade AB32 and patriots stormed the harbor in large numbers to show the country that as California goes, so goes the nation. California’s version of cap and trade AB32 passed three years ago and has strangled the economy and added to the state’s deficits.

As California’s bread basket sinks further into a dust bowl, citizens from the San Diego area came out in large numbers to show support for the farmers who are losing it all.

“Fourth-generation farmers are on the verge of bankruptcy,” said Dawn Wildman, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition founder. “Not only is this government trying to put our farmers out of business in the name of the environment, but they are trying to push us towards global governance.”

Local avocado farmers also showed up to the protest to voice their concerns about the water crisis that is now threatening their San Diego groves.

“This is a man-made drought and it is forcing avocado farmers to cut down portions of their groves because they can no longer afford the 50 percent increase in water fees,” says Kay O’Hara, an avocado organic farmer/real estate agent.

“When Senator Feinstein refers the Central Valley water crisis as a ‘complicated matter,’ it’s time for her to go. The smelt fish is not even a California native fish, it is used as bait!”

Rally participant and San Diego resident, Larry Naritelli has made the trip to visit the California Central Valley. “Farmers I’ve talked to said they have no more time, they are going to lose everything their families have worked for the past 100 years.”

He continues to explain that ‘if you think about the reason we are in this economic mess in California you can plot the lines back to AB32 and cap and trade.”

Other first time activists came out to show support for the California farmers. Barbara Decker said she was looking to shake things up a bit and let local politicians she is watching.

Event organizer, Sarah Bond said more than 200 patriots came out to the rally, supporting the taxpayers and protect farmers.

“It’s a real tragedy, and it’s up to us to change our future.”
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Poem lady shares words with Oceanside tea party

As summer winds down and the lawmakers begin to make their way back to Washington D.C. for the fall, Terri Lannell, the poem lady, had a few parting words…

I Learned

I learned in a small neighborhood of 20 homes, 11 families stood up and asked the city to fight crime. For the next 4 days our little protests were aired on national TV and the crime we protested was erased… from the whole city for months and our neighborhood for years.

I learned when the people stand up, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as regular people, our elected officials listen.

I learned six percent of the people not paying their mortgage can collapse the whole banking system.

I learned the dirty game of politics. If you can’t beat them, join them, then divide and conquer them. That’s why the politicians, along with the media, are creating a divide. The conservatives are announcing tea parties on their websites, while the Democrats are saying tea parties are un-American. Politicians are shaking in their boots at the number of regular people rising up.

I learned that there is NO difference between Democrats and Republicans; they’re all just politicians who say the same things and do the same things.

I learned that our Congress needs our money in the banks, because it isn’t really there. The FDIC balance ran all the way down to $10.48 last month. How, Pray Tell, did they get more money in?

I learned Congress has the SOLE power and the sole RESPONSIBILITY to regulate our banks and control our currency. Section 8 of the Constitution.

I learned our printing presses are printing money 24/7, yet not one dollar is being added to OUR pockets. I may have the authority to give everyone in this room a check for a million dollars, but that doesn’t mean I’m acting responsibly. Eventually, probably the first check, my checks won’t be honored and neither will our country.

I have learned to follow the money. The health care bill will pass because the lobbyists for health care want desperately to be above the law and not be sued.

I learned, and I have not forgotten.

How many people here are new to rallies, new to writing our Congress, new to politics?

How many people here believe Congress is corrupted by all the money in Washington D.C.? Yell louder, only one person heard us yesterday! Yell louder, Washington D.C. can’t hear!

-Terri Linnell, author

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