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Gamers to get a new violent game- Call to Juarez: The Cartel

Violence south of the border is not a game in real life but the makers of a new video game, “Call to Juarez: The Cartel” are banking on the brutality of drug kingpins to lure gamers into coughing up $60 to play cartel assassins.

The new cartel shoot-them-up video game has angered some Mexican lawmakers who believe kids will get the wrong idea about the real-world war taking place in Juarez, Mexico.

“Call to Juarez,” is set to be released sometime this summer and is fashioned , after “Call of Duty” a modern-day solider-of-fortune best-selling video game based on the war in the Middle East.

However, FoxNewsLatinoreports that some Chihuahua state legislators said they have requested federal authorities ban “Call of Juarez: The Cartel,” which depicts drug cartel shootouts in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez.

With more than 35,000 murders in the past four years, Mexico’s deadliest city, Juarez, had more than 6,000 murders in the last two years alone making it the most dangerous city in the world.

Game developer, UBISOFT Entertainment SA has posted previews on their website and opening scenes illustrate three characters armed with assault weapons ready to fight, maim and kill anyone in their way.

The video game’s catchphrase advises competitors to, “Take justice into your own hands and experience the lawlessness of the modern Wild West.”

Speaking out against the violent video game was Ricardo Boone Salmon, a Chihuahua state congressman, in Juarez, who said the Mexican state legislature unanimously approved a request this week asking the federal Interior Department to ban the sale of the game.

“It is true there is a serious crime situation, which we are not trying to hide,” Salmon said. “But we also should not expose children to this kind of scenarios so that they are going to grow up with this kind of image and lack of values.”

Other Mexican officials warned of the potential effects for kids in Ciudad Juarez, some of whom have been taught to “duck and cover” when gun battles erupt near their schools.

“Children wind up being easily involved in criminal acts over time, because among other things, during their childhood not enough care has been taken about what they see on television and playing video games,” Serrano said. “They believe so much blood and death is normal.”

Nevertheless, death and violence are daily happenings in Juarez and cartels continue to exert their power by murdering rival-cartels, innocent bystanders and law enforcement agents on both sides of the border. The lack of response by U.S. and Mexican officials will only serve to increase the murder rates as drug kingpins continue to act with impunity.

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